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Charges dropped in 2001 Chandra Levy murder case
03:30 — Government intern Chandra Levy vanished in May 2001, and her remains were found in Washington more than one year later. The main suspect at the time w (more…)
“48 Hours� looks to viewers to help solve 1994 cold case
04:13 — Investigators are still searching for answers in the 1994 cold case slaying of a young Florida woman. Could you have the information they’re looking (more…)
Almanac: YMCA
02:12 — On December 29, 1851, the Young Men’s Christian Association, also known as the YMCA, made its debut in America. The "Y" opportunities for Bible stud (more…)
New revelations about evidence found in millionaire Durst's hotel room
03:28 — Robert Durst remains in a mental health unit at a Louisiana correctional center. In a hearing Monday, lawyers unveiled new evidence in his bizarre cas (more…)
NYCs top cop Ray Kelly steps down
07:16 — The outgoing head of the New York City Police Department, Ray Kelly, thinks his policies have been a big part of the city’s declining crime rate. Er (more…)
Inside the music of "Inside Llewyn Davis"
06:47 — The new Coen Brothers movie, “Inside Llewyn Davis,â€? captures the New York folk scene of the early 1960s. Anthony Mason goes inside the film with c (more…)
Former "Survivor" producer convicted in wife's murder
03:21 — Former "Survivor" producer Bruce Beresford-Redman faces 12 years in prison. He was convicted on Thursday of killing his wife, Monica Burgos, during a (more…)
New development could free woman convicted in toddler death
05:03 — Child care worker Melissa Calusinski has maintained her innocence in the death of toddler Ben Kingan, and new developments in her case could result in (more…)
Fugitive behind charity scam surprises FBI
03:34 — Five months after a man was accused of a multi-million-dollar charity fraud, authorities finally know his real name. "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Mor (more…)
Dean Kamen's first invention
02:17 — Web extra: Erin Moriarty of "48 Hours" talks with inventor Dean Kamen about his childhood "bed-maker."
How far do we go to keep America safe?
03:00 — In the documentary, "48 Hours Presents: The Spymasters: CIA in the Crosshairs," CIA directors are not unanimous when it comes to the use of "enhanced (more…)
The spymasters: Twelve fascinating men, one covert agency
05:33 — For the first time ever, all 12 living CIA directors from George H.W. Bush to current Director John Brennan share their insights into the urgent quest (more…)
Durst lawyer opens up to "48 Hours"
04:08 — Attorneys who won an acquittal for millionaire Robert Durst in a 2001 Texas murder are preparing to fight a new murder charge in Los Angeles. “48 Ho (more…)
How FBI found charity scam suspect
02:51 — Erin Moriarty and John Miller speak to the "CBS This Morning" co-hosts about the case against the Harvard Law School graduate accused of a multi-milli (more…)
"48 Hours" on surprise evidence in toddler's death
04:35 — An anonymous call may lead to a new trial for Melissa Calusinski, a childcare worker who is convicted of murdering a little boy. Erin Moriarty joins " (more…)
John Edwards trial: Still no verdict
03:38 — The judge in the John Edwards case abruptly stopped deliberations and sent the jury home for the holiday weekend. Jeff Glor and Rebecca Jarvis speak w (more…)
Son charged in Manhattan shooting of hedge fund founder
03:12 — Thomas Gilbert Sr., a 70-year-old hedge fund manager, was found shot in his apartment Sunday. The murder is sending ripples through a quiet, upscale M (more…)
Meet Dean Kamen, inventor extraordinaire
09:23 — Visionary inventor Dean Kamen has barely taken a day off since inventing the Segway, working on a number of out-of-the-box inventions that may affect (more…)
Chef Bill Telepan's school lunch side dish
01:36 — Don't spill the beans; this bean salad is cheap, quick and easy to make for your kid's school lunch.
School lunch tips from a gourmet chef
04:20 — New York City chef Bill Telepan offers advice on assembling a healthy midday meal your kids will love.
When personal tragedies go viral
04:02 — On July 7, Diamond Reynolds pulled out her cell phone during a fatal Minnesota traffic stop, clicked on Facebook Live and changed the world. Erin Mori (more…)
Ryan Ferguson: Murder conviction recently overturned
03:03 — After nearly a decade trying to prove his innocence for the murder of a popular newspaper editor, Ryan Ferguson was released from prison Tuesday night (more…)
What do you say when the president calls?
02:48 — James Woolsey served as director of the CIA from 1993-1995 under the Clinton Administration. He describes how he was chosen for the job. Hear more fr (more…)
Phony Rockefeller found guilty in 1985 murder
03:30 — A man who pretended for years to be part of the Rockefeller family has been found guilty of murder in a case that originally went cold in the mid-1980 (more…)
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