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Travel Apps to Save Time & Money!
04:00 — Holiday travel can prove to be both stressful and expensive. Travel blogger Gilbert Ott joins The Doctors to share his favorite apps to get you throug (more…)
20 Year-Old Stroke Survivor!
05:02 — An active 20-year-old college student suffered a stroke and she joins The Doctors to share about the warning signs.
Drs. Rx: Brighten Your Sneakers with THIS
01:01 — The Doctors reveal an easy way to keep your sneakers looking bright and shiny.
Boy’s Viral Stunt Gone Wrong?
03:01 — 8-year-old James tried to imitate a “fire-bending” stunt that involves covering your hands in sanitizer and lighting them on fire to see them glow. He (more…)
Drs. Rx: Try THIS to Battle Your Sweet Tooth
01:21 — The Doctors reveal an easy way to curb that sweet tooth, especially late at night.
Do Weekend Workouts Work?
01:00 — Are weekend workouts just as good as the daily grind at the gym?
‘Fifty Shades’ Cast’s Sexy Training
04:02 — Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson went through some sexy training to get ready for the movie “Fifty Shades Darker,” the second installment in the film t (more…)
“Lose Your Belly Diet” Success Story: Ariste
03:07 — ER physician Dr. Travis Stork chats with Ariste, who has lost 12lbs, gone down 2 clothing sizes and is sleeping SO much better.
How to Get More Youthful Lips!
01:25 — One of the first places that show signs of age? Our lips! The Doctors discuss some ways to keep them looking youthful.
Woman Losing Her Vision Finds Hope
03:45 — Krystyn and eye surgeon Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler join The Doctors to reveal the results of Dr. Boxer Wachler’s exam. Check out the amazing surprises Th (more…)
Assaulted with Bodily Fluid?!
01:59 — The Doctors discuss an Ohio man that reportedly stalked women inside a Walmart and used a syringe to squirt his semen on them.
Drs. Rx: Storing Your Leftovers like THIS Could Be Dangerous
01:21 — The Doctors reveal the right and the wrong way to keep your leftovers!
I’m Proud of My Excess Skin!
04:09 — With the help of gastric bypass, Amanda lost almost 200 pounds. When she proudly showed her loose skin on social media, Amanda sparked a sensation she (more…)
3-Year-Old Gets 5 Pound Tumor Removed
01:37 — 3-year-old Melyssa suffered from a rare facial tumor that just kept growing. After 10 hours of surgery to remove the 5 pound tumor, check out what Mel (more…)
500 Pound Jessica Gets her Test Results
05:07 — Jessica joins The Doctors to get the test results from her emergency exam with Dr. Kai Nishi, and she learns the reality of what a lifetime of obesity (more…)
Would You or Wouldn’t You?
03:46 — The Doctors play a game answering the questions, ‘would you do a nude scene?’ and ‘what would you do if you saw someone cheating on someone you know?’
Amy Purdy’s Health Struggle!
01:57 — Snowboarder Amy Purdy’s life took a detour when she lost both of her legs to meningitis at just 19 years old. But that hasn’t stopped her from doing w (more…)
Exclusive: Jenni Pulos Pregnant with Baby #2!
04:53 — Bravo’s “Flipping Out” star Jenni Pulos is pregnant for the second time after receiving IVF! But the journey was anything but easy.
Virtual Reality during Labor?
03:00 — One woman wore a virtual reality headset during labor to help ease the pain of childbirth. Could this be a new trend?
Molly Sims’ Fertility Journey
02:18 — Molly and fertility specialist Dr. Shahin Ghadir share about Molly’s fertility journey from freezing embryos to delivering her third child at 43.
Workout Sent Amy Purdy to the ER!
03:57 — Amy Purdy was recently diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis after a strenuous CrossFit workout. Rhabdomyolysis is a serious syndrome caused by muscle injury, (more…)
Put It to the Test: New Lip Filler
02:48 — Volbella is a new filler on the market that is supposed to work great on fine lines around the mouth caused by smoking and aging. The Doctors put the (more…)
Fitness Trend: Salt Yoga?
01:02 — Salt yoga is the latest trend where you breathe in salt air while doing yoga. Would you try it?
Paris Jackson Shares All
05:04 — Paris Jackson breaks her silence on her troubled past in the recent issue of Rolling Stone. Now 18, she shares her struggles with depression, sexual a (more…)
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