Hide & Seek
Bobby fears a famous defense attorney's failing memory may jeopardize the outcome of a trial. Eugene defends a man who murdered and raped two young ch (more…)
In Deep
10:34 — Rebecca testifies against the shooter. An embarrassed Lindsay defends a man's use of a toilet. Ellenor's purse-snatcher client faces twenty years in j (more…)
Civil Right
12:18 — Berluti presents an argument in favor of same-sex marriages after his mother reveals that she is a lesbian. Eugene attacks a rape victim's testimony. (more…)
Kinderprison / Each Sold Evilly
Voltar’s evil genius will be put to the test when he must escape the most horrorfying prison ever built in the history of all things evil! A place of (more…)
00:11 — Undeterred by a message that POTUS wants Selina to limit her public appearances, the Veep continues her plans. Dan attempts to play both sides of the (more…)
Week 3: Redskins vs. Eagles Game Highlights
Check out the game highlights as the Washington Redskins take on the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 3 of NFL action.
Lama Trauma
Hank helps Boris prep a secret patient for surgery as Evan tries to chase a bad omen out of the hospital. An offer from Quami leads Divya to make a ma (more…)
Sydney learns devastating news from her aunt, Katya Derevko (Isabella Rossellini), about her mother Irina's death. Meanwhile, Vaughn becomes a rogue a (more…)
The End Is Rear
Russ is excited but weary of creating bad Ju-Ju when a client brings in the shop's first ever Lord Derby Eland. Aaron has to quickly complete a Himala (more…)
Ellis asks Kamito to join Sylphid, her Bladedance team, and he reluctantly says yes in return for some compensation. Of course, when Claire finds out (more…)
Chapter 4
Cricket learns the source of the settlers’ power. An ancient evil threatens the Miller’s lives. Written by John J. Gray; directed by Marita Grabiak
Mr. Monk and the Big Reward
Monk and Natalie go to police headquarters to ask Captain Stottlemeyer for a raise. While they are there, Lieutenant Disher brings in Warren Landis, a (more…)
Let It Bleed
Sylar (Zachary Quinto) returns to the Carnival in search of answers and Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) continues to struggle with the loss of his brother. E (more…)
First Date
Shingo’s itching to take on the Eight-Six in a dangerous race, but with nobody stepping up to accept the challenge, he takes drastic measures to get h (more…)
Boys II Mensa
00:17 — When Cory cheats on an intelligence test, the results show he is a genius - but his family and Mr. Feeny have their doubts.
The Plan
When Robert is put in charge of selecting his wedding invitations, Ray suggests he intentionally botch the assignment so that Amy will let Robert off (more…)
With Friends Like These
With the UFC Live Finale in sight the mood of the Fighter House has darkened. The fighters pitch their match-up ‘wish list’ to Dana but not everyone g (more…)
Liar's Poker
16:55 — With Carter and his team now working with FBI Agent Alex Rice as part of a special joint task force, they go after a local drug ring in hopes of catch (more…)
Should We Stay or Should We Go?
Adam and Danielle realize they need a larger home, but house hunting proves stressful when they realize what a larger house will cost. Later, the fami (more…)
The Garden of Delights
While investigating a series of earthquakes, Tygra falls into the earth and confronts a giant worm head in the world of the Mole People.
Minnie's Mouseke-Calendar
After a big wind blows away the pages from Minnie's daily calendar, she needs help finding the missing pages so that she can remember what she's plann (more…)
Week 11: Raiders at Texans Game Highlights 2013
Week 11: Raiders at Texans Game Highlights 2013
It’s the Pet Fest! Part 1
Blythe is majorly stressing about the upcoming International Pet Fashion Expo and her concerns increase dramatically when she’s asked to do a photo sh (more…)
Mr. Mamma
With Tye in Dallas most of the week and Ava not sleeping through the night Melissa is left exhausted. Relief comes with the recommendation for a sleep (more…)
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