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ABC Orders Body of Proof, Off the Map

Dana Delany

Dana Delany will again headline her own series next year with ABC's pickup of Body of Proof, and the Shonda Rhimes-produced Off the Map also has a home at the network, TVGuide.com has confirmed.

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Proof centers on... read more

Meryl Streep's Daughter Goes Off the Map

Mamie Gummer

Mamie Gummer has been cast in Shonda Rhimes' new medical drama Off the Map.

Caroline Dhavernas snags lead in Off the Map

Gummer, Meryl Streep's 26-year-old daughter who recently guest-starred in The Good Wife, will play... read more

Grey's Doc Moves Off the Map

Jason George

Bailey really can't catch a break when it comes to love.

Jason George, who plays Bailey's recurring love interest on Grey's Anatomy, has joined the cast of the new Shonda Rhimes-produced pilot Off the Map.

Caroline Dhavernas snags lead in Off the Map

George will play ... read more

Caroline Dhavernas Snags Lead in Off the Map

Caroline Dhavernas

Wonderfalls' Caroline Dhavernas has been cast as one of the three leads in Off the Map, Shonda Rhimes' new medical pilot for ABC.

Dhavernas, 31, will play... read more

Reader's Jeer of the Week: No Trace of Romance

Posted by Jennie1...Jeers to Without a Trace for completely ignoring the Danny (Enrique Murciano)/Elena (Roselyn Sanchez) love-story arc for an entire season. Last year's season finale showed that they were together, but in the 18 episodes of Season 6, they didn't even so much as share a look to indicate that they're still together. This is just sloppy writing. Viewers don't need lots of drama between them, just a look showing us they still care for each other. Please, WAT writers! Wake up and stop dropping storylines without explaining why.• Share your own raves and rants about other shows on the Reader Cheers & Jeers discussion board.• We may feature your Cheer or Jeer on TVGuide.com or in TV Guide magazine! read more

Reader's Cheer of the Week: Trace's Danny — Boy!

Enrique Murciano as Danny on Without a Trace by Michael Desmond/CBS

Posted by "Jennie1"...Cheers to Enrique Murciano of Without a Trace. In the Christmas episode, Danny (Murciano) got to shine while adding some welcome humor to this often-serious show. Without a Trace is best when it lets the actors give personalities to their characters — and Murciano really shone in this episode. Yes, this is a procedural drama, but even FBI agents need to smile every now and then. Good thing Danny has a great smile!• Read and react to Bruce Fretts' opinions on the "new" Law & Order, The Wire and more!• Share your own raves and rants about other shows on the Reader Cheers & Jeers discussion board.• We may feature your Cheer or Jeer on TVGuide.com or in TV Guide magazine! read more

Are you as dissatisfied with ...

Question: Are you as dissatisfied with this season's Without a Trace as I am? I noticed in one of your columns you mentioned their best episode was "A Day in the Life." I agree — it was the best episode this season, but how sad is it that it barely showed the five main characters? This writing has gone downhill. I can't blame the actors, because they've shown that when provided good material, they do very well. The Martin addiction story line is painfully clichéd and an almost blatant ER rip-off. They continue to underuse the two best actors on the show, Enrique Murciano and Marianne Jean-Baptiste, and they haven't found a way to fit Elena in without it seeming like she takes away from the established characters. I miss the way this show used to be. The characters used to interact with each other within the framework of the cases. Now they just interact in these "very special episodes" where they put characters through unrealistic personal plotlines or they don't interact at all, like ... read more

First, I love your column; ...

Without a Trace

Question: First, I love your column; you always give really insightful answers. Second, after two strong episodes of Without a Trace, I wonder what CBS is doing to my favorite show! They make a point of setting up tension between Danny and Jack, adding to the awkwardness between the two from the shooting in the premiere, but by the third episode, they've dropped the whole thing. It's very frustrating. What's more frustrating is that they've added a new cast member, Elena (Roselyn Sanchez), to a cast that doesn't need adding to. In my opinion, they have the strongest cast of the crime shows, so why mess with that chemistry? She didn't add anything in the last episode. Did you like the first two episodes? And what do you think of the new agent? Answer: There's a lot of this "Why fix what isn't broken?" grumbling going on about the hot procedural crime dramas this season. Pretty much across the board, CBS had its crime dramas shake up the casts — losing or gaining cast or recurring cast ... read more

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