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The Tony Awards - Brains Behind Musical Bright Star Bring Bluegrass To Broadway
02:00 — Watch composers Steve Martin and Edie Brickell, who are both nominated for Best Original Score (Music and/or Lyrics) Written for the Theatre, and star (more…)
Do victims' remains suggest explosion on EgyptAir jet?
02:00 — An Egyptian forensics official tells the Associated Press that the human remains from EgyptAir flight 804 suggest an explosion on board, but a former (more…)
Janitor puts five kids through college tuition-free
03:51 — Boston College janitor Fred Vautour put all five of his kids through college, not spending a dime on tuition -- largely because of his devotion. Steve (more…)
Snapchatting climber reaches Mt. Everest summit
03:03 — In a dramatic update on the Mount Everest climbers we've been following this month, Cory Richards reached the summit of the world's tallest mountain o (more…)
Steve Martin and Carmen Cusack on Tony-nominated "Bright Star"
08:05 — Comedian, writer, actor, producer and musician Steve Martin just added Broadway to his impressive resume. The Grammy and Emmy-winner co-wrote the new (more…)
Bill Cosby may face woman accusing him of sexual assault
02:52 — Bill Cosby could come face-to-face with one of the women accusing him of drugging and molesting them. Prosecutors claim the 2004 encounter between Cos (more…)
Clinton rips Trump while fending off Sanders in Calif.
02:33 — Hillary Clinton's campaign is launching a new phase of coordinated attacks on Donald Trump, connecting the real estate mogul to the housing market mel (more…)
TSA security chief fired amid growing fury over delays
02:30 — In the wake of historically long security lines at some of the nation's airports, the Transportation Security Administration is shaking things up. The (more…)
Obama pushes Vietnam on human rights record
01:19 — President Obama is criticizing Vietnam's government for its human rights record. Thousands of Vietnamese greeted the president Tuesday as he arrived i (more…)
Trump campaign manager on candidate's net worth, not releasing tax returns
10:28 — In a 2006 deposition, Donald Trump was repeatedly questioned about exaggerating his wealth. In 2014, Trump said his brand was worth $3.3 billion, but (more…)
Steve Martin and Edie Brickell: ‘Bright Star’ Is a Collaborative Effort
02:34 — The musical team of comedian Steve Martin and singer Edie Brickell sit down with the TODAY anchors to talk about their latest collaboration: “Bright S (more…)
Steve Martin, Edie Brickell Share Inspiration for New Musical ‘Bright Star’
04:19 — Comedy icon Steve Martin and singer-songwriter Edie Brickell have recorded two albums together and won a Grammy for their American roots music.
Born On The Fourth Of July - Official Trailer
02:53 — Powerful true story of Vietnam veteran Ron Kovic, showing his gradual change from a naive youth to an embittered paraplegic to a committed anti-war ac (more…)
A tour of the CBS Broadcast Center
04:32 — Mo Rocca parts the curtains and takes viewers on an up-close-and-personal tour of CBS' studios in New York City, down to the catacombs beneath Manhatt (more…)
Americans' views of its military
02:37 — It has been 13 years since the American military invaded Iraq. Today, we still see ramifications of that decision in the form of ISIS, special forces (more…)
Gawker and the limits of gossip
07:09 — This week a jury awarded the wrestler known as Hulk Hogan $115 million in damages for a lurid tape posted online in 2012. The case put Gawker's founde (more…)
Steve Martin and Edie Brickell's "Bright Star"
07:46 — A new musical opening on Broadway features two very well known stars in unseen roles. Comedian and bluegrass musician Steve Martin and indie music ico (more…)
Nature: Spring's arrival at Yellowstone
02:24 — We leave you this first day of spring at our oldest National Park, Yellowstone, where the ice on Yellowstone Lake is breaking up ... an ice-out, they (more…)
The International Day of Happiness
01:17 — As designated by the United Nations, today is the International Day of Happiness. Echoing our Declaration of Independence, the U.N. General Assembly p (more…)
On the Trail: Everglades National Park
03:39 — The Everglades in South Florida is called "The River of Grass," and is home to an abundance of plant and animal species. For this reason, the Everglad (more…)
Life Hacked, Vol. 3
03:28 — The internet loves life hacks, and Stephen loves whatever the internet loves.
Stephen Recaps The Bachelor Finale
03:24 — Tinder may have gone done the other night, but the more conventional way to find true love broadcast it's 3-hour finale as scheduled.
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