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The Amazing Race: Monkey Dance! Trailer
01:12 — Racers embark on a gut wrenching, 40-foot plunge and teams make a difficult decision when faced with a double U-turn.
The Amazing Race - Face Mask vs. Face Cream
02:10 — Brodie & Kurt argue about what product they received at the end of the Harvest Detour.
Meet And Greet: Phil Interviews Greeter in Indonesia (Leg 10)
07:58 — Meet the greeter from Episode 10 of The Amazing Race Season 28 as Phil stands with them at the mat for an exclusive interview. Plus, watch all-new epi (more…)
The Amazing Race - Not Our Place
03:38 — Sheri & Cole discuss missing their family, and how, after coming in last place twice, they have no plans to use the U-Turn offensively.
The Amazing Race - The Crying Signals
04:12 — Sheri & Cole discuss the dancing monkey and scary chicken feet, and Cole teases Sheri about getting teary.
The Amazing Race - They Passed Us!
01:57 — Brodie & Kurt pass Matt & Dana, when they notice that (an oblivious) Matt is holding a clue.
The Amazing Race - Game Changer
01:38 — Tyler & Korey and Burnie & Ashley discuss U-Turning Brodie & Kurt.
The Amazing Race - The Chicken's Aren't Bad
01:01 — Dana struggles to grab the chickens that the other teams don't find difficult to catch.
The Amazing Race - He's Very Healthy
01:14 — Sheri and Phil try to play matchmaker for Cole and the greeter.
The Amazing Race - Shake and Bake
02:37 — Brodie & Kurt scramble to harvest seaweed at the U-turn, while Matt & Dana edge themselves out of last place.
The Amazing Race Show N' Tell: Zach & Rachel
05:17 — Married couple Zach and Rachel King relive memories from The Amazing Race Season 28 by adding their own special commentary to clips from the show. Wat (more…)
The Amazing Race - Challenge Number One
01:57 — Brodie struggles to get into his tight cliff-jumping gear.
The Amazing Race - Final Analysis
02:21 — Brodie & Kurt discuss being U-Turned, and understand why the other teams did it.
The Amazing Race - He Needs to Jump
02:02 — Cole confronts his fear of heights at a 40 foot jump from a cliff into the ocean.
The Amazing Race - No Regrets
01:25 — At the Double U-turn, Tyler and Korey choose Brodie & Kurt and wonder if that was the best thing to do.
The Amazing Race - We'll Learn From It
01:00 — Brodie & Kurt are eliminated from the Race.
The Amazing Race - Best Taxi Ever
01:54 — Dana & Matt have possibly the most horn-happy taxi driver in the history of the Race.
The Amazing Race - Teamwork?
01:09 — Leaving the U-Turn, Tyler & Korey hope Burnie & Ashley use it on Brodie & Kurt.
The Amazing Race - Raw From The Race, Episode 10
01:37 — Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the tenth week of The Amazing Race Season 28 as your favorite social media personalities vlog about their adventu (more…)
The Amazing Race - A New Jock
02:33 — Tyler & Korey discuss snorkeling and Tyler's T-Rex arms, and worry about being everyone's next target.
The Amazing Race - Those Little Mistakes
02:15 — Burnie & Ashley discuss carrying coconuts, getting burned, and how Brodie & Kurt used the Express Pass too early.
The Amazing Race - Bringing Up the Rear
01:39 — Leaving the snorkeling task, Dana & Matt worry about being in last place with a U-Turn ahead.
The Amazing Race - They're MEN
05:36 — After Sheri & Cole join the first three teams on the mat, Cole explains what he'd do with the money, Ashley describes how hard the locals work, and ev (more…)
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