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Cate Edwards opens up to Glamour about her wedding
04:35 — Erica Hill and Jeff Glor talk to Glamour magazine's deputy editor, Lauren Iannotti about the upcoming wedding of Cate Edwards - the eldest daughter of (more…)
Elizabeth Edwards
Stephen tells Elizabeth Edwards we already have universal health care. It's called prayer.
Did Elizabeth Edwards Leave a Tape For John's Trial?
The National Inquirer reports Elizabeth Edwards taped details of John Edwards affair before her death, to be used in his indictment.
Elizabeth Edwards' Memorial Takes Shape
Once a living fixture at her 16-year-old son's grave, long-suffering political wife Elizabeth Edwards is getting a grand memorial of her own in the sa (more…)
Saying Goodbye to Elizabeth Edwards
02:08 — Hundreds of mourners gathered in a Raleigh church to say their final goodbyes to Elizabeth Edwards. Elaine Quijano reports.
John Edwards daughter Cate Edwards talks family, advanced breast cancer campaign
03:40 — Cate Edwards, the eldest daughter of former presidential candidate John Edwards and the late Elizabeth Edwards, joined "CBS This Morning" to discuss a (more…)
Ferraro discusses battling multiple myeloma in 2007
02:20 — In an interview in 2007 on The Early Show, Geraldine Ferraro discussed battling multiple myeloma, which she passed away from Saturday after a 12 year (more…)
Cate Edwards spotlights advanced breast cancer community
03:29 — Elizabeth Edwards died in 2010 of advanced breast cancer. Her daughter Cate speaks of challenges her and others with advanced breast cancer face compa (more…)
Elizabeth Edwards' Diagnosis
04:14 — Elizabeth Edwards' cancer diagnosis is not well and she has stopped chemotherapy on doctor's orders. Erica Hill speaks with People Magazine's Betsy Gl (more…)
Elizabeth Edwards' Last Days
02:03 — In Elizabeth Edwards' final hours, she was surrounded by loved ones, including her children, her estranged husband and close friends. Elaine Quijano r (more…)
Elizabeth Edwards Dies at 61
02:19 — Elizabeth Edwards, the wife of former presidential candidate John Edwards, has died after a long battle with cancer. Sandra Hughes reports.
Elizabeth Edwards Gravely Ill
01:40 — Elizabeth Edwards, estranged wife of presidential candidate John Edwards, may be nearing the end of her battle with the cancer she has been fighting s (more…)
Elizabeth Edwards Loses Cancer Battle
02:39 — Elizabeth Edwards' long battle against breast cancer has come to an end. Mrs. Edwards, the estranged wife of presidential candidate John Edwards, died (more…)
Remembering Elizabeth Edwards
22:13 — CBS News' Bill Plante spoke with Dr. Gordon Livingston on the tragic passing of his friend Elizabeth Edwards. Plus; Elizabeth Palmer with the latest o (more…)
Fate of Elizabeth Edwards' Children
01:56 — During her six-year battle with cancer, Elizabeth Edwards did her best to prepare her young children for her death. Elaine Quijano reports.
Remembering Elizabeth Edwards
03:59 — Harry Smith talks to Edwards family friends, Glenn Bergenfield and Jennifer Palmieri, about the life of Elizabeth Edwards.
Elizabeth Edwards' Condition Worsens
02:59 — Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former presidential candidate John Edwards, has stopped chemotherapy treatments and is home with her family. Nancy Cordes r (more…)
Cate Edwards On Her Mom: 'She Lives A Very Full Life'
00:52 — Elizabeth Edwards has been a constant presence on the campaign trail despite her health issues. (1.25.08)
Aide recalls Elizabeth Edwards meltdown
01:36 — A former aide details a graphic confrontation between Elizabeth Edwards and husband John.
2009: Elizabeth Edwards opens up
39:54 — CNN's Larry King talked with Elizabeth Edwards about her husband's affair, her battle with cancer and her new book.
June 2010: Elizabeth Edwards on John
01:37 — In June 2010, Elizabeth Edwards talked about her feelings toward John Edwards with CNN's Larry King.
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