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VIDEO: The X-Files: Improbable

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The X-Files: Improbable
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Aired: 4/7/2002

When Reyes uses numerology to connect the murders of several women, she and Scully become trapped with a mysterious checker-playing man who may or may not be the killer. watch

Who's Playing Laurence Fishburne's Wife on Hannibal?

Suits star Gina Torres has been added to the cast of NBC's upcoming Hannibal Lecter series Hannibal, TVLine reports.

She'll play the wife of Laurence Fishburne's FBI agent Jack Crawford. The role won't be too much of a stretch for her — the two are also married in real life.

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Ask Matt: The Killing Post-Mortem, Bunheads, Longmire, More

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Question: I've been mulling over the ending of The Killing for a week now. Up until the series finale (which is what it should be), I was convinced that the writers hadn't known who the killer would be when they started the series. This was always a pet peeve of mine with soap operas. How can you plot a murder without a murderer? The main problem with this is that the actor playing the murderer doesn't have the background knowledge to act his or her scenes. Though using twice as many episodes as they needed, I could sort of see in the finale how they were setting things up. To truly see if that's the case, I'd have to re-watch the first couple of episodes, which I don't want to do.

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Year Title Description
2007 Out of Jimmy's Head TV Show Series, Voice - Dolly Gopher
2007 Pushing Daisies TV Show Series, Actor - Vivian
2004 Love Object Movie, Actor - Typing Pool Supervisor
2003 The Cooler Movie, Actor - Doris
1999 Jaded Movie, Actor - Louise Smith

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Ellen Greene Soaps Up for a Gig on The Young and the Restless

And baby makes three? That terrific character actress Ellen Greene of Little Shop of Horrors and Pushing Daisies fame joins The Young and the Restless for a five-episode stint starting January 7. Longtime fans of the soap will get a kick out of this: Greene will play Primrose DeVille, who is the niece of black market baby racketeer Rose DeVille, a notorious character played back in the '80s by the late, great Darlene Conley. Primrose will connect with Billy Abbott (Billy Miller) soon after he and wife Victoria (Amelia Heinle) get word from the doc that it'll be near impossible for them to conceive children. Y&R has Greene under gag order about plot details but, as you can see in the photo, Primrose does hand Billy a newborn. And Daisy (Yvonne Zima) gives birth to her baby this week and abandons it in a church. Are the bambinos one and the same? We'll leave it up to you to connect the dots. In the meantime, here's what Greene had to say to TV Guide Magazine about her trip to Genoa City!

TV Guide Magazine: What a cool way to kick off 2011! How did Ellen Greene — famous for her quirky choices — land on Y&R?
Greene: Here's what happened: A long time ago when I was very young I played a nurse on one of the New York soaps — I can't even remember which one — and it just terrified me! The whole experience! I just hated it! [Laughs] So I swore ...
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VIDEO: Is Pushing Daisies More Alive than Ever?

Could it be, that ABC's Pushing Daisies is launching its second season with its Best. Episode. Ever? That's the word from Ellen Greene, who in this red-carpet Q&A raves about the magical series and the wacky role she could not possibly turn down.Taste More Pushing Daisies Videos:• Lee Pace• Anna Friel• Chi McBride• Swoosie Kurtz• Field Cate read more


Another Wednesday, another delightful episode.Poor Ned. It looks like he’s gone through most of his life being lonely. After he discovered his "gift," he kind of lost touch with people. Sensing something is amiss with Ned, Digby sets off to find him, but he somehow knows he and Ned aren’t allowed to touch. The only reason I’m willing to go along with this little leap in logic is because this show is a fantasy. Well, that’s not the only reason. I don’t really have a problem with Digby being an extremely smart doggie who is able to infer "the rules" of Ned’s gift, but I did think we’d get a little more on how Digby’s managed to stay so youthful all these years. I know quite a few of you had questions about that as well.OK, that’s my only quibble. Ned, Chuck and Emerson go to investigate a plane crash after Emerson smells some money in the suspicious circumstances. In the apartment, Chuck and Ned have a near-miss touching incident that leads... read more

Daisies Growing On Me Even More!

Nearly five months passed between the time I got my first look at the miraculous Pushing Daisies pilot and the second episode. It was worth the wait. I am officially in love.Flashback (I wish I could count back the days, hours, minutes and seconds as precisely as Jim Dale does in his spot-on narration): It’s the week before the network upfronts in May, and I’m in Los Angeles working on the TV Guide Network’s America’s Next Producer show when a studio exec not even associated with Pushing Daisies leaks me a copy of the pilot, which I’d heard was good but had no idea was THIS good. From the moment I saw it, I was enchanted and could only hope that fellow critics and viewers with open minds and open hearts would share my enthusiasm. I was also so satisfied by what I’d seen that I couldn’t help wondering if they’d be able to pull it off on a weekly basis.Flash to the second week of October, and in brilliant high definition, I watch the second epis... read more

"Pie Lette"

I’m thoroughly charmed by this show. I was a little afraid all the great things I’ve been hearing would lead to disappointment, but I must admit I loved the episode.The rules:• Ned’s first touch to something dead brings life, the second brings death forever.• If the person he brings back stays alive for more than one minute, someone else in close proximity will die.Ever since Ned (Lee Pace) was able to bring his trusty golden retriever Digby back from the dead, he has known he has the gift of reanimation. He was 9 when he found out. Unfortunately he didn’t realize his gift came with a price until he revived his mother only to watch his next-door neighbor and best friend Charlotte, aka Chuck (Anna Friel), Charles’ father die as a result. Soon after, Ned is shipped off to boarding school, and Chuck goes to live with her aunts, also known as the Darling Mermaid Darlings because of their synchronized-swimming careers. But before they are parted, they s... read more

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