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Electroshock to Treat Bulimia?
04:23 — Psychiatrist Dr. Domenick Sportelli joins The Doctors to discuss how a type of electroshock therapy can possibly treat eating disorders.
How to Spot a Liar!
04:35 — Do you know how to spot a liar? Cognitive psychologist Dr. Art Markman debunks some of the biggest myths when it comes to telling the truth. Plastic s (more…)
Adult Film Star Claims He Is A Minute Man?: Exotic Mushrooms The New Super Food?; Actress Molly Sims; Woman Struggling With Buli
00:30 — Adult film star says he’s a two minute man in real life! Are exotic mushroom shots the new super food or is it just Hollywood hype? Our docs dig in an (more…)
Summer Body Club
03:27 — SUMMER BODY CLUB is a subscription-based diet and health website with a fresh approach started by holistic life coach, media personality and best-sell (more…)
Drs. Rx: You’ve Been Eating Bananas All Wrong!
01:44 — ER physician Travis Stork reveals the best way to peel a banana.
Synthetic Marijuana Use on the Rise
03:43 — The Doctors discuss the rise in the use of dangerous synthetic drugs. Learn the risks associated with these illegal substances.
Tips for Spotting a Liar
04:01 — Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon tells two lies and a truth, and cognitive psychologist Dr. Art Markman shares tips for telling the difference between (more…)
Debate Withdrawal Is Real!
04:13 — The final presidential debate was Wednesday and you might actually experience some withdrawal once the debates and election are over. The Doctors disc (more…)
Growth That Looks Like Breast on Woman’s Back
03:03 — One 46-year-old woman recently made headlines when she had a breast-sized tumor removed from her back. Dermatologist Sandra Lee joins The Doctors to d (more…)
Drs. Rx: Hydrogen Peroxide and Rubbing Alcohol Can Be Harmful to a Cut
00:56 — The Doctors discuss why treating a wound like a cut or a scrape with hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol can actually be harmful.
Diet-Food Industry Insider Spills Secrets; 11 Year Old Bullied For Weighing Almost 300 Pounds; Kennedy Family Member Opens Up Ab
00:30 — Diet-food fraud exposed? Three ways your food label could be lying to you from a former health food hustler! Then, is there help for an 11 year old wh (more…)
Dumpster Diving for Beauty; Exercise Tracker For Your “Lady Parts”; Parenting Trend=Hypnosis; 20 Y.O. Stroke Survivor; Giant Rat
00:30 — Would you jump in a dumpster for high-end beauty products? Some beauty vloggers are taking the plunge! An exercise tracker for “down there” claims to (more…)
The Doctors Most Viral Show Ever; M.D. Turns M.C.; Diagnosis: Fat; Ds’ Exclusive: Reality Star’s Fertility Struggle; Ask Our Doc
00:30 — The Doctors go VIRAL as they discuss the latest health trends blowing up your social media feed and introduce you to the biggest stars on the web! Mee (more…)
Exclusive: Model Rosie Mercado Confronts Fat Shaming & Skinny Shaming; LIVE Keloid Removal; Kim Zolciak’s Unexpected Health Risk
00:30 — EXCLUSIVE: From “fat shamed” to “skinny shamed”, model Rosie Mercado confronts the haters! Reality Stars Kim Zolciak and her daughter, Brielle, talk l (more…)
24 Snakes Found In Home; Clinic Accused of Falsely Diagnosing Patients With Alzheimer’s; Implant For Obesity; Doctors’ Update: M
00:30 — A boy lifts the toilet seat to find a snake and leads to discovery of 23 others in home! Could it happen to you? A clinic faces allegations of falsely (more…)
Health Hazards of Bubble Nails
01:34 — Are there any concerns about the trend of bubble nails? The Doctors investigate the possible health issues that can be associated with the unique nail (more…)
Base Jumper Hooks Parachute to the Skin on His Back!
03:10 — The Doctors are joined by Josh, a base jumper who took a plunge with a parachute hooked to the skin on his back!
Bugs under the Skin or Muscle Spasm? Skin Mystery Explained!
00:40 — The Doctors explain why a man's leg is pulsating. While it may look there are bugs under his skin, they reveal it is actually something much less cree (more…)
Heart Beats for 25 Minutes outside of the Body Due to Cocaine!
00:56 — The Doctors examine shocking footage of a heart that continued to beat after being removed from the body due to cocaine use.
How Rats Can Get into Your Toilet!
01:04 — The Doctors examine how a rat can survive the plumbing of a house and end up in your toilet! Find out just how amazingly resilient these pests can be.
Woman Covered In Tumors; “Ouch” Face = “O” Face; Can Popping Nasal Zits Kill You; The Doctors Respond To Dabs Controversy
00:30 — She was called “Lizard Breath” and pushed into garbage cans…now a woman covered in tumors turns to The Doctors for help! Then, is the face you make in (more…)
Dr. Ordon’s Favorite Tahitian Dishes
01:02 — Find out the tasty island treats that plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon enjoyed during his amazing trip to the island paradise.
Heimlich Maneuver Saves Student’s Life!
02:01 — See the amazing footage of a student saving another student from choking. Plus, The Doctors discuss the importance of being prepared for a choking eme (more…)
When Heat Can Be Hazardous To Your Health
05:08 — Pfizer's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall joins The Doctors to talk about steps you can take to be safe when it gets hot outside.
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