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A Look Inside the NewBeauty TestTube for Summer-Fall 2013
It's that time of year again. That's right, the latest NewBeauty TestTube shipment should be at your door and we're here to give you a peak into what (more…)
Hastings' Wife Obliterates New York Times
An obituary in The New York Times has sounded a discordant note amid the rest of the encomiums. Now Michael Hastings € widow, Elise Jordan, is f (more…)
Team GB Short Track Medal Hopeful Elise Christie Reveals Plans for Olympics
Great British short-track speed skater Elise Christie says she will do her best at the Sochi Winter Olympics, but even without main rival Wang Meng, t (more…)
A TV Show About Cheerleaders That Doesn't Objectify Women?
Kimberly Elise & Taylour Paige, stars of VH1's new drama 'Hit The Floor', join HuffPost Live to chat about the culture of cheerleading and how the new (more…)
Immigration Program Aids 400,000 In First Year
One year ago, the Deferred Action program was implemented, allowing undocumented young people to apply to stay and work in the US without fear of depo (more…)
Disagreements Over President Dwight Eisnehower's Memorial Erupt
Elise Foley joins HuffPost Live to discuss the family of Dwight Eisenhower voicing their displeasure with the Eisenhower memorial.
Why John Boehner's Lawsuit Has No Value
Sabrina Siddiqui sits down with HuffPost's Elise Foley, and TPM's Dylan Scott to talk about House Speaker John Boehner's lawsuit. We find out what, i (more…)
Elise Christie Finishes Year on High
Great Britain's Elise Christie gave her confidence a much-needed lift as she secured two bronzes in the World Cup short track event in Seoul.
Actress Lin Shaye LIVE
Actress Lin Shaye joins us to discuss returning as her character Elise Rainier in the third installment of the 'Insidious' horror film series 'Insidio (more…)
John McCain Defends Use Of 'Illegal' Immigrants
At a town hall meeting in Phoenix, Sen. John McCain defended the use of the phrase 'illegal' immigrants and refused to drop it from his vocabulary. El (more…)
Senators Unveil Path To Citizenship Plan
Senators unveiled a long-awaited landmark legislation to remove the threat of deportation for millions of undocumented immigrants, giving them an oppo (more…)
Actress Renée Elise Goldsberry
Screen and stage star Ren e Elise Goldsberry stops by HuffPost Live to talk about her role in 'I € m Getting My Act Together and Taking It on th (more…)
The Broken Circle Breakdown - Trailer No. 1
Elise and Didier fall in love at first sight, in spite of their differences. He talks, she listens. He's a romantic atheist, she's a religious realist (more…)
Miss Alabama Comments on Trump
The Washington Post's Elise Viebeck comments on Miss Alabama's answer to a question regarding Donald Trump from the Miss America pageant last night.
Joshua Ledet Shines as American Idol Top 7 Sing Songs of This Decade
With seven remaining in this season's American Idol competition, performers are upping their game -- particularly Jessica Sanchez, Skyler Laine and El (more…)
Obama Light On Immigration Enforcement?
HuffPost Politics Reporter Elise Foley joins Alicia to discuss how strict (or not) Obama has been when it comes to enforcing immigration laws.
How The Sequester Is Already Affecting Immigration
HuffPost's Elise Foley joins Alicia to discuss how the sequester is affection immigration.
Senators On Immigration Tour See Border Action
While on a border tour, a bipartisan group of senators crafting a sweeping immigration bill ran into border agents apprehending a woman climbing an 18 (more…)
Poll: Majority Of Americans Disappointed In Obama's Presidency
Elise Foley joins HuffPost Live to discuss a recent poll which shows that a majority of Americans are disappointed in Barack Obama's presidency.
Iranian Artist On Trial For Cartoon Mocking Misogynistic Laws
Amnesty International's Elise Auerbach explains how one woman is facing years in prison for posting a cartoon on her Facebook page.
Staying In Shape When Playing A Cheerleader
Kimberly Elise & Taylour Paige, stars of VH1's new drama 'Hit The Floor', join HuffPost Live to discuss how they stay in such great shape.
Will Democrats Lose Support If Immigration Bill Is Compromised?
HuffPost Politics Reporter Elise Foley, Marielena Hincapie and Jon McHenry join Mike to debate whether or not the Democrats will lose support if the i (more…)
Boehner's Immigration Dilemma
HuffPost Politics reporter Elise Foley joins Abby to talk about Boehner's dilemma when it comes to immigration and what it means for his current posit (more…)
Former NY Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman LIVE
Her record as the youngest woman elected to Congress stood until this year, when Rep. Elise Stefanik entered the scene. Now, the honorable Elizabeth H (more…)
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