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High drug prices a bitter pill to swallow for sick Americans
08:24 — An analysis by Reuters earlier this year found that list prices for the best-selling drugs in the U.S. has risen anywhere from 50 to 100 percent in fi (more…)
Evidence in 2005 Virginia attack key to unlocking Charlottesville murders
01:23 — "48 Hours" correspondent Susan Spencer visits the scene of a 2005 rape and attempted murder in Fairfax, Va., and explains why that case and evidence r (more…)
Promoter Don King remembers "the legend"
01:33 — The famously flamboyant Don King promoted many of Muhammad Ali's fights, including the "Rumble in the Jungle." King joined CBSN's Josh Elliott from L (more…)
Analyzing Ali's impact
01:38 — Despite his boxing brilliance, Muhammad Ali's life transcended sports and his impact was felt far beyond the ring. Professor Todd Boyd of the Universi (more…)
Sneak peek: Father and Son
02:24 — A son is determined to prove his father, a doctor, killed his mother, a noted scientist. Will his dad end up in prison? "48 Hours" correspondent Susa (more…)
Sneak peek: Long Island Serial Killer
02:30 — New details: The veteran detective who ran the investigation into the Long Island Serial Killer case speaks out for the first time on network televisi (more…)
Sneak peek: Cal Harris: The Final Verdict
03:28 — Two convictions overturned, one hung jury and a fourth trial for the wealthy businessman accused of killing his wife. "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Mo (more…)
New York man acquitted after four trials in wife's death
04:22 — After nearly 15 years, a wealthy car dealer in central New York is out of legal limbo. Cal Harris, 54, was put on trial for murder four times. "48 Hou (more…)
What do you say when the president calls?
02:48 — James Woolsey served as director of the CIA from 1993-1995 under the Clinton Administration. He describes how he was chosen for the job. Hear more fr (more…)
What credentials are needed to work for the CIA?
02:06 — CIA Director John Brennan explains that when he was young he didn't know what he wanted to do with his life -- until he saw an ad in the paper. For m (more…)
Leon Panetta recounts life-or-death decision as head of the CIA
03:54 — Former CIA Director Leon Panetta describes how his religion helped him confront and make tough decisions. He ordered drone attacks he knew would kill (more…)
What's the first thing General Petraeus changed when he got to the CIA?
01:55 — General David Petraeus talks about how he transitioned from the military and his post leading troops in Iraq to director of America's spy agency, the (more…)
Kill or capture? That is the question
06:44 — Until now, the CIA has never acknowledged that it operates lethal drones. But in "48 Hours Presents: The Spymasters: CIA in the Crosshairs," the direc (more…)
What did the government know about the 9/11 attacks and when?
02:46 — Former CIA Director George Tenet, in his first interview in eight years, and his deputy, Cofer Black, speak out in detail for the first time about a c (more…)
What is torture and should we do it?
02:20 — Former CIA Directors Tenet, Goss, and Hayden -- who during the Bush administration presided over the agency's "enhanced interrogation" program -- insi (more…)
How far do we go to keep America safe?
03:00 — In the documentary, "48 Hours Presents: The Spymasters: CIA in the Crosshairs," CIA directors are not unanimous when it comes to the use of "enhanced (more…)
The spymasters: Twelve fascinating men, one covert agency
05:33 — For the first time ever, all 12 living CIA directors from George H.W. Bush to current Director John Brennan share their insights into the urgent quest (more…)
How real is the Showtime series "Homeland?"
03:12 — Actor Mandy Patinkin, who plays the character Saul Berenson, CIA director and now CIA European division chief on the series "Homeland," narrates the (more…)
"Homeland" star Mandy Patinkin in awe of the real CIA directors
03:33 — As an actor playing a CIA director, Mandy Patinkin, narrator for the documentary, "The Spymasters: CIA in the Crosshairs," reflects on the real-life (more…)
What prepares you for the job of being a spy?
03:05 — John McLaughlin, former acting director of the CIA , describes his journey and the jobs he held before becoming a spy. McLaughlin worked for the CIA f (more…)
"48 Hours" investigates shooting death of Olympian Dave Laut
01:43 — She was married to an Olympic hero -- but in her first TV interview, a California woman tells "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty why she shot and (more…)
Preview: "48 Hours" Presents: The Spymasters - CIA in the Crosshairs
01:11 — All 12 living CIA directors share their passionate disagreements about the agency's past and its future. Mandy Patinkin narrates, Saturday, May 21, 9- (more…)
Mother shares memories of fallen Olympian
01:02 — Dave Laut's mother, Dotty, shows "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty the memorabilia she's saved from her son's Olympic shot put career.
"48 Hours" investigates shooting death of Olympian Dave Laut
05:55 — She was married to an Olympic hero - but in her first TV interview, a California woman tells "48 Hours"' Erin Moriarty why she shot and killed him. Wa (more…)
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