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Elvis: That's the Way It Is
An inside look at "The King," this documentary follows Elvis as he prepares for his big opening-night performance in Las Vegas.
Runaway Train
10:01 — When Bronwyn gives Gareth a sausage sandwich for his lunch, she has no idea the lengths Nipper the dog will go to for a bite. So when Gareth leaves hi (more…)
Double Trouble
10:01 — Norman’s cousin Derek comes to stay and appears at first to be a gigantic goody-two shoes and he shows Norman up at every opportunity. Norman hatches (more…)
Mam's Day
10:02 — It’s mother’s day and NORMAN is making a poor show if treating DILYS. Instead of allowing MIKE to help him flex his woodwork skills and make somethin (more…)
Norman's Halloween Heist
10:01 — It’s Halloween. Norman Price hatches a trick-or-treating plan to collect every sweet in Pontypandy for himself. Unlike last year, he’s determined not (more…)
Mandy's Mountain
10:01 — When Mandy reads Moose Roberts’ book about his mountain climbing adventures, she decides that she wants to be a mountain climber when she grows up – a (more…)
Danger By the Double
10:02 — JAMES and SARAH will not stop competing over things. SAM suggests to BRONWYN that a nature trail through the woods with NORMAN and MANDY might prove (more…)
Pontypandy Extreme
10:01 — NORMAN is devastated when TREVOR accidentally runs over NORMAN’S skateboard in his BUS. DILYS says he has to wait until his birthday to get a replace (more…)
Fireworks for Mandy
10:01 — While out playing hide and seek on the mountains with NORMAN, MANDY finds a distress flare. NORMAN is eager to let it off, but MANDY is reluctant fea (more…)
Towering Inferno
10:02 — NORMAN and MANDY are in a competition to prove who’s the best at hide and seek in Pontypandy. MANDY heads off to hide on CHARLIE’S boat, which she re (more…)
Safe with Sam
11:09 — Before they go to the fireworks party, Sam gives Sarah and James a few safety tips…he even has to remind Elvis – a fireman! – of the fireworks code.
Jupiter on the Loose
10:01 — When the Pontypandy Pioneers go to the fire station to complete their fire safety badge, Norman wants to prove to Derek that he can drive a fire engin (more…)
Mandy At Sea
10:01 — Mandy wants to be a round the world yachtswoman. Charlie has been teaching Mandy to sail and it’s time for her first solo voyage. Everyone gathers as (more…)
Elvis Sings the Blues
10:00 — When ELVIS breaks his leg dancing around the Fire Station, he starts to wonder if he’s really cut out to be a fireman. With ELVIS out of action, STAT (more…)
Poorly Penny
10:01 — It’s FIREMAN SAM’s day off and Pontypandy Firestation is being manned by ELVIS and PENNY, who is battling a nasty cold. Meanwhile the JONES family are (more…)
Charlie's Big Catch
10:01 — Bronwyn is pleased that Charlie is finally fixing their leaking tap with the help of his brother, Sam. The two brothers remember how their mum always (more…)
To Outfox a Fox
10:01 — When Tom and Moose – the self-titled ‘Wild Men of Pontypandy’ – hear that Mandy and Norman are trying to spot a fox, they volunteer to help them. Unfo (more…)
Blue Hawaii
The year was 1961. Fallout shelters dot suburban backyards. Ken joins Barbie. Roger Maris slugs 61 home runs. And Elvis Presley is in paradise, playin (more…)
Mike's Rocket
10:01 — Sam, Elvis and Penny are called to an emergency on the cliff! They arrive in no time following all the correct procedures. The training exercise has (more…)
Bessie to the Rescue
10:01 — Whilst completing a safety inspection with Sam at the train station, Station Officer Steele discovers Bessie – his old fire engine that runs on rails. (more…)
Twitching the Night Away
10:01 — ELVIS is booked to sing on a local TV show and dreams of life outside the Fire Service as a singing superstar. Meanwhile Trevor and Norman are off to (more…)
Ice Cold in Pontypandy
10:01 — It’s a snowy day and Trevor is driving the bus to Newtown with Moose, Dilys, Norman, Charlie, James and Sarah on board. When Moose begins to boast abo (more…)
Snowball of Doom
10:01 — Snow has fallen over Pontypandy and Norman and Derek are watching a video of their snowboarding hero Billy Bob Blizzard. Inspired they set off to try (more…)
Girls' Night In
10:01 — Helen Flood has invited Mrs Chen and Penny over for an evening of make-up and movies and Mandy offers to babysit Mrs Chen’s daughter Lily for the even (more…)
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