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Linda Blair: How I Exorcised Supernatural's Demons

Linda Blair, Supernatural

Supernatural fans are in for a special post-Halloween treat when horror-movie legend Linda Blair guest-stars on this week's episode (tonight at 9 pm, on the CW). Now, just to be clear, even though she did star in The Exorcist and this show does often deal with demons, Blair is not playing an otherworldly baddie. In fact, her character is a nonbeliever detective who has a bit of a run-in with the Winchester boys. invited the delightful actress to share some details about her guest gig, and also to fill us in on the cause that is so close to her heart. Hi, how have you been doing? Linda Blair: I'm fine. But I run a dog rescue, and I just wish they were fine. Twenty years ago we di read more

October 5, 2006: Everybody Loves a Clown

Ive been trying to psych myself up for Everybody Loves a Clown since last week I Hate Clowns Maybe this clown phobia started when I saw Poltergeist back in the day and that toy clown attacked the kid Or it may have even been Tim Curry in the Stephen King miniseries It Well everything scared me in that one except for that silly cartoon ending So you have to know that this episode creeped me out big time The killer clown makes nicey-nice with the kids at the carnival then later shows up at their house where it offs their parents Thats scary It kept on waving to the kids and then holding their hands Even though there really was no gore the creep factor was on high To me its often scarier when you dont see the blood and the guts What I really loved was that Sammy had a bit of a clown phobia too and Dean took advantage of that So cute So funnyAre you surprised that I actually talked about the scares before all the angst of the episode Because usually i read more

September 28, 2006: In My Time of Dying

Im just so glad this show is back on the air This second season premiere gave us so much goodness some questions and lots of sadness specifically when John seemingly sacrificed himself for his son Lets just take this one step at a time howeverThe recap This time it was set to Ted Nugents Stranglehold this is a song I admittedly dont know much about but the title and some of the lyrics say it all It feels like an appropriate song to kick things off even though I still think Kansas Carry on My Wayward Son set the standard for these classic-rock recaps The crash aftermath Im not sure why the demon inside the trucker just took off after Sam threatened to kill it with the Colt Self-preservation maybe From the looks of the crash it seemed like John would have been even more beat up huh But then we wouldnt have gotten the face down with the demon if that had happened Also not sure how much time spanned from the accident to Dean realizing he was in a com read more

Any spoilers for the new ...

Question: Any spoilers for the new season of Supernatural? Specifically, will Jeffrey Dean Morgan (John) survive the car crash?

Answer: Here's the straight scoop from series creator Eric Kripke himself (warning: you're just inches away from a major spoiler about last May's cliff-hanger; proceed at your own peril): "We will introduce a new set of 'hunters' this season — a mom and her daughter, who will be about the same age as the Winchester boys. John will definitely have survived the car crash, he’s alive and well, and he’ll soon have a face-to-face confrontation with the demon."

read more

Supernatural This repeat was just...

SupernaturalThis repeat was just on four weeks ago. I'm not complaining (too much). I'm just saying, if you're going to show a repeat, there should be some sort of rule where the episode has to be at least two months old. Thankfully, I love "Shadow." Jensen and Jared in the alarm-company costumes — wow. I guess Dean's not thinking about Cassie. He's all talking about that cop Amy and her love of tequila and something about a little tattoo. Then he gets that bartender's number. Sam being called a pervert twice was hilarious. Big Daddy Winchester and Meg Masters are back, and she's packing some heat in the form of these daeva shadow demons who pretty much kick some Winchester butt. We got a great brotherly angst scene and a big family reuni read more

Supernatural This happens to be...

SupernaturalThis happens to be the second time in four days I'm catching "Scarecrow." Last weekend I went to an event held at the Directors Guild in Los Angeles to find out what the cast and crew had to say about this show I've grown quite fond of. It was all part of the William S. Paley Television Festival, which the Museum of Television & Radio presents every year. Creator Eric Kripke chose to screen "Scarecrow" because it has so many great elements, like the spooky monster-of-the-week, dysfunctional drama, some nice comedic touches and the introduction of one of the big bads — Meg Masters. All I'll say is that it was cool watching it on a big screen with a fierce sound system. And the cast, along with Kripke and various other executive producers read more

Supernatural Eric Kripke, I have...

SupernaturalEric Kripke, I have one simple request: Will you please write every single Supernatural episode? I'm just saying, you penned the amazing pilot — and its follow-up, "Wendigo," which features some of my favorite lines. ("Sweetheart, I don't do shorts.") And now in "Shadow," the dialogue is crackling good. The guys are allowed to be guys — meaning they tease each other incessantly, flirt with girls, talk about having sex and try to hide their feeling(s) from each other. That is, until they can no longer get away with doing that. The conversation in which Sam told his big bro that once they find the thing that killed their mom and his girlfriend, he's leaving to live his own life? My heart broke a little. 'Cause Dean was all about getting their family read more

Will Supernatural Live to See CW?

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, Supernatural

Make no mistake, it's show time for those ghoul-bustin' brothers on WB's Supernatural (Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET). Although well touted by fans and many critics, the dark li'l series now needs to prove itself more than ever in light of the announcement that come September, both WB and UPN will give up the ghost and be replaced by CW, a new channel offering the "best of" the two sixth networks. Do Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles' Sam and Dean have what it takes to make the cut? All eyes are on the back half of Supernatural's freshman season, which promises to scare up many more surprises and revelations pertaining to the series' mythology. "We've alread read more

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