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I watched an episode of Joey,...

I watched an episode of Joey, my first since the pilot, and I have to say it wasn't that terrible. Just seeing Drea de Matteo tap dancing actually made it worth watching. Must be my lowered summer standards for comedy. So will I actually watch in the fall? Most likely not, but I can think of worse ways to spend a half hour next week... Will & Grace got a ton of Emmy nods, so I figured I'd tune in and see if it was just the couple of episodes I saw that weren't so funny. And of course it was one I'd already seen and I could only make it through about 5 minutes before I had to change the channel... So I flipped over to the Single in the City knock off Hooking Up which made me infinitely grateful that I read more

TV Guide: Greatest Moments of...

TV Guide: Greatest Moments of 2004Full disclosure: I had nothing to do with the choices for this special, which were chosen by "the experts at TV Guide." (Hmmm. Wonder if I should be insulted?) Anyway, my favorite moment made the list at No. 9: the shooting death of Adriana on The Sopranos. The clip has lost none of its power: the long, winding drive into the woods, the pain and despair in Adriana's eyes as she looked out the car window, the flash of terror as she realized she was about to die. I'm not sure what got to me more, Adriana's begging and pleading as she crawled on the ground like an animal or the sound of the shotgun blast. Still gives me the chills. Nice touch: immediately showing the clip of Drea de Matteo's Emmy acceptance speech. Definitely well deserved. QVC: Affinity DiamondsHave I ever mentioned my weird interest in QVC? No, it's not what you think — I rarely buy anything. I'm mostly fascinated by the p read more

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