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Sen. Warren: GOP Healthcare Plan Is Not Improving Healthcare
08:35 — Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-MA, speaks on the nature of Donald Trump economic plans and the future of corporate America.
Elizabeth Warren on battle over Supreme Court nominee, 2016 endorsement
04:51 — Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is calling on her Republican colleagues to schedule a hearing on President Obama’s Supreme Court nom (more…)
Leave Eric Stonestreet Alone!
03:37 — People never asked Eric Stonestreet if he was a real murderer when he played one on TV, but they can't get their heads around his playing a gay charac (more…)
What does Obama-Biden endorsement mean for Clinton?
03:37 — New York Times Magazine's chief national correspondent Mark Leibovich joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss President Obama's endorsement for Hillary Cl (more…)
Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren Wear Matching Colors As She Leads In Poll
01:23 — Hillary Clinton and Senator Elizabeth Warren wore matching blue jackets at their first joint campaign appearance and the crowd was excited over seeing (more…)
Clinton, Warren team up to take down Trump
03:43 — CBS News' Nancy Cordes discusses Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren's attacks on presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, who is expected to ret (more…)
Jon Stewart Takes Over Colbert's Late Show Desk
13:30 — Some stories, like the ouster of Fox News chairman Roger Ailes, are too big for one late night host to tackle alone.
Elizabeth Warren trashes Trump on Wall Street reform
04:18 — Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, joins President Obama in the White House's weekly address to tout Wall Street regulations -- and to take a qui (more…)
Elizabeth Warren punches back at Donald Trump's jabs
01:27 — Speaking with "CBS This Morning" co-host Charlie Rose Tuesday night, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren discussed the state of the Democratic Party a (more…)
See All The People Tom Brady's New Hairstyle Is Being Compared To
00:55 — Tom Brady has been called out over a play he made at the barber shop. The New England Patriots quarterback showed off his fluffy, side-parted hair at (more…)
Mexico, Canada currencies fall on fears of a Trump win, and other MoneyWatch headlines
01:09 — Overseas currencies slide on risk of Trump win; new Samsung phone hits stores after battery fix; and Elizabeth Warren scolds Wells Fargo CEO over acco (more…)
Clinton focusing attention on down-ballot races
01:59 — Hillary Clinton campaigned Monday in New Hampshire with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who blasted Trump for his recent comments labeling Clinto (more…)
Watch: Elizabeth Warren addresses Women's March on Boston
10:26 — Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, speaks at the Boston Women's March. She slammed President Trump and his campaign rhetoric about women and mino (more…)
Biden's private meeting stokes presidential rumor mill
02:11 — Vice President Joe Biden is said to be weighing a possible run for the White House. After meeting with Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Saturday, those rumors (more…)
Cartoon Donald Trump Tells Stephen Who Started It
08:05 — In the wake of accusations against his top advisor, Donald Trump has devolved into a cartoonish version of himself. So Stephen invited a slightly less (more…)
Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren tag-team against Donald Trump
10:05 — Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren teamed up Monday to blast Donald Trump. Clinton said that she loves how Warren gets under Trump's skin. Caitlyn H (more…)
Donald Trump Mocks DNC Speakers But Remains Silent About Michelle Obama
02:21 — Michelle Obama stole the show with her powerful speech at The Democratic National Convention. Donald Trump mocked many of the speakers but remained si (more…)
Elizabeth Warren rebukes Wells Fargo CEO
02:04 — Sen. Elizabeth Warren slammed Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf at a congressional hearing Tuesday, demanding he step down over false accounts scandal. CBSN (more…)
Boston law firm accused of funneling money to political candidates
03:25 — Hillary Clinton's campaign is returning thousands of dollars in donations tied to what may be one of the largest straw-donor schemes ever uncovered. A (more…)
Elizabeth Warren formally silenced for targeting Jeff Sessions
04:01 — Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, was rebuked for quoting a letter by Coretta Scott King while fighting Sen. Jeff Sessions' nomination for attor (more…)
Elizabeth Warren On Trump: "He Sounded Like A Two-Bit Dictator"
04:38 — Senator Elizabeth Warren sounds off on Donald Trump's acceptance speech, telling Stephen she thinks the candidate's comments were unbecoming of a man (more…)
Curt Schilling planning a run for Senate
00:51 — Doug Gottlieb discusses Curt Schilling planning a Senate run against Elizabeth Warren.
Senator Udall: Silencing Elizabeth Warren is "selective enforcement" of Senate rules
04:53 — Tuesday night, Senate Republicans used an arcane rule to prevent Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) from reading a letter written by Martin Luther King Jr.' (more…)
New buzz over Biden's 2016 run after meeting with Sen. Warren
02:39 — Vice President Joe Biden met privately with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren over the weekend, prompting speculation on whether Biden was ready to (more…)
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