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BB5's Cowboy Bucked

He might've been the most happy-go-lucky (if slightly dim-witted) cast member of Big Brother 5, but Michael Ellis, better known as Cowboy, is very bummed that his ex-housemates awarded the $1 million prize to cutie-pie Drew. The 23-year-old from Oklahoma doesn't begrudge his fellow "Horseman" the cash — he just wishes BB5's jury had based their votes on financial need more than gamesmanship. While this soon-to-be married gent tried hard to fit in — he even let his roomies shave racing stripes in his leg hair! — Cowboy couldn't win a Head of Household competition to save his life. Here, the downtrodden runner-up shares his regrets with TV Guide Online. TV Guide Online: You must be happy. You won some money.Michael Ellis: Well, it wasn't the 500 Gs. TVGO: Well, $50,000 isn't too shabby. Michael: Oh, no. I need to pay some bills. TVGO: Did you at least have fun in the Big Brotherread more

Big Brother 5's Drew Wins

In last week's Big Brother 5 finale, Drew Daniel's prospects looked iffy. The four-time Head of Household winner evicted his own girlfriend, Diane, and went to the final two with his original alliance mate, Michael (aka Cowboy). But somehow, the recent college grad survived 82 days of isolation from the outside world and beat out 13 other players for the $500,000 prize. In a tight 4-3 vote, the jury (made up of seven ex-housemates) tapped Drew to take home the cash. Here, the 22-year-old cutie tells TV Guide Online about his big win, the Diane debacle and his very own twin twist. TV Guide Online: Were you confident of victory? Drew: To be honest, I thought for sure that Cowboy had it. I told Cowboy, "Hey man, congratulations. You won this thing and I'm so happy for you." When there were two votes for Cowboy, I was thinking, "It's going to be a 7-0 vote and I'm not going to get a single vote." Then I started getting some votes! But bread more

BB5's "Savage" Scott Axed

Last Thursday, Big Brother 5's female houseguests banded together to oust Scott "Savage" Long. This definitely hurt his testosterone-driven allies, the so-called Four Horsemen, and their plans to trample the competition. Down one man thanks to those fickle fillies, the three remaining Horsemen — Jase, Drew and Michael (aka Cowboy) — are ripe to be thrown. Here, the devious 25-year-old Pittsburgh native wishes his old comrades luck, defends his original deception and reveals why Adria and Natalie's twin scheme upset him so much. TV Guide Online: Why'd the twin twist freak you out so badly? Scott Long: I'm taking it harder than I thought I would. I was upset because I felt I had a big part in saving Adria. Just the whole fact that it was [a lie was] the ultimate betrayal. I fell into that. I used my heart in the game, and as you can see, I got a little more open and a little more truthful to people as the gameread more


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