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Kala Brown's chilling account of her time as Todd Kohlhepp's hostage
02:16 — In newly released video, the woman held captive and chained by her neck and ankles inside a Woodruff, S.C. storage container for two months speaks to (more…)
"He's a very smart guy" sheriff says of Todd Kohlhepp
01:08 — Spartanburg County, S.C. Sheriff Chuck Wright offers his thoughts on the man who has confessed to killing seven people since 2003, and Kohlhepp tries (more…)
Todd Kohlhepp compares collecting guns to collecting Pokemon
01:18 — Noel Lee, a regular at the Superbike Motorsports store where Todd Kohlhepp murdered four people in 2003, recalls that investigators believed the murde (more…)
Sneak peek: Serial Confessions
04:07 — The shocking confessions of Todd Kohlhepp -- a real estate agent-turned-serial killer and the stunning rescue video of a woman he held hostage in a sh (more…)
A look inside Michelle Carter's conviction
03:16 — A young Massachusetts woman was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter Friday for sending her boyfriend dozens of text messages urging him to kill h (more…)
Woman found guilty in suicide texting trial
02:06 — Michelle Carter is convicted of involuntary manslaughter for sending texts encouraging her friend, Conrad Roy, to commit suicide. The case raised ques (more…)
48 Hours preview: Who Killed Amy Gellert?
02:57 — "48 Hours" is tackling a cold case that has baffled investigators for more than 20 years, and asking you to help solve it. Erin Moriarty has the story (more…)
What makes the teenage brain susceptible to suicide?
02:44 — Dr. Harold S. Koplewicz, a child and adolescent psychiatrist and president of the nonprofit Child Mind Institute, describes the neurochemical componen (more…)
Are a woman's text messages responsible for her boyfriend's suicide?
04:12 — "48 Hours" examines the high-profile trial deciding if a young woman's text messages are responsible for her friend's suicide. "48 Hours" corresponden (more…)
Judge to announce verdict in texting suicide trial
02:45 — A Massachusetts judge will announce Friday whether a girl's text messages to a friend are responsible for his suicide. Conrad Roy, 18, took his life i (more…)
Michelle Carter's texts with Conrad Roy
00:23 — In the weeks before his death, Conrad Roy III shared his feelings of anxiety and depression with his friend, Michelle Carter. She encouraged him to ta (more…)
Michelle Carter found guilty in text suicide trial
02:11 — In a groundbreaking case, a Massachusetts judge ruled today that a young woman who sent texts encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide is guilty of (more…)
"48 Hours: NCIS" sneak peek: The Sting
04:18 — A tattooed NCIS agent with a black belt goes undercover to find the killer of a Navy petty officer -- can he get what he needs without getting caught? (more…)
Videos now key evidence in texting suicide trial
03:32 — Teenager Conrad Roy's videos he made before killing himself are now key evidence in the manslaughter trial of his friend, Michelle Carter. Roy's video (more…)
"48 Hours: NCIS:" sneak peek: Body of Evidence
04:30 — NCIS agents face a tough investigation into one of their own after a young mother, the girlfriend of a Navy petty officer, vanishes. Watch Tuesday, J (more…)
"48 Hours: NCIS" sneak peek: The Terrorists, The Spies, The Hackers
02:35 — Seventeen sailors killed in a terrorist attack, a Navy contractor who wanted to sell secrets, and two hackers who stole 220,000 U.S. military personal (more…)
Remembering Princess Diana
00:38 — From her beauty to her compassion, Princess Diana captured the world's imagination. "48 Hours" production associate Kayla Keddal shares what stood out (more…)
Charles and Diana: Learning to love each other
01:06 — Author Sally Bedell Smith, who has a new book out on the royal family titled "Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life," descr (more…)
Layana Aguilar: Versace designs turned women into "superheroes"
02:29 — The young designer, who was a contestant on "Project Runway," finds inspiration in the life story and fashion sensibility of Gianni Versace
"48 Hours"' Richard Schlesinger's connection with a Cunanan victim
02:28 — Jeffrey Trail was Andrew Cunanan's first victim. In 1993, he was interviewed by Schlesinger for a "48 Hours" segment on gays in the military. Trail se (more…)
"48 Hours: NCIS" sneak peek: One of Their Own
04:54 — Two dead, one of them a beautiful Navy sailor. Why does this case still haunt the agents who hunted the killer? All new Tuesday, May 23 at 10 p.m. ET/ (more…)
Diana's personal secretary: "She didn't just turn up and shake a few hands"
01:51 — As Princess Diana's literal right-hand-man, Patrick Jephson saw up close what led Diana to embrace difficult causes like AIDS and mental illness, the (more…)
Diana's letters, cards, treasured by former employer
02:25 — Diana's friend and former employer Mary Robertson flips through some treasured possessions - letters and Christmas cards that Diana sent to her throug (more…)
Diana's legacy clear in charitable work of Princes Harry and William
01:23 — Chris Jackson, Royal photographer for Getty Images, has followed Prince William and Prince Harry around the world to capture them working with the ch (more…)
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