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Video Q&A: Ricky Schroder Talks Andromeda Strain and TV StepMILFs

Ricky Schroder stopped by the other day to talk about The Andromeda Strain, A&E's two-night adaptation of the Michael Crichton novel. (Premiering Monday, May 26, the mini also stars Benjamin Bratt, Daniel Dae Kim and Andre Braugher.) Other topics of conversation include Schroder's run on 24 (was he being groomed to take over for Kiefer?) and my theory that Silver Spoons' Erin Gray was TV's first stepMILF. Enjoy! read more

Buck Rogers Flies Again, and More Movie News

Gil Gerard and Erin Gray courtesy MCA/Universal City Studios Inc.

Deebee-deebee-deebee! Buck Rogers alum Erin Gray says "a producer who has a few comic-book movies under his belt" is working on getting the license for a feature-film redo. also reports that another big screen-bound show, Kung Fu, is actively seeking a "male, 20-35, a handsome mix of East meets West," for its lead.... Sex and the City: The Movie has been tagged with a May 30, 2008 release date, says Cillian Murphy will be mentored by Al Pacino's acclaimed painter in the biopic Dali & I: The Surreal Story.... Ricky Gervais will star in This Side of the Truth, about a world where no one has ever fibbed — until, that is, Gervais' character realizes how productive it can be. read more

Buck Rogers Hottie Returns!

Before turning heads on Silver Spoons, Erin Gray was kickin' alien ass as Col. Wilma Deering on Buck Rogers in the 25th Century from 1979-81. Here, the '80s sex symbol recalls her adventures on the campy space opera, arriving Nov. 16 on DVD.

TV Guide Online: You were the hottest-lookin' lady on TV in the '80s.
Erin Gray:
The South Park gentlemen [Trey Parker and Matt Stone] agree with you. They did a whole number on how no one was pretty as Col. Wilma. I owe them a thank-you for that.

TVGO: Who was hotter: Gil Gerard's Buck or Sam Jones' Flash Gordon?
Oh, god! I own a company, Heroes for Hire, booking celebrities on personal appearances, so you're asking me to comment on men I represent. But I have a soft spot in my heart for Gil. He truly gets me laughing, and humor wins out.

TVGO: Twiki the robot: Gay or not?
Oh, no way! He may've looked like a penis — how could you look read more

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