Erik Von Detten



Mel Gibson's "Favorite Son"

Although his boyish good looks guarantee he'll be the breakout brother from Mel Gibson's testosterone-fueled family sitcom Complete Savages (premiering tonight at 8:30 pm/ET), Erik Von Detten wants us to know that he's more than just another pretty face. "How could you not take [being cast as 'the hot one'] as a compliment, right?" he jokes with TV Guide Online. "But my character is also gullible... and he's very dim-witted. At the same time, he thinks he's so smart that it gets him into trouble. I take more pride in playing [those qualities]." Got it. In any case, we've known for some time that the almost-22-year-old was destined to be more than Celebrity Mole material. (Anybody else get chills remembering his portrayal of a preppie murderer on Law & Order: SVU?) However, as versatile as Von Detten is, even he came down with a case of the jitters auditioning for Savages' Oscar-winning executive producer (who also dire read more

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