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Say Uncle - Trailer
Paul loves kids, but when the playground moms find out that he is gay and single they no longer want him around their precious cargo.
Blue Bloods - Life According To Danny Reagan
01:16 — Blue Bloods' sharp-tongued detective doesn't mince words. See how he keeps the streets of New York safe like nobody else.
Blue Bloods - Ride Along
03:40 — A popular reporter is shot during a ride along with Jamie and Eddie.
Blue Bloods - Hidden Camera
02:40 — Garrett finds the evidence Danny and Maria need to convict a suspect of murder in a very unlikely place.
Blue Bloods - You're Out
02:13 — Unable to track down a suspect, Danny tricks him into coming to the police.
Blue Bloods - Killing Field
02:03 — While investigating a crime scene, Danny and Maria discover additional victims.
Blue Bloods - You're OK
04:15 — Danny saves a serial killer's latest victim.
Blue Bloods - I Win
01:36 — Danny receives another a troubling phone call.
Blue Bloods - Hello, Detective Reagan
01:30 — Danny gets a phone call from the serial killer he is investigating.
Blue Bloods - Where Is The Bomb!?
04:27 — The team prepares to raid a building full of deadly explosives.
Blue Bloods - Ignorance Is Bliss
03:56 — Frank makes a speech following a series of terrorist attacks before sitting down for dinner with the rest of the Reagan family.
Blue Bloods - 72 Virgins And A King's Crown
04:50 — A stripper tips off the police when one of her club's patrons makes an menacing comment about his upcoming afterlife.
Say Uncle
Say Uncle
01:57 — A troubled ex-cop is hired by a man to protect his schizophrenic wife. He finds himself irresistibly drawn to her seductive power and gets in over his (more…)
Say Uncle
Say Uncle
Eye For An Eye
01:33 — Outraged by the legal system's failure to punish the man who murdered her daughter, a mother transforms herself into a weapon of vengeance, heedless o (more…)
Say Uncle
Say Uncle
Say Uncle
Blue Bloods - You Ask, They Tell: Tom Selleck
02:30 — If Tom Selleck could go back in time, what time period would he go back to? We find out the answer to this question plus more fan questions on the la (more…)
Blue Bloods - Preview: 'After Hours'
01:04 — When a doorman at a New York City hotspot is murdered, Danny returns to investigate the nightclub scene he left behind years ago on BLUE BLOODS, Frida (more…)
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