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Harper's Stars Delve Into the Mind of a Serial Killer: Henry Was "Born Bad"

Harper's Island

Death became Harper's Island Saturday when the limited series wrapped up with two big (but maybe not-so-surprising) reveals: The second killer and John Wakefield's child both turned out to be the groom, Henry (Christopher Gorham). If the murderous rampage wasn't enough, Henry also shared that he did it all for the love of his life: his half-sister Abby (Elaine Cassidy). Creepy? Yes, but Gorham, who didn't find out he was the killer until after filming seven episodes, "loved it," he tells TVGuide.com. "I immediately bought a scary-looking knife that I kept in my pocket that no one knew I had. I was armed from the next day." See what else the actor and Cassidy had to say about "broken" Henry, whether or not he committed incest and more.

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