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Jack McBrayer Hit Mariah Carey in the Face With a Frisbee
01:54 — Tragedy struck on the set of Mariah Carey's "Touch My Body" video.
Jack McBrayer and Seth Go Way Back
04:25 — They used to be improv and drinking buddies back in Chicago.
Which Dem Will Warren Support?
03:39 — Bernie has the momentum while Hillary's on the attack and there's a lot of noise right now about who progressive icon Elizabeth Warren will endorse. W (more…)
Pressure Grows for Coveted Warren Endorsement
02:57 — The Boston Globe's Annie Linskey joins Morning Joe to discuss if Elizabeth Warren is closer to choosing between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.
Room for Warren in the Clinton Administration?
00:49 — Mika Brzezinski asks Hillary Clinton if there would be room for Elizabeth Warren in her administration should she win office.
Trump, Warren Engage in Twitter War
05:10 — Sen. Elizabeth Warren said Donald Trump's campaign is built on "racism, sexism and xenophobia." Al Sharpton, Mike Barnicle, Mark Halperin and Andrea M (more…)
Trump Calls Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas," Zika-Resistant Condoms
03:49 — Seth Meyers' monologue from Monday, May 16.
Trump Drops Pretense of Presidential Demeanor
16:18 — Rachel Maddow reports on the tenor of Donald Trump's campaigning now that he is the lone Republican candidate, and his particularly denigrating treatm (more…)
Elizabeth Warren Slams Donald Trump
05:32 — Senator Warren effectively attacked the presumptive Republican nominee in a speech Thursday night, issuing a rousing call to defeat him in November. K (more…)
Dems Begin to Unify Behind Clinton
07:31 — NBC's Chris Jansing and Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd discuss Bernie Sanders' meeting with President Obama and the next steps for him. The panel (more…)
Teleprompter Trips up Trump
04:36 — Rachel Maddow reports on the difficulty Donald Trump is having speaking from scripted remarks while preserving his straight-talking persona, and his l (more…)
Warren May Be in Running for Vice President
03:17 — The possibility of Elizabeth Warren becoming Hillary Clinton’s running mate has been stirring for the past week. MSNBC's Alex Witt speaks with Glamour (more…)
Mika: Will Warren Be up for Clinton's VP?
06:11 — Top Talkers: Sen. Elizabeth Warren didn't directly address questions about Hillary Clinton's Wall Street speeches.
Sen. Warren On VP Talk: ‘I Love My Job’
00:49 — Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks out regarding the possibility of being the potential running mate with Hillary Clinton.
Two Women On the Democratic Ticket?
12:25 — Pres. Obama and Vice Pres. Biden spent the day making phone calls to unify Democrats. And as Hillary Clinton focuses on Donald Trump, new reports have (more…)
On Trump Protests: ‘No Virtue in Silence’
04:16 — Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) says that Donald Trump "is a bigger, uglier threat every day" and urges "decent" Americans to reject the Republican (more…)
Sen. Warren Responds to Darth Vader Comparison
00:45 — Sen. Elizabeth Warren reacts to GOP Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer’s recent comments calling her “the Darth Vader of the financial services world” and tellin (more…)
Can Cruz Benefit from Elizabeth Warren's Jabs?
05:45 — Sen. Elizabeth Warren ripped Ted Cruz over his remarks about the arduous nature of running for president.
‘The View’ Political Hot Topics: Joy Behar Tells Bernie ‘Don’t Screw It up for Hillary’
05:00 — Hot Topics: Bernie knocks Hillary and should Elizabeth Warren be VP.
Could Sanders Consider Warren As a Running Mate?
01:23 — Sen. Bernie Sanders says he could obviously see himself choosing a female candidate to run with him as a VP and maybe it could even be Elizabeth Warre (more…)
The Irony Behind Trump’s Pocahontas Jokes
07:06 — Trump has repeatedly called Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” as a dig at her Native American ancestry. But how much does Trump really know about Pocahont (more…)
Heilemann: Good Chance of Warren On the Ticket
05:29 — Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren are trading barbs online this week as Trump continues to refer to her as 'Pocahontas.'
Sanders Keeps Pressure On Clinton
02:14 — The Morning Joe panel talks about the reasons Bernie Sanders is continuing to stay in the Democratic race. They also discuss Elizabeth Warren's positi (more…)
Is Hillary Clinton Considering Elizabeth Warren As Her Running Mate?
03:27 — Hours after President Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, Sen. Elizabeth Warren threw her support behind the candidate Thursday night.
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