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90210 Series Finale: The 15 Craziest Plots Throughout the Five Seasons


Remember when Annie was a prostitute? Or when Silver used a surrogate to get pregnant with her ex-boyfriend-turned-gay best friend's baby? Well, these are just two of the wild and crazy moments throughout 90210's five-season run.

What began as a show about two siblings moving from Kansas to Beverly Hills, navigating their way through high school cliques, finding friends, having first loves and trivial fights soon morphed into a world that included sex tapes, mental disorders, prostitution, pregnancy and even murder. Yes, if you stopped watching 90210 early on, there's a whole lot of crazy you missed out on.

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Mega Buzz on Grey's, Fringe, Supernatural, Army Wives and More!

Ellen Pompeo (Grey's Anatomy), Joshua Jackson (Fringe) and Jensen Ackles (Supernatural)

Every week, senior editors Matt Webb Mitovich, Mickey O'Connor and Tim Molloy satisfy your need for TV scoop. Please send all questions to mega_scoop@tvguide.com.

Any scoop to get us Mer-Der fans through the dog days of summer? Perhaps some "baby talk" about Grey's writing in Ellen Pompeo's pregnancy? — Hillary
MATT: Both Chyler Leigh and I are of the mind that Grey's Anatomy would be hard-pressed to accommodate Pompeo's pregnancy, if only because of the timing. "As far as I know they are not [writing it in]," Leigh told me, pointing out that by the time the ABC serial resumes production, "Ellen will be, like, seven months [along]." The only way I see it happening — and at least one source allows, "It could go either way" — is if Season 6 picks up five or six months after the recent finale. Such a jump would also allow poor George time to heal and look like recast Eddie Cibrian. (I kid!) 

If Fox is serious about Fringe (and aren't we all), why is it forcing it to compete against CSI, Grey's Anatomy and The Office on Thursdays? — Anita
MICKEY: At first blush, moving Fringe to such a powerhouse night would appear to be a suicide mission. But Fox entertainment prez Kevin Reilly ... read more

90210 Exclusive: Meet Ethan's Replacement

AnnaLynne McCord, Dustin Milligan, Shenae Grimes, Tristan Wilds, Jessica Stroup, Michael Steger

We were all sad to see the charming Dustin Milligan get the heave-ho from 90210 this spring, but fear not! TVGuide.com has learned exclusively that West Bev is getting a new shot of testosterone in the fall, courtesy a new recurring character. Read on to meet the new Peach Pit pipsqueak...

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Mega Minute: 90210 Cast Reacts to a Shocking Exit! Plus Entourage, True Blood


Now playing in this week's (early!) edition of the Mitovich Mega Minute:

• As I spoke to nearly the entire 90210 cast at the CW upfronts, the reaction to one cast member's abrupt exit was overwhelming. See what the consensus is, and whether we might see the dispatched hunk ever again.

Entourage's Ari may have a fight on his hands, as a formidable foe returns to the mix!

• How much time will have elapsed in Bon Temps when HBO's True Blood launches its second season? And will a major mystery be solved? Anna Paquin gives me the answers.

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90210 Jock Dustin Milligan Believes the Hype

Dustin Milligan by Patrick Ecclesine/The CW

Canadian actor Dustin Milligan who plays star athlete Ethan Ward in the CWs 90210 remake premieres Tuesday Sept 2 8 pmET is a pretty chill dude Despite the Rocky-Mountain-high expectations for the series success Milligan is thus far enjoying the ride telling us about his characters upcoming love triangle what it takes to look like an athlete on TV and what role if any he played in the Jennie Garth-Shannen Doherty dtente Nina H228mmerling SmithTVGuidecom Tell us about your characterDustin Milligan Ethan Ward is the star athlete at West Beverly High School Lacrosse is his game Its the new football football is so clich Which is ironic because lacrosse is like the national sport of CanadaTVGuidecom And you are CanadianMilligan YesTVGuidecom So its a natural fit for youMilligan Um well I have never played lacrosse I did a show a few years ago [the CWs Runaway] where I was the captain of the lacrosse team but I only p read more

A Runaway Joins the New 90210

Dustin Milligan by Michael Caulfield/WireImage.com

The new Rob Thomas-penned Beverly Hills, 90210 redux is warming up, with casting news starting to trickle out.Former Runaway Dustin Milligan is the first actor to have been cast in the updated version of the show, says the Reporter. He's set to play Ethan, the big-man-on-campus star athlete at West Beverly High. Along with his TV work, Milligan also appeared in recent movies including creep-fest The Messengers and love-fest In the Land of Women. Without more cast announcements, it's tough to visualize his dynamic with the other as-yet-unnamed kids at West Beverly, but the floppy-haired Canadian's a good start for the spin-off. Are you ready for your new high-school heartthrob? — Anna DimondRelated:• Who Will Cross Over to 90210 Remake?• The CW's 90210 Spin-off: New Details read more

October 24, 2006: Don't Kill the Messenger, But.....

Sorry for the lateness, but I realized I should probably make a post concerning the recent news: if you haven’t heard yet, the CW cancelled Runaway last week. Even more disappointing, although there’s a handful of episodes left that haven’t been aired, they’ve chosen to just shelve them and air America’s Next Top Model in the timeslot instead.I was really starting to get hooked on this show and I’ll miss Runaway: it was a surprisingly effective mix of serialized thriller and family drama, and pulling off just one of those on a regular basis is tough enough. I won’t try to second-guess whether or not pulling the plug was justified (the ratings were pretty dismal), but I still think it’s a shame that it couldn’t be afforded more time for an audience build. Maybe in today’s overstuffed marketplace if you can’t start strong right from the beginning it’s already too late.It’s possible that the remaining episodes might be... read more

October 12, 2006: On the Run

I realize it’s not the most important thing to mention at the beginning of my first blog for Runaway, but seriously, Donnie Wahlberg is playing the middle-aged dad who’s described in the police bulletin as “gray-haired?” I wasn’t exactly a New Kids on the Block fan back in the day, but I can clearly remember a time when he was a teen idol encouraging kids to “Hang Tough” and inspiring them that they had the “Right Stuff.” Jeez, I feel old.Although I know it’s a bit late, I really liked the premiere episode of Runaway, and I’m most impressed by the fact that it’s got three or four compelling storylines already. It’s really two genres merged into one: for the dad it’s a conspiracy thriller as he tries to unravel the mystery of who killed his former colleague and framed him and what secrets the murderers are protecting; for everyone else, it’s another “moving to a small town and reconnecting with each ot... read more

At the Emmys: All the Backstage Buzz!

Jeremy Piven, Entourage

Where do the winners go after accepting their Emmys? Backstage to the (overly air-conditioned, brrrr) press room! Here is your minute-by-minute guide to who said what about their most memorable night. 8:06: Show's just starting, and we're watching it back here like the rest of ya. Host Conan O'Brien's pretaped opening says it all: NBC (and The Office) gets second billing in a funny bit that leads off instead with rival ABC's Lost. 8:18: Alan Alda wins, giving The West Wing its 26th Emmy ev read more

24 Alum Eyes a New Runaway Hit

Leslie Hope, Runaway

Leslie Hope and Elisha Cuthbert were two of the first actors I interviewed for TVGuide.com, back in 2002, during the debut season of a little-show-that-could called 24. Coincidentally, I was slated to talk with each of the "Bauer women" again this week, but one of them "politely passed" at the last minute. The actress I now like a bit more is Ms. Hope, who called me from the set of Runaway, a CW drama debuting Sept. 25, and concerning a family that assumes a new id read more

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