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Season 4 Sneak Peek
01:11 — Watch a sneak peek of the upcoming season of NEW GIRL as Jess and her friends are forced to come to terms with changes in relationships and friendship (more…)
Season 3 Sneak Peek
01:33 — Watch a sneak peek of the new season of hit comedy New Girl as the gang continues to navigate modern relationships. New Girl airs Tuesdays 9/8c, start (more…)
Season 3 Highlights
02:32 — Get ready for the season 4 premiere of NEW GIRL with this recap of last season.
Season 5 Sneak Peak
01:02 — Check out this sneak peak of Season 5 of New Girl.
Not Professionally from "A Chill Day In"
00:22 — Cece thinks she is getting a stripper.
Moments Pass from "Goosebumps Walkaway"
00:45 — Reagan asks Nick to not make her last day in the apartment weird.
Very Obvious from "Reagan"
01:01 — Reagan isn't pleased with Nick's handiwork.
Pretend from "Wig"
00:58 — Winston and Reagan role-play a break up.
Generic Jake: "D-Day"
00:55 — In the most non-specific way possible, Jake Johnson gives us a generic sneak peek of “D-day.”
Processing from "Reagan"
01:04 — Cece and Reagan realize they know each other.
Apologies from "Sam, Again"
00:58 — Sam reveals that he is still hurt by Nick's actions.
Wedding Workshop from "Dress"
00:52 — Schmidt lets Jess work out of his workshop.
Fake Identification from "Wig"
01:05 — Cece, Schmidt, and Nick go through Reagan's things.
Important Stuff from "The Apartment"
01:02 — Jess helps Cece clean her apartment.
You've Been Served from "300 Feet"
00:41 — Jess gets served a restraining order.
The New, New Girl
01:40 — Megan Fox guests-stars as the potential new roommate in the loft. Will this love wolf move into Jess’ room or keep on moving?
Cold Dead Hands from "Wig"
00:39 — Nick barges in on Schmidt and Cece.
The Griffin from "300 Feet"
00:48 — Nick, Schmidt, and Cece confront their competitor about their valet.
Straight Up Delicious from "Dress"
01:00 — Nick texts Reagan from his burner phone and pretends to be someone else.
Snack Time from "Return to Sender"
00:46 — Jess gets defensive of Sam's female best friend.
An Outlet from "Dress"
00:45 — Winston doesn't know how to act around his partner now that they are sleeping together.
Eyebrows Combed from "D-Day"
00:52 — Jess and Gavin bond over wine and cheese.
Handling It from "Landing Gear"
00:30 — Schmidt tells Nick his plan to bring Cece's mom to the wedding.
Quarantine from "Sam, Again"
00:28 — Nick is locked in his room so he doesn't get anyone else sick.
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