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Criminal Minds - Internal Affairs (Preview)
00:20 — After two undercover DEA agents are murdered and a third goes missing, the BAU joins the NSA to investigate whether an underground Internet drug syndi (more…)
Criminal Minds - The Criminal Minds Cast Shares Who They Are Most Thankful For
01:10 — The cast of Criminal Minds shares who they are most thankful for and why.
Criminal Minds - Sleep Deprivation
03:38 — The BAU learns the reason why the UnSub forces his victims to stay awake through the pain.
Criminal Minds - Skull Tattoo
02:19 — Tara and Hotchner discuss the possibility of a child abductor being on the loose right now.
Criminal Minds - The Trigger
04:15 — Jennifer and Tara try to convince the UnSub of surrendering, but it's too late.
Criminal Minds - Risking Her Life
02:13 — Joy risks her life in order to get more information on the BAU's case.
Criminal Minds - The Ugly Truth
03:38 — Rossi learns more about Joy's past.
Criminal Minds - The Best Thing In Life
01:53 — The bond between Rossi and Joy grows stronger.
Criminal Minds - Hitman's Next Target
01:51 — Penelope discovers that she's the "Dirty Dozen" and believes her life is in danger.
Criminal Minds - Think Deep
02:02 — Tara digs deep through a perpetrator's mind to find a lead on their case.
Criminal Minds - First Shot
03:19 — Tara takes her first shot and leaves her feeling sad.
Criminal Minds - Cheerleader Stalker
03:32 — The BAU narrows their suspect pool and realize the chief's daughter is in trouble.
Criminal Minds - Art Imitates Life
02:04 — The BAU has a new killer to catch in the art streets of Detroit.
Criminal Minds - The Art Of Death
04:29 — Hotchner and the BAU team are able to save the kidnapped baby, but unfortunately they don't have the same result for Morpheus and her ex-husband.
Criminal Minds - The Real Morpheus
01:38 — Hotchner and Tara confront the artist Morpheus and realize it's a woman.
Criminal Minds - The Most Frightening (And Gruesome) 'Criminal Minds' Moments
01:19 — Can you handle blood, skulls and things that go bump in the night? Take a look at some of the more terrifying scenes - if you dare.
Criminal Minds - Looking For Trouble
02:19 — Reid connects both murder scenes.
Criminal Minds - On The Run
03:42 — Hotchner and Tara go looking for answers.
Criminal Minds - One Shot Too Many
05:01 — The BAU tracks down the two UnSubs and kills them both after the UnSubs open fire.
Criminal Minds - A Lonely Woman
03:10 — The BAU finds an empty house full of depressive medication.
Criminal Minds - A Dead Bride To Be
02:23 — Morgan, Reid, and Tara discover that the UnSub is a woman in desperate need of attention.
Criminal Minds - A Delusional Wedding
04:59 — The BAU arrives at the crime scene right in time before the UnSub tries to kill her sister.
Criminal Minds - Panic Mode
02:55 — The UnSub blackmails Charlie and the BAU is on to them.
Criminal Minds - All A Coincidence
03:29 — Rossi and Tara interrogate a prime suspect for the bus attack.
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