Mad Men Bohemian
04:08 — Emily creates a living room that's part mid-century modern, part boho chic.
Country Pop
03:22 — Emily creates a living room that mixes Whimsical Country and Playful Pop.
'70s Funky Elegance
21:34 — Emily helps a couple of stylish sisters revamp their family home.
Graphic-Antique Guest Room
02:41 — Graphic novels and antiques combine in a quirky yet elegant guest bedroom.
Bedroom Window Curtains
01:05 — Emily Henderson transforms a bedroom with the right window curtains.
California Cool
21:33 — Emily helps the Duanes transform their spacious, ranch-style home.
Balancing Home Furniture
01:37 — Emily Henderson shares tips for balancing furniture in any room of a home.
Office Furniture Ideas
01:03 — Emily Henderson shares ideas for home-office furniture and accessories.
Modern Urban Beach Guesthouse
04:09 — Emily helps her friends Josh and Sarika create a beach-chic guesthouse.
Create a Cohesive Living Space
03:04 — Emily's challenge is to define and tie together the areas of a huge space.
Ultra-Colorful Living/Dining
03:19 — Pops of yellow and turquoise enliven an open-plan living and dining area.
Living Room Furniture Balance
01:16 — Emily Henderson shows how furniture placement can balance a living room.
Eclectic Artsy Odyssey
21:32 — Emily helps a clashing couple combine their styles.
Modern European Traditional
21:32 — Emily designs a grown-up living space for busy Calabasas parents.
Retro Polynesian Kitsch
21:32 — Emily helps the Braggers transform their dining space.
Untamed Modern Funk
21:32 — Emily helps the Bovills bring color to their cozy space.
Exotic Contemporary Comfort
21:33 — Emily helps a sentimental homeowner stylize his furniture.
Modern Effortless Romance
21:32 — Emily helps a traveling actress create a relaxing bedroom.
Masculine & Feminine Furniture
01:02 — Emily Henderson explains what makes furniture either masculine or feminine.
Playful Hollywood Zen
21:33 — Emily helps a couple redesign their bedroom.
Rustic Cape Cod
21:32 — In the season two premiere Emily helps the Lus create a beach-chic bedroom.
Low-Cost Curtain Tips
01:26 — Emily Henderson shares tips for creating low-cost curtains.
Modern Tropical Dining Room
02:39 — A mid-century dining room with a tropical twist suits this family to a T.
Modern Traditional Living Room
02:01 — Emily creates a traditional family room with modern and Old World vibes.
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