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Military Draft for Women
04:55 — California Rep. Duncan Hunter's tongue-in-cheek bill demanding that women be made eligible for the military draft receives unexpected support in Congr (more…)
Sharp divide over releasing bin Laden death photos
05:29 — Chris Wragge moderates a debate between Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) and Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) over whether or not to release the death photos o (more…)
Hunter: Terrorists crossed U.S. border
01:34 — Rep. Jason Chaffetz reacts to the latest statement by Rep. Duncan Hunter that PKK members have crossed the U.S. border.
Fmr. agent: Hunter's source not credible
02:16 — Former Border Patrol agent Hipolito Acosta reacts to Rep. Duncan Hunter's claims about ISIS militants entering the U.S.
Secy.: ISIS isn't entering from Mexico
02:22 — DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson rebuffed Rep. Duncan Hunter's claim that ISIS fighters crossed the U.S. border with Mexico.
Congressman said WHAT about Iran?
01:24 — Rep. Duncan Hunter says he was talking about Middle East 'political culture' when he said lying is a bargaining tactic.
Marine: TSA made me remove prosthetics
01:38 — GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter wants an explanation for reports of a double amputee Marine being humiliated by TSA officers.