How Food Connects Us
02:03 — No matter the nationality, the one common language humanity has in common is food.
House of Chef-presentatives
Bravo?s Emmy and James Beard Award-winning series "Top Chef" returns for its seventh season bringing a dose of heated competition to the nation's capi (more…)
Tony and his friend, world-renowned chef Eric Ripert, explore the far reaches of indigenous Andes in search of a rare variety of wild cocoa that is sa (more…)
Reunion Special
The drama is served piping hot on Bravo's "Top Chef: D.C. Reunion" as "Watch What Happens" host Andy Cohen chats up season seven's chef'testants along (more…)
Corn Succotash, Part 1
01:37 — A hearty vegetable salad chock-full of corn, cherry tomatoes, and bacon.
Corn Succotash, Part 2
01:02 — A hearty vegetable salad chock-full of corn, cherry tomatoes, and bacon.
Make This Seared Swordfish Pepper Steak for Valentine’s Day
03:42 — Chef Eric Ripert of New York City’s famed Le Bernardin restaurant has the perfect way to woo the one you love with a gourmet Valentine’s Day meal. On (more…)
Traditional Beef and Vegetable Goulash: Here’s the Recipe!
05:15 — Chef Eric Ripert demonstrates how to prepare a traditional goulash stew with vegetables that is baked in the oven. Ripert tops his with egg noodles an (more…)
Spitting Out Amanda's Food
05:24 — Eric Ripert explains that Amanda Baumgarten's dish was by far the worst.
An Exciting Finale
08:30 — Eric Ripert shares that this was an exciting finale and discusses all of the dishes.
It's War Time
05:30 — Eric Ripert shares his thoughts on the Elimination Challenge.
Eric Ripert's First Blog
02:58 — Eric Ripert has been a guest judge for the past seasons and this time, it's permanent.
Even Tougher Judgements
05:58 — Eric Ripert reasons that the competition is now much tighter so the judging needs to be more strict.
I'm Jealous
07:48 — Eric Ripert comments on the great restaurants featured in the week's challenge.
ABC of Learning to Be a Chef
03:58 — Eric Ripert shares that everyone should have done well on the Quickfire Challenge. Find out why!
Entertained by the Fighting
04:42 — Eric Ripert admits that it was entertaining to see Angelo Sosa and Kenny Gilbert go at it to take over the team.
Extended Judges' Table: Got the Giggles
02:22 — Eric Ripert tries to discuss the merits of each dish but Padma Lakshmi has the giggles.
Best Finale I'’ve Ever Seen
07:00 — Eric Ripert comments about the tense finale and toasts the season.
Chef Ripert: Habaneros Are Actually Healthy Aphrodisiacs!
00:48 — We got the very popular French chef Eric Ripert and asked him what food is an aphrodisiac but also healthy? Ripert says habaneros but is it worth the (more…)
Even More Challenging
05:07 — Eric Ripert shares that the Quickfire was even more challenging than usual.
A Food Capital of Asia
05:19 — Eric Ripert explains that Singapore is one of the food capitals of Asia.
Stefan's Baked Lobster
05:31 — Check out Lee Anne's recreation of Stefan's recreation of Eric Ripert's dish.
Getting Recognized
04:46 — Eric Ripert is a giant in the culinary world but his appearance on Top Chef has broadened his profile.
Toothpicks and Power Lunches
05:22 — Eric Ripert does this challenge everyday and gives his thoughts on what a power lunch should be.
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