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Motivational Monday: There Is No Such Thing As Procrastination
05:26 — Steve Harvey and Eric Thomas help some of the audience overcome their hang ups and achieve their goals in the new year!
Can She Overcome Her Trust Issues?
05:56 — Steve Harvey and Eric Thomas help a romantic couple make their relationship better in the new year.
Eric Thomas’s Hard Road to Success
06:06 — Steve Harvey talks with the "hip-hop preacher" Eric Thomas about his road to success and his new book, "Average Skil,l Phenomenal Will."
The Bold and The Beautiful - The Diet
02:32 — Quinn and Wyatt talk about Eric's health among other things.
Arctic blast sweeps nation
01:35 — Bitter temperatures are expected to hit millions of people across the U.S. CBS Boston chief meteorologist Eric Fisher joins CBSN with the latest on th (more…)
Dems Aim to Investigate Alleged Russian Hacking
03:51 — Representative Eric Swalwell, D-California, discusses the House Democrats’ introduction of a bill that would investigate Russia’s alleged hacking of A (more…)
The Man Who’ll Head up the EPA
07:08 — President-elect Trump picks an ally of the fossil fuel industry, Scott Pruitt, to head up the Environmental Protection Agency. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-C (more…)
How Lack of Affordable Housing Played Part in Fire
05:01 — Oakland Housing Authority Executive Director, Eric Johnson, discusses the steps that led to the deaths of dozens in a warehouse party in Oakland, Cali (more…)
Notable and notorious personalities share their best party stories. Filmmaker Lance Bangs envisions each one with help from emerging artists and anima (more…)
Notable and notorious personalities share their best party stories. Filmmaker Lance Bangs envisions each one with help from emerging artists and anima (more…)
Eric Berry stuns Falcons with game-winning pick-two
00:53 — A highlight of Eric Berry's return of the Falcon's 2-point conversion attempt to give the Chiefs a 29-28 lead.
Cornell Confidential: 32 Months Later...
02:28 — Eric Warner's life has taken an unexpected turn.
Patrick Accuses Eric
00:42 — A secret from their past resurfaces.
Gottlieb: London Fletcher talks Gronk, Jeff Fisher, and Kirk Cousins
10:52 — CBS Sports Network NFL analyst London Fletcher joins Doug Gottlieb to discuss Rob Gronkowski's back surgery and how this will affect the Patriots, the (more…)
Jeff Fisher vs. Eric Dickerson
02:26 — Jenny Dell is joined by Jon Beason and DJ Williams to talk about the Jeff Fisher and Eric Dickerson feud surrounding the L.A. Rams.
Trump Acknowledges Ethical Conflicts
09:07 — Eric Lipton, correspondent for The New York Times, talks about Donald Trump's tweet about his concerns about the appearance of a conflict of interest, (more…)
Time to Schein: Jeff Fisher feuds with Eric Dickerson
03:50 — Adam Schein discusses Jeff Fisher's decision to ban Rams legend Eric Dickerson from the sidelines.
Are Cousins, Wall and Bledsoe looking to team up?
01:35 — Ethan Skolnick joins Chris Wittyngham to discuss the talk of Demarcus Cousins saying he would like to play with former Kentucky teammates John Wall an (more…)
Eric Dickerson: I won't be at the Coliseum as long as Fisher is coaching"
03:07 — Jorge Andres, Pete Prisco and Jason La Canfora break down the feud between Eric Dickerson and Jeff Fisher
Gottlieb: Eric Dickerson says Jeff Fisher banned him from sidelines
07:51 — Doug Gottlieb discusses Eric Dickerson saying Jeff Fisher banned him from the Rams' sidelines.
Eric Dickerson and Jeff Fisher feud
03:12 — Luke Rodgers joins Chris Wittyngham with the latest on the Eric Dickerson and Jeff Fisher feud.
Is It Time for Change in the Democratic Leadership?
03:51 — Congressman Tim Ryan says he is within striking distance of winning the position of Democratic House Leader over Nancy Pelosi. Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-C (more…)
Following the Money
01:01 — What does John Warner have to do with Eric's blackmail?
Democrats Move Ahead Toward New Term
04:02 — Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., was nominated in November to co-chair the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee. He joins Morning Joe to discus (more…)
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