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Wed Sep 27 10:00pm
Chicago P.D.ReformNew(Season 5, Episode 1) NBC

In the Season 5 premiere, the district is in a state of change: Lindsay has moved to New York and the CPD is under scrutiny about the corrupt nature of its institution. Under the watchful eye of the city, the team attempts to bust a gun deal that quickly t (more…)

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Sat Sep 30 2:00pm
Chicago P.D.Conventions(Season 1, Episode 6) USA

Two Special Victims Unit agents help Voight and Antonio investigate a series of rapes and murders. Meanwhile, Burgess tries to prove herself to Intelligence; and Lindsay gets back at a high-school rival with the assistance of Halstead.

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Sat Sep 30 4:00pm
Chicago P.D.They'll Have to Go Through Me(Season 2, Episode 7) USA

New York's SVU arrives to help take down a pedophile ring, as a link to foster care and child trafficking is investigated. Meanwhile, Burgess and Roman track down a shooter, and Platt honors a fallen cop.

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Sat Sep 30 5:00pm
Chicago P.D.The Number of Rats(Season 2, Episode 20) USA

SVU's Benson, Fin and Amaro help with the investigation of a rape-murder that's similar to a decade-old case in New York; and, after he's questioned, a suspect warns Lindsay that the investigation could have unintended consequences.

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Sat Sep 30 10:00pm
Chicago P.D.The Song of Gregory Williams Yates(Season 3, Episode 14) USA

The team hunts an infamous criminal who escaped from a New York prison and committed a triple homicide in Chicago. Joining them in the investigation: NYPD SVU detectives Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Fin (Ice-T).

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Sun Oct 1 9:00am
Chicago P.D.Stepping Stone(Season 1, Episode 1) USA

In the premiere of this "Chicago Fire" spin-off following the men and women of the Chicago Police Department, the team discover an unexpected asset during their investigation into a drug-cartel cleaning house. Meanwhile, a rookie joins the team fresh from (more…)

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Sun Oct 1 10:00am
Chicago P.D.Wrong Side of the Bars(Season 1, Episode 2) USA

The unit mobilizes to find Antonio's son, who is believed to have been kidnapped by members of a Columbian drug gang whose leader is in prison. Meanwhile, Halstead gleans new information about Lindsay.

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Sun Oct 1 11:00am
Chicago P.D.Chin Check(Season 1, Episode 3) USA

As the intelligence unit searches for the source of ammunition meant to kill police officers, Voight and his team investigate a house associated with major gangs. Meanwhile, Ruzek is encouraged to seek counseling; and Halstead has an unwelcome encounter wi (more…)

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Sun Oct 1 12:00pm
Chicago P.D.Now Is Always Temporary(Season 1, Episode 4) USA

The intelligence unit goes after a counterfeiting operation. Meanwhile, Atwater and Burgess arrest a hoarder; Olinsky tries to protect his daughter; and Voight helps his son, who was recently released from prison.

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Sun Oct 1 1:00pm
Chicago P.D.Thirty Balloons(Season 1, Episode 5) USA

The Intelligence Unit discovers a dangerous drug-smuggling operation. Meanwhile, Atwater and Burgess receive a new patrol car; Lindsay tries to keep Justin out of trouble; and Olinsky and Ruzek go on a stakeout together.

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Sun Oct 1 2:00pm
Chicago P.D.The Price We Pay(Season 1, Episode 7) USA

The intelligence unit investigates the Fitori murder case, and it becomes apparent that Voight's son may have been involved. Meanwhile, Gradishar tells Antonio about an arrangement between Voight and Internal Affairs, which leads to additional tension; and (more…)

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Sun Oct 1 3:00pm
Chicago P.D.Different Mistakes(Season 1, Episode 8) USA

Voight works with a former partner during an investigation, and he's also assigned a new Internal Affairs handler who doesn't trust him. Meanwhile, Halsted seeks help gathering information about Lonnie Rodiger; and Olinsky attempts to deflate Ruzek's ego a (more…)

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Sun Oct 1 4:00pm
Chicago P.D.A Material Witness(Season 1, Episode 9) USA

Atwater and Burgess respond to a shooting involving a Latin gang, and they discover that the only witness is Olinsky's daughter. In order to protect her, Voight takes over the case, and Ruzek and Burgess go on an undercover mission that may lead to clues i (more…)

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Sun Oct 1 5:00pm
Chicago P.D.At Least It's Justice(Season 1, Episode 10) USA

Halstead is threatened with losing his job after Lonnie Rodiger is found dead. Meanwhile, Severide and Clarke discover the body of a doctor who helped put many criminals behind bars; Sumner gets a chance to prove her worth; and Lindsay gets a moment alone (more…)

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Sun Oct 1 6:00pm
Chicago P.D.Turn the Light Off(Season 1, Episode 11) USA

Voight and the team investigate a gang-related case involving several deaths and millions of dollars in stolen cash. Meanwhile, Burgess helps the unit in an effort to prove her worth; and Platt asks Ruzek for assistance.

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Sun Oct 1 7:00pm
Chicago P.D.8: 30 PM(Season 1, Episode 12) USA

The Intelligence Unit works furiously to find the people responsible for an explosion at Chicago Medical. Voight and his team use their own angles and connections; Lindsay and Antonio interrogate doctors who operated on an ambassador from Syria; and Olinsk (more…)

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Sun Oct 1 8:00pm
Chicago P.D.My Way(Season 1, Episode 13) USA

The Intelligence Unit members are dismayed to learn that Pulpo has been released to help locate a deadly cartel leader. Elsewhere, Ruzek deals with difficult news; Lindsay has a brush with her past; and Jin faces a problem.

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Sun Oct 1 9:00pm
Chicago P.D.The Docks(Season 1, Episode 14) USA

Voight and Platt share information about their pasts; Jin is caught poking around on Voight's computer and shifts blame to a convenient scapegoat; Lindsay realizes that she needs to be honest with Charlie; and Halstead gets the answers he's been seeking.

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Sun Oct 1 10:00pm
Chicago P.D.A Beautiful Friendship(Season 1, Episode 15) USA

In the Season 1 finale, Atwater gets used to his new job while Antonio is stuck with desk duty during his recovery. Meanwhile, Lindsay asks Voight for help; and Jin is forced to come clean about his secret meetings with Stillwell.

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Tue Oct 3 6:00am
Chicago P.D.The Silos(Season 4, Episode 1) OXYGN

In the Season 4 premiere, the team investigates a murder in which the victim appears to have been wearing a CPD-issued wire; Burgess works a case with a new partner; and Crowley questions Lindsay about the night that Intelligence pursued Justin's killer.

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Tue Oct 3 7:00am
Chicago P.D.Made a Wrong Turn(Season 4, Episode 2) OXYGN

Intelligence investigates when a young man is beaten and his fiancée is apparently abducted. In other events, Lindsay surprises Halsted with a big question; and Cdr. Fogel takes Platt to task for going over his head to have Tay assigned to District 21.

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Tue Oct 3 8:00am
Chicago P.D.Big Friends Big Enemies(Season 4, Episode 4) OXYGN

A car plows through a crowd outside of a concert venue and is followed by gunfire, sparking fears that it may be terror-related. In other events, Burgess spots Atwater's brother where he shouldn't be; and the team works to bring peace to the community befo (more…)

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Tue Oct 3 9:00am
Chicago P.D.A War Zone(Season 4, Episode 5) OXYGN

The team hunts drug dealers selling fentanyl, which has been linked to multiple overdoses around the city; and Tay and Burgess discover a bloodied child who shares a twisted secret about his home life. In other events, Mouse contemplates reenlisting in the (more…)

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Tue Oct 3 10:00am
Chicago P.D.Some Friend(Season 4, Episode 6) OXYGN

Burgess and Sorensen discover a dead teen girl at the home of a baseball player who's friends with Olinsky; Burgess and Sorensen hunt a thief who turns out to be a cop with a rocky past; and Lindsay receives flowers.

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  • Birth Place: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Profession: Actor

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