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Help for One Woman Who Lost Her Nose
03:50 — Rose, a woman who contracted an infection that destroyed her nose and teeth, joins The Doctors along with plastic surgeon Dr. John Zannis and dentists (more…)
Rick Ross Uses GRAMMYs As A Networking Opportunity
02:18 — When asked about the secret to his success, Rapper Rick Ross says it's important to make connections at functions like The GRAMMYs. Watch the 2017 GRA (more…)
Potato-Only Diet?
04:58 — The Doctors meet a man who lost over 30 pounds by eating only potatoes. They chat with him and nutrition expert Dr. John McDougall about how safe this (more…)
The Talk - Noah Wyle Credits 'ER' To His Success
01:31 — Noah Wyle spent 11 seasons on the hit medical series 'ER' as Dr. John Carter and has gone on to act in, direct, and produce his own projects. He tells (more…)
How to Minimize Damage of Divorce on Kids
02:57 — Dr. John Chirban, author of ‘Collateral Damage: Guiding and Protecting Your Child Through the Minefield of Divorce,’ joins The Doctors to share how to (more…)
Pimple Poppers Go Head to Head
04:43 — Warning: The following video may gross you out! Dermatologist Sandra Lee, also known as Dr. Pimple Popper, faces off against Dr. John Gilmore, aka Big (more…)
Acting education secretary on student debt problem
01:17 — Dr. John King Jr. discusses the challenges of affordability and access to higher education with “CBS This Morning” co-host Norah O’Donnell.
Acting education secretary on importance of charter schools
00:58 — Dr. John King Jr. discusses the role of charter schools in the future of American education with "CBS This Morning" co-host Norah O'Donnell.
Learn The History Of Lukas Graham In Less Than 30 Seconds
01:45 — Plus, while the members of Lukas Graham admit they've only rehearsed their collaboration with Best New Artist nominee Kelsea Ballerini twice, so far, (more…)
Tamela Mann Proudly Displays Her GRAMMY Backstage
04:43 — Following her GRAMMY win for Best Gospel Performance/Song, singer Tamela Mann shows off her new gold for the camera.
Mayo Clinic CEO: How data science is making health care more effective, affordable
01:43 — With U.S. health care costs surpassing $3 trillion a year -- an unsustainable 20% of the American economy -- we all must find ways to cut costs. At th (more…)
Pimple Poppers Go Head to Head
04:43 — Warning: The following video may gross you out! Dermatologist Sandra Lee, also known as Dr. Pimple Popper, faces off against Dr. John Gilmore, aka Big (more…)
Cardiologist Gives Safety Tips for Shoveling Snow
01:13 — Some cities are expected to get as much as three feet of snow this weekend, which means that there will be a lot of digging and if you are not careful (more…)
Hillary Clinton's doctor says she has pneumonia
11:12 — Hillary Clinton has been diagnosed with pneumonia, her doctor says. This comes just after video surfaced of the candidate stumbling out of the Septemb (more…)
‘If There’s No Communication, It’s Really Hard To Co-Parent,’ Says Psychologist To Former Couple Embroiled In A Custody Battle
03:01 — Former spouses Michelle and Tom are introduced to Dr. John T. Chirban who specializes in counseling adults and families through the divorce process.
Help for a Woman Run over Twice and Left for Dead
03:58 — The Doctors send Jasmine, a woman who was run over by two cars, to plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Behrooz Torkian, and cosmetic dentists Dr. J (more…)
One Woman’s Total Mouth Makeover!
04:39 — Bonnie met with cosmetic dentists Dr. Joe Willardsen and Dr. John Willardsen who gifted her the transformation of a lifetime. Meet the new and improve (more…)
Watch Farina Perform "Casanova (Featuring Wyclef Jean)"
05:00 — Get a front-row seat to see Farina perform her song, "Casanova (Featuring Wyclef Jean)." Wyclef nominated the Colombian singer for 2017 Artist of Tomo (more…)
Author Says New Book On Divorce Focuses On ‘The Necessity Of Not Having Your Children Embroiled In Your Struggles’
03:58 — Dr. John T. Chirban examines some key findings from and a recent parent-child divorce study survey and discusses his new book, “Collateral Damage: Gui (more…)
Best New Artist Nominee Kelsea Ballerini Can't Wait To Make GRAMMY Debut
01:28 — The "Peter Pan" singer is beyond excited to experience a trio of GRAMMY firsts this year: first time at L.A's Staples Center, first time being nominat (more…)
Adele Makes Wishes Come True On The GRAMMYs Red Carpet
01:27 — Superstar Adele puts her red carpet stroll on hold to visit with some fans from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Watch the 2017 GRAMMY Awards, hosted by Ja (more…)
Mental Health Experts Say Trump Is Unfit to Serve
06:26 — Some psychologists and psychiatrists are speaking out about Trump because of a duty to warn. Dr. Lance Dodes and Dr. John Gartner, whose online petit (more…)
GOP Senators Laying Out Obamacare Alternative
06:27 — NBC News medical contributor Dr. John Torres discusses President Trump's executive order to start to dismantle Obamacare. Then, Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-L (more…)
Sherlock Season 1
Sherlock Holmes, an analytical deduction fanatic, is helping the police out with their enquiries for fun, when he runs into potential flatmate Dr John (more…)
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