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Surprises for Man Who Survived Pancreatic Cancer
02:13 — Surgeon Dr. Mark Hill joins The Doctors and Jim to discuss how they successfully treated his cancer. Plus, The Doctors and Jim’s nieces – Nicole, Jacl (more…)
Congress Heads Back to Work
03:14 — Erica Hill talks to CBS News political analyst, John Dickerson about the challenges that await the new Congress.
Facial Mask Nightmare!
02:53 — A night of skincare pampering turned into a nightmare for Erica when her facial mask became extremely difficult to remove. She joins The Doctors to re (more…)
Canadian Island: Move Here if Trump Wins
00:43 — One Canadian island, Cape Breton Island, is offering refuge to Americans who are vowing to move if Donald Trump wins the presidential election. MSNBC’ (more…)
Daughter of Sandy Hook Victim Speaks Out
04:08 — Erica Lafferty, whose mother was killed in the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012, joins Chris Matthews to discuss the importance of better gun legislation t (more…)
40 Years of Marriage, Despite Gender Transition
04:40 — Ellen and Erica Maurizio will celebrate 40 years of marriage next year. And the Lake Zurich, Ill. couple will also celebrate the eight-year anniversar (more…)
State Dept: Americans Among Injured
03:13 — NBC's Erica Hill explains the current state of Paris after Friday night's attacks and confirms the U.S. State Department's announcement that Americans (more…)
Paris in Mourning After Deadly Attacks
03:39 — As many families continue to await news of their loved ones, some of the details of those who died are beginning to come out. NBC's Erica Hill reports (more…)
Erica Garner On Sanders: He's a Protester
01:37 — Erica Garner, the daughter of Eric Garner, speaks to MSNBC's Kasie Hunt about why she's supporting Bernie Sanders for president.
'The Bachelor' Alum Erica Rose Is Pregnant!
00:57 — The reality star is expecting her first child with her boyfriend Galen Gentry.
Learn To Play Pool The Alpha Bag Way
01:11 — It's date night and the Alpha Bag takes his girlfriend out to play some pool. Erica doesn't know how to play but Max, a self-proclaimed pool shark, sh (more…)
The Dinner From Hell
03:24 — Max shows up 30 minutes late to dinner with Erica and her grandma and proceeds to get in a fight with the them after he feels disrespected because the (more…)
Peak Alpha Bag Form
02:06 — To get ready for a date with his girlfriend, Erica, Max makes sure his 500 dollar mesh shirt is clean and then heads to the spray tan salon with his b (more…)
Season 2 First Look
03:18 — Tina's pregnant, Erica wants to be on tour, and Goo's still fighting with Mitch. Season 2 is here and trust us, it packs a punch. Mary Mary is back! S (more…)
Passive and Aggressive
02:43 — While on their date Erica tells Chris that she can't cook and that she uses Tinder to eat Mexican food.
"Erica" Meets "Wendyl"
01:24 — Wendy joins Cartman in the transgender bathroom, and Cartman is NOT happy about having to share it.
‘Sisters’ Stars Reunite 18 Years Later
04:58 — Swoosie Kurtz, Sela Ward, Patricia Kalember and Julianne Phillips chat with TODAY’s Erica Hill about the iconic ’90s drama. They reunited for an Enter (more…)
Former North Korea Prisoner Jeffrey Fowle Thrilled Other Captives Are Free
02:54 — Jeffrey Fowles, the former prisoner in North Korea who returned to the U.S. in September, talks with TODAY’s Erica Hill about how he relates to Kennet (more…)
Mia Wasikowska On Camel Boot Camp, Exploring the Desert in New Movie ‘Tracks’
02:46 — Mia Wasikowska is playing Australian writer Robyn Davidson in the new film “Tracks,” based off of Davidson’s memoir. Wasikowska sits down with TODAY’s (more…)
Beverly Ditches Erica
01:10 — I'm the ditcher here. Not you.
We Are Family! More from the ‘Sisters’ Cast Reunion
03:35 — The cast of the 90s drama ‘Sisters’ talks to Erica Hill about their favorite fashion moments and where their characters would be today
How to Avoid the Most Common Thanksgiving Mistakes
05:42 — Dana Cowin, editor in chief of Food & Wine” joins TODAY’s Lester Holt, Erica Hill and Sheinelle Jones to share how to avoid some of the most common Th (more…)
Chuck Todd Talks Obama and Race Relations On ‘Meet the Press’
03:21 — ‘Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd joins TODAY’s Erica Hill to discuss his Sunday panel on Obama’s presidency and race relations in the U.S.
How the Weekend TODAY Family Celebrated Halloween
01:55 — With Halloween on a Friday, TODAY’s Erica Hill, Sheinelle Jones, Dylan Dreyer and Lester Holt all shared how they enjoyed Halloween this year, off cam (more…)
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