Sat Dec 5 5:00pm
History DetectivesAfrican-American Comic Book; Lindbergh-Sikorsky Fabric; Civil War Letters(Season 9, Episode 4) PBS

A letter from a Civil War soldier who wanted to lead a unit of blacks; fabric from an airplane apparently signed by Charles Lindbergh and helicopter inventor Igor Sikorsky; the story behind the 1950s-era "Negro Romance" comic book.

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Sat Dec 12 5:00pm
History DetectivesClara Barton Letter; Teddy Roosevelt War Club; Drone Propeller(Season 9, Episode 5) PBS

A propeller that may be from a WWII-era drone; an inscribed, wooden club that may have been given to Teddy Roosevelt; a letter that may be from Clara Barton in which she expresses concern about a soldier.

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