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NYC Terror Attack Eyewitness: ‘I Thought It Was an Accident’
04:13 — Gene Duffy and a man named Anthony, both eyewitnesses to the deadly New York City terror attack, describe it to TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie.
Dems in worst shape since 1929; what can they do?
07:31 — Time's Michael Duffy joins Morning Joe to preview the magazine's latest issue, which looks at what Democrats can do to regain strength before 2020.
MLB Pitcher Danny Duffy – Busted for DUI!
01:41 — Apparently, Danny passed out in a Burger King drive-thru … and dude didn’t even get his food!
Time calls John Kelly 'Trump's Last Best Hope'
05:58 — Time Magazine places General John Kelly, new WH Chief of Staff, on its latest cover, and Michael Duffy joins Morning Joe to discuss his new article on (more…)
Is Trump Shattering Norms or Shattering Hopes?
09:39 — Time's Michael Duffy and Ari Melber join Morning Joe to discuss the Trump WH and how the president's attacks are sowing chaos in Washington.
Finn Wittrock Will Be Evil Again in American Horror Story: Hotel
00:45 — Wittrock's character Tristan Duffy gets a high from "hurting other people"
Aliyah Moulden: "Mercy"
02:25 — Aliyah Moulden belts a heartfelt rendition of Duffy's "Mercy" on the live playoffs.
GOP Field Narrow to Three-man Race
05:08 — Trent Duffy, National Communication adviser to the Kasich campaign, joins to discuss the hard math for a path to the nomination.
Will Fiorina's Endorsement Help Cruz?
03:01 — MSNBC's Jose Diaz-Balart talks to former RNC Chairman Michael Steele and Trent Duffy of the Kasich campaign to discuss whether Carly Fiorina's endorse (more…)
Kasich Staffer On Brokered Convention Possibility
03:57 — John Kasich campaign staffer Trent Duffy discusses his campaign’s strategy and the possibility of a brokered GOP convention.
Kasich's Quest for 110% of the Delegates Left
04:18 — Trent Duffy, National Spokesperson for "Kasich for President", speaks on John Kasich's chances not only in Ohio, but in the remaining states and what (more…)
Turning Placenta Into Jewelry
05:32 — Steve will be joined by his friend and clinical psychologist, Dr. John Duffy, for another installment of “Is It Weird?”
Grown Man Addicted to My Little Pony
04:03 — Steve will be joined by his friend and clinical psychologist, Dr. John Duffy, for another installment of “Is It Weird?”
Leaving Office, What Worries Obama About Legacy?
06:41 — Time's Michael Duffy discusses the winding down of Barack Obama's presidency, his legacy as president and what to expect from Donald Trump.
The Ups and Downs of Party Dominance
09:50 — MSNBC's Steve Kornacki and Time magazine's Michael Duffy discuss how Donald Trump managed to win over Obama voters. They also break down other voting (more…)
Obama Set to Join the 'Presidents Club'
12:42 — Michael Duffy wrote a book exploring the exclusive club of former presidents, and he joins Morning Joe to discuss the group to which President Obama i (more…)
Red Mom, Blue Mom: How to Handle Political Bullying
02:43 — Conservative pundit Rachel Campos-Duffy and liberal pundit Cathy Areu are total political opposites... and best friends. They talk about how they teac (more…)
Spiced Rubbed Chicken Thighs, Pulled Pork Sandwich: Try These Winning Game Day Meals
04:14 — Chefs Brian Duffy and Tre Wilcox brought their delicious game day recipes to the TODAY kitchen. The matchup: chicken thighs versus pulled pork. Check (more…)
Evangelicals and Trump: An Uneasy Courtship?
07:45 — Rep. Sean Duffy and Yahoo News' Jon Ward join Morning Joe to discuss Donald Trump's uneasy relationship to evangelical voters.
How to Make a Tostones Burger With Duffy's Sports Grill
02:46 — Duffy's Sports Grill Chef Eric Parker shows us how to make their tostones burger in the test kitchen.
GOP Rep.: Trump Deportation Plan Impractical
06:44 — Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Wis., says that Donald Trump's deportation rhetoric isn't practical and he should lay out a clearer approach on the issue.
Kasich Campaign Focuses Attacks On Clinton
03:35 — Communications Advisor for the John Kasich campaign, Trent Duffy, explains the deal between the John Kasich campaign and the Ted Cruz campaign. He als (more…)
How to Stop the Puerto Rican Debt Crisis
03:34 — Wisconsin Representative Sean Duffy outlines the current economic conditions in Puerto Rico and what needs to be done to combat the billions of dollar (more…)
Trump's Plan Echoes America's Dark History
07:06 — Donald Trump's plan to ban Muslims from entering the country has re-opened some dark American history. Chris Matthews discusses with Time Magazine’s M (more…)
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