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A Sweating Situation
04:36 — It’s time for another installment of “Is It Weird?” with DR. JOHN DUFFY! Steve and Dr. Duffy gave their opinions to two women who are wondering if the (more…)
Runaway Date
04:43 — It’s time for another installment of “Is It Weird?” with DR. JOHN DUFFY! Steve and Dr. Duffy gave their opinions to two women who are wondering if the (more…)
Evangelicals and Trump: An Uneasy Courtship?
07:45 — Rep. Sean Duffy and Yahoo News' Jon Ward join Morning Joe to discuss Donald Trump's uneasy relationship to evangelical voters.
How to Make a Tostones Burger With Duffy's Sports Grill
02:46 — Duffy's Sports Grill Chef Eric Parker shows us how to make their tostones burger in the test kitchen.
GOP Rep.: Trump Deportation Plan Impractical
06:44 — Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Wis., says that Donald Trump's deportation rhetoric isn't practical and he should lay out a clearer approach on the issue.
You're Sitting Next to a Military Hero!
06:25 — Steve Harvey welcomes contractor Shane Duffy, who travels the country giving live-changing home makeovers to deserving veterans!
Kasich Campaign Focuses Attacks On Clinton
03:35 — Communications Advisor for the John Kasich campaign, Trent Duffy, explains the deal between the John Kasich campaign and the Ted Cruz campaign. He als (more…)
Duffy: ‘This Isn’t a Mess’
03:30 — Rep. Sean Duffy comments on the House GOP trying to convince Rep. Paul Ryan to run for Speaker and the state of the race now. He believes Ryan wants t (more…)
GOP Field Narrow to Three-man Race
05:08 — Trent Duffy, National Communication adviser to the Kasich campaign, joins to discuss the hard math for a path to the nomination.
Will Fiorina's Endorsement Help Cruz?
03:01 — MSNBC's Jose Diaz-Balart talks to former RNC Chairman Michael Steele and Trent Duffy of the Kasich campaign to discuss whether Carly Fiorina's endorse (more…)
One-on-one With Rep. Sean Duffy
03:43 — Republican Congressman Sean Duffy -- who has endorsed Marco Rubio for president -- joins Thomas Roberts to discuss the GOP debate.
How to Stop the Puerto Rican Debt Crisis
03:34 — Wisconsin Representative Sean Duffy outlines the current economic conditions in Puerto Rico and what needs to be done to combat the billions of dollar (more…)
Patrick Duffy
05:06 — Patrick Duffy chats about the new season of "Dallas."
Campos-Duffy: Trump Attacked GOP 'Darling'
11:14 — MSNBC's Kasie Hunt reports on Donald Trump's exclusion from the Red State Gathering over a comment about Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly. Then, Christi (more…)
Pope Speaks to Joint Meeting of Congress
04:10 — Republican Rep. Sean Duffy of Wisconsin joins Craig Melvin to discuss the impact of Pope Francis after he gave his moving speech before a joint meetin (more…)
Trump's Plan Echoes America's Dark History
07:06 — Donald Trump's plan to ban Muslims from entering the country has re-opened some dark American history. Chris Matthews discusses with Time Magazine’s M (more…)
'Republicans Will Come Home for Trump'
04:39 — Rep. Sean Duffy, who will be speaking at the Republican National Convention explains his support for Donald Trump and his actions.
Rep. Paul Ryan to Support Budget Deal
06:38 — Republican Rep. Sean Duffy of Wisconsin joins Thomas Roberts in the moments before Rep. Paul Ryan was nominated for House Speaker -- also discussing c (more…)
Kasich Staffer On Brokered Convention Possibility
03:57 — John Kasich campaign staffer Trent Duffy discusses his campaign’s strategy and the possibility of a brokered GOP convention.
Kasich's Quest for 110% of the Delegates Left
04:18 — Trent Duffy, National Spokesperson for "Kasich for President", speaks on John Kasich's chances not only in Ohio, but in the remaining states and what (more…)
Rep. Duffy: Trump Didn't Stereotype With Taco Tweet
03:52 — Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Wis., talks about Donald Trump's taco tweet and says for people to be scrutinizing his tweets about Cinco De Mayo are "foolish" wh (more…)
Celebs Talk Miley at Fashion Group Night of Stars
02:00 — Miley Cyrus presented Marc Jacobs and his business partner Robert Duffy with the Superstar Award at Fashion Group International's 30th Annual Night of (more…)
Cruz-Rubio Rivalry Intensifies
08:52 — Marco Rubio is moving up in the polls in Iowa, hoping to catch Ted Cruz for a second place finish behind Donald Trump. Cruz supporter Rep. Steve King (more…)
Kasich Spokesman Talks Brokered Convention
03:59 — National spokesman for Kasich for America Trent Duffy talks to Alex Witt about the future of the Ohio governor’s campaign, the possibility of brokered (more…)
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