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Grandma's House
03:25 — Eivin and Eve bring Findlay to visit Eve's mother Dina, who lives in a cabin that's even more remote than the Kilcher's homestead.
Setting Traps for a Menacing Beaver
02:14 — A beaver has been wreaking havoc around the Willard cabin. Atz Senior enlists a friend to help him trap the animal and prevent any further damage.
How to Rope a Cow
02:37 — Want to know how to rope yourself a critter? Listen in as Atz Sr gives Atz Lee and Eivin a lesson in using a lasso.
Fly Fishing
02:40 — Atz Lee gives his wife Jane a lesson in fly fishing, which is a lot harder than it looks!
Hay for Horses Barter
03:06 — In exchange for hay, Otto, Charlotte & Sunrise sail to Halibut Cove to ferry a friend's horses from the island back to the mainland.
They're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat
03:05 — Eivin and Jane go out fishing for Halibut to stock up before the winter. But rough waters on the way home almost send them airborne.
Picking Apples On an Alaskan Homestead
01:37 — Charlotte goes to pick apples from her high tunnel greenhouse, which allows for a longer and warmer growing season despite the cold Alaskan temperatur (more…)
Bullhead Dozer
01:55 — Otto and Eivin attach a metal tooth to their bulldozer to help remove huge stubborn roots from the homestead grounds. It looks so awesome that they ca (more…)
When Sparks Fly
02:37 — Otto works to finish a large staircase for his house on the homestead before Eve returns home with her newborn.
Moose Clubbin'
01:19 — Jane Kilcher explains her knack for clubbing fish on the head.
Good Ol' Fashioned Stick Pickin'
01:33 — Want to have some good quality family time? Try the Kilchers' time-honored family bonding activity: stick pickin!
The Wonderful Outhouse
02:23 — Otto and Charlotte discuss the wonderful benefits of having a homestead outhouse. That is, until Otto comes across a blue toilet!
Meet the Kilcher Family Dogs
03:47 — Meet the Kilchers' beloved family dogs. From Atz Lee and Jane's Malamute Willow to Eivin and Eve's mix-breed hunting hound named Tonsai, they're all l (more…)
Mad Momma Cow
03:54 — Atz Sr. needs to work a newborn calf, which means he needs to chase it down, put a tag in its ear and castrate him. Unfortunately for Atz, Momma B (more…)
Old Fashioned Ways Music Video
01:49 — Atz Sr. performs his song "Old Fashioned Ways" that he wrote in honor of his family’s past as pioneers of the Alaskan frontier.
Bow Hunting Crash Course
01:14 — Atz Senior gets a crash course in bow hunting from a young friend and fellow hunter. It's never too late in life to learn a new skill, especially if y (more…)
Eve Kilcher Goes Into Labor
01:12 — The baby is ready to arrive! Eve goes into labor and rushes to the hospital to deliver the newest member of the Kilcher family.
Covered Wagon Honeymoon Suite
02:16 — Otto and Charlotte want to revive a family relic as a honeymoon suite for Atz Lee and Jane’s vow renewal. Who wouldn’t want to spend their anniversary (more…)
Alaska The Last Frontier Season 7
For eighty years, the Kilcher family has flourished in the deep Alaskan wilderness, but with chronic damage to the homestead, the family legacy is jeo (more…)
Alaska The Last Frontier Season 6
The Kilcher family has inhabited their Alaskan homestead for generations, learning how to live off the land and survive the Alaskan wilderness.  After (more…)
Raising the Posts
02:01 — Eivin and Liam help Shane raise the posts for the newest cabin on the homestead!
Atz Sr Marks His Territory
02:11 — Atz Senior explains how to follow bear tracks and leaves a special message to let these bears know he's been in their territory.
Bullhead Dozer
01:54 — Otto and Eivin attach a metal tooth to their bulldozer to help remove huge stubborn roots from the homestead grounds.
Walking the Gentler Way
02:22 — Atz Senior sings a new song he wrote after helping his son Atz Lee conquer his fear of horses called "Walking the Gentler Way.
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