00:43 — Gary gets trapped in a ravine.
00:47 — Gary brings a mortal to Hell.
Haunted House
00:53 — Gary haunts an open house.
Bathroom Break
00:35 — Satan and Claude talk marketing strategies.
Drama Class
00:41 — The drama class learns how to make the audience believe.
Gary's Summon Word
00:46 — Gary's is about to have another bad day.
The Bitter Buddha - Trailer 1
01:35 — For a few decades, Eddie Pepitone has proven to be a force in the alt-comedy scene. Within this documentary, we follow Eddie as he deals with a middle (more…)
Krampus Nacht
11:24 — Gary and Claude bring Krampus out of retirement to help ruin Christmas.
People in Hell Want Ice Water
11:42 — The Devil has his demons compete for a drink of ice water. Cold, refreshing, hilarity ensues.
11:40 — The annual Wiccan devil orgy has returned.
11:04 — Cerberus is tired of guarding the gate to Hell, so he drags Gary out to Earth.
11:24 — A drug epidemic in Hell creates an opportunity.
Psyklone and the Thin Twins
11:26 — When Gary goes AWOL, Satan sends for his top bounty hunters.
National Buffoon's Fireballz
11:20 — The demons find a hole to the female side of Hell.
11:28 — The Demons go to Earth to spread the new devil book, which has been rewritten as a teen romance.
11:36 — Satan reunites with a beloved 80's hair band to give Millennials a swift kick in their hairless crotches.
11:25 — A correction of a typo means Gary gets to go to Heaven.
Give a Painted Brother a Break
11:18 — Blake's estranged clown brother, Sir Tinkle Button (guest star PAUL SCHEER - Funny or Die Presents, Human Giant), pays a surprise visit to Childrens H (more…)
Devil in the Details
11:41 — Gary goes "back to school" to help a high school drama class make a Satan glorifying musical. Scholastic-themed hilarity ensues.
11:15 — Gary loses his summon word at a concert. Whoever finds it will have total control of Gary. Unwholesome hilarity ensues.
Jett Copperhead, Six-Pack Magician
11:32 — Television's favorite redneck warlock puts on one last show.
True Love Will Find You
11:23 — The demons scramble to find true love and bust themselves outta Hell.
Welcome to Hell
11:35 — Gary and Claude try to convince a pro baseball player to stop thanking God for every bunt single and thank the Devil instead. Unsportsmanlike (more…)
Take Life by the Horns
11:16 — A plan to put Satan's face on the nickel leaves Gary stranded in the Appalachian Mountains. Outdoorsy hilarity ensues.
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