Emmy Clarke

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Mary Elizabeth Clarke
  • Birth Place: Mineola, New York, United States
  • Profession: Actor
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Sun Mar 18 10:00am
MonkMr. Monk Gets Cabin Fever(Season 3, Episode 12) WE

The FBI coop Monk up in a remote cabin with Stottlemeyer and Natalie after the jittery gumshoe witnesses a murder; meanwhile, Disher tries to get cozy with a new flame. Agent Grooms: Josh Stamberg.

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Sun Mar 18 11:00am
MonkMr. Monk Gets Stuck in Traffic(Season 3, Episode 13) WE

Monk, Natalie and Julie become snarled in a traffic jam after an environmentalist winds up on a deadly collision course with a gangster. Garrett: Larry Miller. Steve: Matt Champagne. Galardi: Jay Acovone. Sgt. Parnell: Steven Williams.

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Sun Mar 18 12:00pm
MonkMr. Monk Goes to Vegas(Season 3, Episode 14) WE

Monk and Natalie head to Sin City at the behest of Capt. Stottlemeyer to probe the suspicious death of a Las Vegas casino owner's wife. Daniel Thorn: James Brolin. Sheryl: Challen Cates. Teresa: Krista Allen. Roberto: Josh Cruz. Wanda: Alexandra Kenworthy (more…)

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Sun Mar 18 1:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and the Election(Season 3, Episode 15) WE

The impending close of Julie's school impels Natalie to run for the school board against Monk's nemesis Harold Krenshaw (Tim Bagley), leading to an attempt on her life by a sniper. Jack Whitman: Nick Offerman. Mrs. Giddons: Nancy Daly. Mrs. Bloom: Sally An (more…)

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Sun Mar 18 2:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and the Kid(Season 3, Episode 16) WE

In the third-season finale, Monk looks after a 2-year-old foster child who becomes a witness in a kidnapping case after the tot finds evidence related to a man's disappearance.

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Sun Mar 18 3:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and the Other Detective(Season 4, Episode 1) WE

Monk is puzzled---and annoyed---with the ease in which a sad-sack private eye (Jason Alexander) solves a murderous jewel robbery.

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Sun Mar 18 4:00pm
MonkMr. Monk Goes Home Again(Season 4, Episode 2) WE

The murder of an armored-car driver reunites Monk with his agoraphobic brother (John Turturro), who is more interested in Natalie than the particulars of the case. Customer: David Weisenberg.

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Sun Mar 18 5:00pm
MonkMr. Monk Stays in Bed(Season 4, Episode 3) WE

Natalie puts herself on the firing line when her discovery of a pizza deliveryman's corpse inspires her to pursue the investigation without Monk, who's laid up with the flu. Reggie Dennison: David Valcin. John Delancy: Lennie Loftin. Mr. Gorman: Jimmy Palu (more…)

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Sun Mar 18 6:00pm
MonkMr. Monk Goes to the Office(Season 4, Episode 4) WE

Monk spends time in an office to crack the case of a stock analyst (Eddie McClintock) whose hand was broken by a masked assailant in a parking garage where an attendant was murdered. Abby: Jennifer Hall. Chilton Handy: Christopher Neiman. Greg: Fred Stolle (more…)

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Sun Mar 18 7:00pm
MonkMr. Monk Gets Drunk(Season 4, Episode 5) WE

To celebrate his and Trudy's anniversary, Monk makes a nostalgic visit to wine country, but his sentimental journey turns sour when he gets mixed up with a mob hit man targeting an embezzler.

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Sun Mar 18 8:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and Mrs. Monk(Season 4, Episode 6) WE

Monk's world is turned upside down when it appears his late wife, Trudy (Melora Hardin), is still alive and is a suspect when the father of her old writing partner turns up dead. Zack: Harve Presnell. Kevin: Jarrad Paul.

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Sun Mar 18 9:00pm
MonkMr. Monk Goes to a Wedding(Season 4, Episode 7) WE

In need of a date to her brother's wedding, Natalie invites Lt. Disher to tag along, but when the cop is hit by a car, Stottlemeyer turns to Monk to find the driver. Jonathan: Rob Benedict. Peggy: Holland Taylor. Theresa: Ashley Williams. Bobby: Michael Ca (more…)

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Sun Mar 18 10:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and Little Monk(Season 4, Episode 8) WE

Monk flashes back to his adolescence when he is reunited with his childhood crush (Donna Bullock), who enlists him to solve the murder of her housekeeper.

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Sun Mar 18 11:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and the Secret Santa(Season 4, Episode 9) WE

When a policeman dies after drinking poison wine meant for Capt. Stottlemeyer, Monk investigates and ends up going undercover as Santa Claus in order to find out who would want his former boss dead.

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Mon Mar 19 12:00am
MonkMr. Monk Goes to a Fashion Show(Season 4, Episode 10) WE

Monk dives into the world of fashion when he tracks down his favorite shirt inspector to find out why she hasn't been doing her job and discovers that her son is in jail for murdering a model.

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Fri Mar 23 10:00am
MonkMr. Monk Meets His Dad(Season 5, Episode 9) WE

While celebrating Christmas with Natalie, Monk receives quite a surprise when his estranged truck-driver father, Jack (Dan Hedaya), whom Monk hasn't seen in 39 years, comes to town. When Monk decides to accompany his dad on a cross-country route, they soon (more…)

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Fri Mar 23 11:00am
MonkMr. Monk and the Leper(Season 5, Episode 10) WE

Monk becomes embroiled in a complex case after he agrees to meet with a mysterious millionaire who was presumed dead. The man, who has leprosy, offers Monk a lot of money to retrieve some incriminating love letters. Derek Bronson: Stephen Bogardus. Mandy B (more…)

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Fri Mar 23 12:00pm
MonkMr. Monk Makes a Friend(Season 5, Episode 11) WE

Monk is positively giddy when he makes a new friend (Andy Richter), but Natalie and the others are convinced that the overly amiable guy isn't what he seems. Dr. Kroger: Stanley Kamel. Tim Hayden: David Eigenberg.

I’ll Watch197 Watching
Fri Mar 23 1:00pm
MonkMr. Monk Is at Your Service(Season 5, Episode 12) WE

When a wealthy couple are killed, Monk poses as a butler at their sprawling abode to investigate. He ends up working for their son (Sean Astin), a filthy rich brat who has had a longtime crush on Natalie. Along the way, Monk discovers he's afraid of frogs (more…)

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Fri Mar 23 2:00pm
MonkMr. Monk Is on the Air(Season 5, Episode 13) WE

A shock jock's wife is killed while the man is on the air, but that doesn't stop Monk from suspecting the radio personality of murder. Steven Weber and Heather Tom guest star.

I’ll Watch216 Watching
Fri Mar 23 3:00pm
MonkMr. Monk Visits a Farm(Season 5, Episode 14) WE

Disher inherits a farm after his uncle commits suicide but he soon comes to suspect foul play in the man's death, so he asks Monk to investigate, sending him out to the country where the detective is sure to find even more things to worry about. Ricardo Ch (more…)

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Fri Mar 23 4:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and the Really, Really Dead Guy(Season 5, Episode 15) WE

A serial killer strikes in San Francisco, attracting a federal agent with advanced forensic technology, but Monk feels his detective skills are better suited to the task of finding the murderer. Chris Williams.

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Fri Mar 23 5:00pm
MonkMr. Monk Goes to the Hospital(Season 5, Episode 16) WE

Monk goes to the ER for a nosebleed and stumbles upon a murdered doctor. Left on his own to investigate when Natalie goes on a date, Monk ends up in danger when the killer becomes aware of his sleuthing. Hank: Charles Durning. Dr. Scott: Dan Butler.

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Fri Mar 23 6:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and His Biggest Fan(Season 6, Episode 1) WE

In the sixth-season opener, Monk is asked to help his obsessive fan, Marci Maven (Sarah Silverman), after her dog is accused of mauling a neighbor to death despite the fact that the animal died days earlier. Monk refuses to take the case, but is forced to (more…)

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  • Birth Name: Mary Elizabeth Clarke
  • Birth Place: Mineola, New York, United States
  • Profession: Actor

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