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11:15 — "Splitsville". Quinn and Debbie are finally breaking up. But not before Virjay gets the band back together. And not before everybody gets real drunk a (more…)
Meet Beck Bristow
11:00 — "Meet Beck Bristow". Hollywood actor Beck Bristow comes to Sealab to do research for an upcoming role. Is Hollywood actor Beck Bristow the hottest guy (more…)
Craptastic Voyage
11:16 — When Shanks refuses treatment for a festering, pulsing head-tumor, the crew decides to dust off the old shrink ray and then basically re-enact the plo (more…)
Feast of Alvis
11:15 — Tempers flare and deeply-rooted religious beliefs are mocked as Murphy readies Sealab for the biggest Feast of Alvis this side of the Marianas Trench. (more…)