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Flashpoint's Enrico Colantoni: "We're Really Finding Our Stride"

Flashpoint - Hugh Dillon, Enrico Colantoni

During Flashpoint's third season, the members of the Strategic Response Unit are drawn closer together than ever, something series star Enrico Colantoni says was also true when the cameras weren't rolling.

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"Every show takes a while to find its legs, and where CBS ended the last season, we were really finding our stride," Colantoni tells TVGuide.com. "The camaraderie of the unit — and of us as actors and crew members — was really clicking, so what you're going to see now is much more intense."

Indeed, in Friday's episode (9/8c on CBS), team leader Ed Lane (Hugh Dillon), Sgt. Gregory Parker (Colantoni) and the rest of the SRU are tasked with ... read more

Enrico Colantoni Talks Emotional Side of Flashpoint

Enrico Colantoni, Flashpoint

CBS' hit series Flashpoint (Fridays at 9 pm/ET), which follows the lives of elite cops within the Strategic Response Unit, has returned for its second season after debuting with strong Friday-night ratings. Enrico Colantoni, who plays the SRU's Sgt. Gregory Parker, tells us what distinguishes his series, teases upcoming storylines and reveals what goes on when the cameras aren't rolling. Plus, Veronica Mars' dad dishes about the upcoming movie.

TVGuide.com: How does Flashpoint differ from other law enforcement shows?
Enrico Colantoni: There's a heightened adrenal rush and sentimental experience that has little to do with cops and robbers. It has more to do with watching our characters struggle with a particular situation and how that affects them directly. I find myself quite moved by the human aspect in our scripts that show what these guys are going through and how much they care. Every week we deal with people having a bad day and it's hard not to feel for them.

TVGuide.com: You guys tackle some extreme storylines. What situations can we expect in upcoming episodes?
Colantoni: Friday's episode is about ... read more

Enrico Colantoni: Veronica Mars' Landing Still Hurts

Enrico Colantoni by Ben Mark Holzberg/CBS

Its a huge win for us star Enrico Colantoni says of CBSs decision to move Flashpoint to Thursday nights at 10 pmET Averaging 7 million viewers a week the copnegotiator series has proved a modest hit for the network and the onetime dad of Veronica Mars who plays team leader Sgt Gregory Parker Here he reveals what drew him to the CBS drama and updates us on the outlook for a Mars reunion Joseph HudakTV Guide What attracted you to FlashpointEnrico Colantoni My brother was a cop for 30 years in Toronto and Ive always been in love with the whole police thing I wanted to be a cop until he sat me down and said Youre too sensitive which sort of destroyed me So Ive always wanted to play a cop [On Veronica Mars I played] a private investigator but a different kind of cop [Flashpoints Parker is] the cowboy cop that Ive always wanted to play My brother isnt on the force anymore but this is sort of my homage to himTV Guide Hes the inspiration fo read more

CBS Adds Flashpoint to Summer Lineup

While CBS' free-loving couples explore romance this summer on Swingtown, another new CBS drama, Flashpoint, will be heating things up with action-packed crime-fighting. Flashpoint features the risky business of cops in a strategic response unit, based on Toronto's Emergency Task Force. Unlike regular cops, these pros will pull some CTU-style bomb-defusing and hostage-rescuing, as well as bust gangs and climb walls to save the day under time pressure.Unlike any old crime-fighting team, the crew's cops are highly skilled in negotiating and getting inside the heads of their suspects. The show, which will star Enrico Colantoni, Hugh Dillon and David Paetkau, is set to start in July, with exact times and dates TBD. — Anna DimondRelated:• CBS' Swingers Series Looks for Summer Lovin'• Coming Soon: Sam Raimi's Wizard and More read more

Coming Soon: Sam Raimi's TV Wizard and More

Sam Raimi by Eric Charbonneau/ WireImage.com, Sword of Truth cover art courtesy Tor Books

Sam Raimi (the Spider-Man movies) is bringing his flair for fantasy to television. He'll exec-produce a new syndicated series called Wizard's First Rule, based on the best-selling Sword of Truth books by Terry Goodkind. Sword tells the story of a woodsman-cum-wizard and a mysterious woman who team up to combat an evil tyrant.... A bright spot amidst all of the strike Sturm und Drang: CBS is producing new television! The Eye has ordered 13 episodes of Flashpoint, a cop drama about a city's Strategic Response Unit, starring Enrico Colantoni (Sheriff Mars!), Hugh Dillon and David Paetkau.... Judge Judy will be sticking around the judicial airwaves for at least another four years; a two-year contract extension will keep her gavel a-bangin' through 2012. — Mickey O'Connor read more

"Chinese Box"

The last new episode scheduled for 2007 reminded me of a couple of early 1970s films the brilliant The Conversation and the more obscure and not as good if still interesting Report to the Commissioner which was based on a novelas well as seeming to mark the end of Aya Sumikas role on the series though we can hope otherwiseIt begins with a fairly unexceptional mornings business at the FBI offices as Agents Reeves Diane Farr and Sinclair Alimi Ballard prepare to go pick up a suspect less routinely Liz Warner Sumika informs her boss and ex Don Eppes Rob Morrow that shes taking the opportunity to be temporarily reassigned to another unit in the Los Angeles office Eppes is surprised and conflicted but has little time to deal with that since in the lobby of the FBI building a man has charged in brandishing a gun and shooting an agent before charging into an elevator and taking a civilian hostage Sinclair exchanges himself for the hostage over Reevess ob read more

Exclusive: Veronica Mars' Dad + CBS = Numbers!

Enrico Colantoni by John Sciulli/ WireImage.com

You know what you guys need? Some good news to distract you from all this depressing strike coverage. And dammit, good news you shall get…Veronica Mars' much-missed Enrico Colantoni is returning to the tube with a major guest stint on CBS' Numbers, sources confirm to me exclusively. The role shouldn't be much of a stretch for the actor formerly known as Det. Mars: He's playing a surveillance specialist who takes a hostage when he suspects that someone has been spying on him. The episode — slated to air in mid-December — is currently in production and, therefore, wouldn't be a victim of the strike. Speaking of the S-word, I just returned from Strike Central at New York's Rockefeller Central and you're never going to believe who I spotted on the picket line: Team frakkin' Palladino! Good thing I had the foresight to bring a TVGuide.com video crew with me. To see highlights from my interview with AS-P — as well as fellow picketers Tina Fey and Seth Meyers — che... read more

Exclusive: Veronica Mars' FBI Pitch Not Dead!

Veronica Mars' dream of becoming an FBI agent is still very much alive, according to Mars chief Rob Thomas.Responding to Enrico Colantoni's recent declaration in the Toronto Star that the CW has essentially rejected a proposal that would've placed Veronica in the FBI next season, Thomas tells me that network head Dawn Ostroff "hasn't seen the presentation," adding, "I have no earthly idea what Enrico is talking about. The network doesn't see it or hear our pitches for VM College or VM FBI until May 2."Colantoni did get one thing right in the Toronto Star piece, per Thomas. CW execs "did see and love our finale," he says, "and I told Enrico that. But the rest of it is out of left field."A CW spokesperson, meanwhile, backs up Thomas' story. "Rob is right," says the rep.So, the only question now is, what the heck was Enrico smoking when he gave those quotes? Any guesses? read more

Veronica Mars Stays in School (or Maybe Not)

Veronica Mars by Patrick Ecclesine/The CW

Speculation has been that if Veronica Mars were to return for another season, the show would undergo a massive change in format that could possibly involve skipping ahead several years in the crime-solver's life. But before all you VM fans panic and start another campaign, there's still a good chance this beloved detective series will remain in the present and move on from there… if the network gives it a green light. When creator/producer Rob Thomas put together a pilot of the show four years in the future, hoping the CW's Entertainment president Dawn Ostroff would buy the idea of Veronica as an FBI agent in a sexy Grey's Anatomy-type world, he didn't quite get a standing ovation. Veronica's father, actor Enrico Colantoni, told the Toronto Star, "We shot 10 pages and they saw it and the reaction was, 'That's not our show.'" What Ostroff and others did like was this season's finale (airing May 22). "It was like the first two years, and I think the network was very excited abou... read more

I'll send you pictures of a ...

Veronica Mars

Question: I'll send you pictures of a naked Bea Arthur for some Veronica Mars prattle. Come on — no one can turn that down!

Answer: How right you are. Here's some major-ass-prattle-poop: Mars' main man Rob Thomas is reuniting Enrico Colantoni with his Just Shoot Me lovah Laura San Giacomo! "She plays a woman who comes into Mars Investigation and asks Keith to prove that her husband is cheating on her, and the two of them kind of hit it off," Rob reveals. "So Keith is really hoping he finds evidence that he's cheating." Rob — who would only say Laura appears in "several" episodes — admits her connection to Enrico played a big part in her casting. "I don't think she would have done read more

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