Elizabeth Hubbard



Elizabeth Hubbard Looks Back at Her Wild Ride on As the World Turns

Elizabeth Hubbard

It's bad enough we have to say goodbye to As the World Turns next month, but the thought of not having Elizabeth Hubbard on TV is just too much to bear! A member of daytime royalty and a two-time Emmy winner, Hubbard plays Oakdale megamogul Lucinda Walsh with a fresh, freewheeling inventiveness that always makes her scenes unpredictable and a little bit dangerous. Hubbard demands that we watch her every move with rapt attention — even after 26 years in the part — and that means she doesn't always obey the producers and stick to the script. TV Guide Magazine spoke with the ballsy, irrepressible Hubbard about all things ATWT — the cancellation, her upcoming reunion with Larry Bryggman (Dr. John Dixon) and what it's like to drive her bosses batty... read more

ATWT Exclusive: Scott Bryce Reflects on His Firing

Scott Bryce by Robert Voets/CBS

As the World Turns star Scott Bryce — one of the best badasses in the business — has been fired from his role as Craig Montgomery and fans are furiously bombarding the show with petitions for his return. Alas, it's a moot point, for now anyway. Craig will flee Oakdale Feb. 21 after trying to blow up his archrival Paul (Roger Howarth). Here Bryce — in his only exit interview — talks about his controversial axing. — Michael LoganTVGuide.com: Your followers, and they are legion, are having coronaries over this!Scott Bryce: I have to say an enormous thank you for their love and support. I'd started thinking to myself, "Wow, maybe I stink" but the response from the fans has been so amazing and overwhelming that it's helped soften the blow. It's touching and affirming and it means the world to me. TVGuide.com: Word is, your peeps at ATWT are pretty bummed.Bryce: The response from the cast and crew has been equally unbelievable. Hugs and kisses and shock and d... read more

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