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Notebook: Finding a way to go on
04:20 — This week’s "48 Hours" focuses on how family members of one murder victim have each found their own ways to heal – including forgiving the man who kil (more…)
Sneak peek: Road to Redemption
03:11 — All new: Can a woman end 25 years of pain by forgiving her sister and brother-in-law's killer? "48 Hours" Maureen Maher has the story Saturday, Nov. (more…)
Passerby: "Something was wrong that night"
01:46 — In May 1995, Harold Henthorn and his first wife, Lynn, stopped on a remote highway to change a tire. According to Harold, Lynn reached under the car (more…)
Explaining the forensic evidence inside the Sonnenfeld bedroom
02:46 — Retired Denver detective Jon Priest and Kurt Sonnenfeld's former public defender, Carrie Thompson, look at the same forensic evidence -- but come to v (more…)
Henthorn jurors on reaching a verdict
01:37 — On Sept. 21, 2015, a jury found Harold Henthorn guilty of the 2012 murder of his second wife, Toni, by pushing her off a cliff to her death in Rocky M (more…)
Harold Henthorn's former girlfriend speaks out
01:39 — Henthorn's two wives, Lynn and Toni, died under suspicious circumstances 17 years apart. After Henthorn's first wife died, Toni Taylor says she briefl (more…)
"48 Hours"' Erin Moriarty on an interview years in the making
02:18 — After 11 years of trying to land an interview with Kurt Sonnenfeld -- an American living in Buenos Aires, but charged with murder in Denver -- a surpr (more…)
“48 Hours” investigates strange case of Kurt Sonnenfeld
03:18 — A Colorado murder suspect living in Argentina makes an outrageous claim -- the U.S. is after him for what he saw at 9/11. Erin Moriarty joins "CBS Thi (more…)
Who is Harold Henthorn?
01:22 — Brian Maass, CBS 4 Denver’s investigative reporter, has spent years following the story of Harold Henthorn and the questions surrounding the mysteriou (more…)
Sneak peek: The Accidental Husband
02:58 — Case update: Two wives die in freak accidents 17 years apart. One man was married to both women. Is he just unlucky or does he know more than he’s tel (more…)
Retracing Toni Henthorn's final steps
00:56 — In September 2012, Harold and Toni Henthorn set out on an anniversary hike in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park. A few hours into the hike, Toni (more…)
Sneak peek: The Strange Case of Kurt Sonnenfeld
03:28 — All new: A man wanted in the murder of his wife makes an outrageous claim – the U.S. wants to silence him for what he saw at Ground Zero. "48 Hours" c (more…)
Paris post attack: Extra security, solidarity
02:41 — How will the people of France respond after the attacks? "48 Hours" correspondent Susan Spencer traveled a route that's been shaken by terror before - (more…)
Dramatic tales of survival in Paris attacks
03:01 — Some fortunate survivors in a string of coordinated shootings and bombings across the French capital ran for their lives. Others literally hung by the (more…)
Is it time for a new strategy to fight terror?
02:47 — The Paris attacks mark the first coordinated ISIS attack in the West. Michael Morell, a former deputy director of the CIA and CBS News' senior nationa (more…)
FBI steps up surveillance against potential ISIS sympathizers
02:21 — The French may be leading the investigation into the Paris attacks, but U.S. law enforcement is digging in too, trying track the terrorists path to t (more…)
The challenge of protecting soft targets in big cities
02:30 — The NFL announced that it would tighten security at its stadiums following the attacks in Paris that targeted places packed with people, known as soft (more…)
Encrypted messaging apps helping terrorists "go dark"
02:49 — The apparent lack of chatter before terrorists carried out a string of deadly attacks across Paris may indicate a dangerous change in the way extremis (more…)
Lee Barnett's friends: "We thought about her all the time"
02:47 — While Dorothy Lee Barnett stayed one step ahead of the FBI as an international fugitive for almost 20 years, her friends in Charleston S.C, including (more…)
Harris Todd on his search for missing daughter, ex-wife
02:56 — In July 1999, six years after his daughter, Savanna, and ex-wife Lee Barnett disappeared after a contentious custody battle, Harris Todd took matters (more…)
Sneak peek: Dear Savanna
03:09 — She eluded the FBI for two decades, but she couldn't outrun her past. In a first-ever interview, a mom speaks out to "48 Hours" about taking her child (more…)
Preview: Dear Savanna
00:35 — She eluded the FBI for two decades, but she couldn’t outrun her past. In a first-ever interview, a mom speaks out to "48 Hours" about taking her child (more…)
iPad exclusive: Linda Gwozdz speaks at her sentencing
02:01 — At her sentencing hearing, Linda Duffey Gwozdz maintains her innocence before being sentenced to 40 years in prison for killing her first husband, Pat (more…)
How hard is it to fan fire a double-action revolver?
01:35 — Linda Duffey Gwozdz told police she fan fired her first husband's double-action revolver so quickly that she couldn’t stop after she realized it was l (more…)
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