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Mon Aug 1 4:00am
Hannah MontanaSmells Like Teen Sellout(Season 1, Episode 25) DISNEY

A Hannah Montana-endorsed fragrance does not turn out as Miley would have hoped.

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Mon Aug 1 4:30am
Hannah MontanaMy Boyfriend's Jackson and There's Gonna Be Trouble(Season 1, Episode 21) DISNEY

Paparazzi follow Hannah home after a concert and come to believe that Jackson is her boyfriend; Oliver teams with Sarah on a class project.

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Tue Aug 2 12:00am
Hannah MontanaThe Test of My Love(Season 2, Episode 28) FREFM

A handsome socialite asks Miley for a date, but the boy's snobbish parents insult her country roots. To impress them, Miley brags that she has performed for the Queen of England, which gets her in a real jam.

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Tue Aug 2 12:30am
Hannah MontanaJoannie B. Goode(Season 2, Episode 27) FREFM

Miley and Lilly befriend a school bully when Oliver starts dating her, but when Lilly and the girl bond over their mutual love of sports, Miley fears she'll lose her best friend.

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Tue Aug 2 1:00am
Hannah MontanaWe're All on This Date Together(Season 2, Episode 29) FREFM

Hannah takes part in a charity auction and Johnny Collins (Corbin Bleu) wins a date with her. Unfortunately, the greedy auctioneer (Donny Osmond) turns it into a double date by making Hannah go out with the second-highest bidder, Rico, as well. Ray Romano (more…)

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Tue Aug 2 1:30am
Hannah MontanaUptight (Oliver's Alright)(Season 3, Episode 23) FREFM

Oliver is diagnosed with diabetes. When Miley and Lilly hear about it, they appoint themselves as his personal food police at Traci's sweet-16 birthday party.

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Tue Aug 2 4:00am
Hannah MontanaSchooly Bully(Season 1, Episode 23) DISNEY

Roxy attends Miley's school to protect her from a bully, much to Miley's dismay; Robby and Jackson go on a weekend fishing trip, but get stuck in the snow and meet a lonely innkeeper and his ventriloquist dummy.

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Tue Aug 2 4:30am
Hannah MontanaCuffs Will Keep Us Together(Season 2, Episode 2) DISNEY

Miley gets upset with Lilly when Lilly fails to pick her for a flag-football team at school. Oliver tries to reconcile the two by handcuffing them together, but then he loses the key.

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Wed Aug 3 8:00pm
Spy Kids 3: Game Over DISNEY

An evil computer programmer traps Carmen, a sassy junior spy, in a video game.

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Thu Aug 4 5:30pm
Spy Kids 3: Game Over DISNEY

An evil computer programmer traps Carmen, a sassy junior spy, in a video game.

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Fri Aug 5 4:00am
Hannah MontanaYou Are So Sue-able to Me(Season 2, Episode 3) DISNEY

Miley persuades Lilly to get a complete makeover in preparation for her first date.

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Fri Aug 5 4:30am
Hannah MontanaMe and Rico Down by the Schoolyard(Season 2, Episode 1) DISNEY

Miley attends her first day of high school, but her excitement disappears when she learns that Rico knows she is Hannah Montana and that he may reveal her secret.

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Mon Aug 8 4:00am
Hannah MontanaGet Down Study-udy-udy(Season 2, Episode 4) DISNEY

Miley's European tour as Hannah is placed in jeopardy when her science grade slips.

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Mon Aug 8 4:30am
Hannah MontanaWhen You Wish You Were the Star(Season 2, Episode 12) DISNEY

Miley wishes on a shooting star that she could be Hannah all the time and her wish comes true. She dates Jesse McCartney, but soon realizes her double life is pretty good.

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Tue Aug 9 12:00am
Hannah MontanaHe Ain't a Hottie, He's My Brother(Season 3, Episode 1) FREFM

Miley is shocked to learn that Lilly has a crush on Jackson and he has one on her. Miley then does everything in her power to keep them apart.

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Tue Aug 9 12:30am
Hannah MontanaReady, Set, Don't Drive(Season 3, Episode 2) FREFM

Miley fails her driver's license test, but then returns as Hannah Montana to get a starstruck clerk to give Miley another chance. Back at home, Rico becomes an unwelcome houseguest of the Stewarts'.

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Tue Aug 9 1:00am
Hannah MontanaDon't Go Breaking My Tooth(Season 3, Episode 3) FREFM

Miley insists on going to a dental appointment alone, but she gets so scared she leaves without receiving the treatment she needs. This leads to a swollen tooth and trouble for Hannah as a guest on a popular food show.

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Tue Aug 9 1:30am
Hannah MontanaYou Never Give Me My Money(Season 3, Episode 4) FREFM

Miley is excited when she gets a raise on her allowance and her own checking account, but they lead to unwise spending habits when she shops at the mall.

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Tue Aug 9 4:00am
Hannah MontanaI Am Hannah Hear Me Croak(Season 2, Episode 5) DISNEY

Miley loses her voice and must undergo throat surgery. In a dream, Miley's mother (Brooke Shields) appears and reassures her that she will be okay.

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Tue Aug 9 4:30am
Hannah MontanaYou Gotta Not Fight for Your Right to Party(Season 2, Episode 6) DISNEY

Squabbles over sharing a bathroom get Miley and Jackson grounded, so they devise a plan to have Lily and Oliver pose as them at home while they sneak out.

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Fri Aug 12 4:00am
Hannah MontanaI Want You to Want Go to Florida(Season 2, Episode 13) DISNEY

Miley tricks Roxy into being her chaperone for a performance at a charity event in Florida after Robby cancels Hannah's appearance. The reason Miley wants to perform is to upstage a rival pop star (Selena Gomez).

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Fri Aug 12 4:30am
Hannah MontanaMy Best Friend's Boyfriend(Season 2, Episode 7) DISNEY

Miley catches Lilly's new boyfriend with another girl but when she tells her best friend the news, Lilly accuses Miley of being jealous.

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  • Birth Name: Emily Jordan Osment
  • Birth Place: Los Angeles, CA
  • Birthday: March 10, 1992, Pisces
  • Profession: Actor

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