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Clinton focusing attention on down-ballot races
01:59 — Hillary Clinton campaigned Monday in New Hampshire with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who blasted Trump for his recent comments labeling Clinto (more…)
Clinton looks to boost down-ballot Democrats
03:27 — Hillary Clinton is focusing her energy at her rallies to boost down-ballot Democrats. Clinton campaigned alongside Senator Elizabeth Warren Monday, wh (more…)
Full Video: Hillary Clinton campaigns with Elizabeth Warren in New Hampshire
51:05 — Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren had some fiery words for Donald Trump while campaigning with Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire Monday. "Nasty women (more…)
Warren Breathes Fire Beside Clinton in NH
02:31 — Rachel Maddow shares clips of Sentor Elizabeth Warren ripping into Donald Trump and Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte while appearing at a campaign even (more…)
Schilling Considers Run Against Sen. Warren
07:29 — Chris Matthews talks to former Boston Red Sox pitcher and Donald Trump supporter, Curt Schilling, about why he’s considering a run for office to chall (more…)
Curt Schilling planning a run for Senate
00:51 — Doug Gottlieb discusses Curt Schilling planning a Senate run against Elizabeth Warren.
Elizabeth Warren Rips Wells Fargo's CEO A New One
06:02 — Any fans of big banks out there? Then this story is going to enrage you.
Bernie Sanders: "We don't need more Wall Street CEOs in any administration"
00:44 — Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, vows he would join Sen. Elizabeth Warren in actively opposing Wall Street appointees in a Clinton administration.
Elizabeth Warren Calls Trump a Chicken, Clinton Foundation Plans Layoffs
03:20 — Seth Meyers' monologue from Thursday, September 22.
Mexico, Canada currencies fall on fears of a Trump win, and other MoneyWatch headlines
01:09 — Overseas currencies slide on risk of Trump win; new Samsung phone hits stores after battery fix; and Elizabeth Warren scolds Wells Fargo CEO over acco (more…)
Elizabeth Warren rebukes Wells Fargo CEO
02:04 — Sen. Elizabeth Warren slammed Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf at a congressional hearing Tuesday, demanding he step down over false accounts scandal. CBSN (more…)
Warren Emphasizes Need for Democratic Senate
02:12 — Senator Elizabeth Warren explains to Rachel Maddow why it is important that Democrats re-take the Senate to give Hillary Clinton the confirmation and (more…)
Warren Presses FBI On Financial Crisis Case
08:36 — Senator Elizabeth Warren talks with Rachel Maddow about the findings of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Committee and why she's waiting for an answer fro (more…)
One-on-one With Elizabeth Warren
07:33 — Sen. Warren reacts to Donald Trump's lamenting that the suspect in the New York/New Jersey bombings is being granted his constitutional rights.
Clinton Campaign Targets Millennials
05:58 — First Lady Michelle Obama and Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders hit the campaign trail to court millennials, a demographic group Hillary Cl (more…)
See All The People Tom Brady's New Hairstyle Is Being Compared To
00:55 — Tom Brady has been called out over a play he made at the barber shop. The New England Patriots quarterback showed off his fluffy, side-parted hair at (more…)
'Rigged' Process Worries Warren On Trade Deal
07:59 — Senator Elizabeth Warren explains to Rachel Maddow why she is reluctant to give fast track power to President Obama on a new trade deal, citing concer (more…)
Joe: Is Warren Willing to Make Tough Reforms?
06:07 — Top Talkers: On the opening night of a tech conference in California, Elizabeth Warren shares her thoughts that the government has been taken over by (more…)
Mika: Warren Not As Extreme As Graham
05:11 — Top Talkers: On Monday, a joint venture by Move On and Democracy for America say they will deliver over 350K petitions asking Elizabeth Warren to run. (more…)
Meet Paula Faris
01:17 — Co-host Paula Faris explains difference between raising a boy and a girl.
The Biggest Sign Yet Biden Considering WH Run
12:39 — Vice President Joe Biden meets with Senator Elizabeth Warren in the biggest sign yet that he's seriously considering a run for the White House. Kriste (more…)
Winning Over Elizabeth Warren
01:48 — A Morning Joe panel discusses Elizabeth Warren's reluctance to endorse a presidential candidate and debates when she will.
Trump Slams Warren On Her Heritage
01:26 — Donald Trump speaks critically of Elizabeth Warren and his hesitation to believe her Native American heritage. He also criticizes her political record (more…)
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