Dr. Dre

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Andre Ramelle Young
  • Birth Place: Compton, California, United States
  • Profession: Producer, Hip-hop artist
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Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap
Visually luscious and drenched with the big beats of classic cuts and freestyle rhyming by some of the masters of the music, SOMETHING FROM NOTHING: T (more…)
Ice Cube Gets Star On Walk of Fame
00:53 — The rapper-turned-actor is surrounded by friends and family at his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony--including Dr. Dre.
Jimmy The Cab Driver: BBQ
00:45 — Jimmy describes the latest Dr. Dre video he watched on MTV.
Worst I Ever Bombed: Chris Rock
03:16 — Chris Rock talks about the stand-up experience that made him rethink his career and how comedy is like rap now. Then, after a quick visit from Questlo (more…)
Ian McShane On a Deadwood Movie and Teaming up With Dr. Dre
01:37 — Ian McShane addresses those Deadwood movie rumors and how he ended up working on Dr. Dre's scripted Apple series, Vital Signs.
Apple Music head says more video is coming
01:16 — A sequel to R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet" and a show based on the life of Dr. Dre could be coming to Apple Music.
Corey Hawkins On ’24 Legacy’ and Playing Dr. Dre in ‘Straight Outta Compton’
03:30 — Known for his roles in “Straight Outta Compton” and “Kong: Skull Island,” Corey Hawkins plays an ex-Army Ranger fighting terrorists in “24 Legacy,” an (more…)
Eminem: 360 Degrees Shady - Official Trailer
00:57 — He was visiting Los Angeles California to sell his debut mixed tape and to compete against other rappers in a competition affectionately called the Ra (more…)
Ice Cube on hip hop group's name, N.W.A
01:09 — “CBS This Morningâ€? co-host Gayle King talks with "Straight Outta Compton" producer Ice Cube about the moment Dr. Dre told him "N.W.Aâ€? was the na (more…)
Dr. Dre's Ex Rejects His Apology: 'If You Want to Be Sincere Just Call Me'
02:10 — "Straight Outta Compton," is blowing up the box office but it leaves one storyline out. Michel'le, says that Dr. Dre was violent towards her. She says (more…)
Watch Your Favorite Muppets Sing Eminem's 'My Name Is'
01:20 — The muppets singing Eminem's hit, "My Name Is" might be the best thing you see all day. Scooter plays the starring role of Eminem while Kermit is Dr. (more…)
How Does Dr. Dre Really Feel About 'Straight Outta Compton'?
01:33 — ET was with the Straight Outta Compton cast for the movie premiere!
Ryan Tedder Reveals How a Song by ‘God-loving’ MC Hammer Got Him Into Hip Hop
02:03 — Growing up, Paul Ryan Tedder says he was only allowed to listen to Christian music. That is, until his mother let him listen to “Pray” by MC Hammer. T (more…)
Bringing NWA's Story to the Big Screen
11:58 — The new film "Straight Outta Compton" portrays the lives of Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and Eazy-E during a deeply troubling moment in America when the rappers (more…)
Dr. Dre Brings Compton to Malibu!
00:42 — Dr. Dre celebrated the release of his new album ‘Compton’ in his home in Malibu! But he still paid homage to Compton with a skywriter letting everyone (more…)
‘Frozen Doll’ and Other Christmas Gifts Gone Wrong
01:34 — TODAY shares some Christmas Day pranks, including a doll frozen in ice instead of the popular Disney toy from “Frozen,” and a jar of beets bearing Dr. (more…)
Dr. Dre Has Gone from Gangster Rap to Gracing the Cover of AARP
01:04 — Yes the rap music mogul was on an AARP mock magazine cover and although it won’t be the actual cover for the month of February AARP made the cover to (more…)
Warren G Endorses Deez Nuts
04:06 — Rapper Warren G -- the originator of the ‘Deez Nuts’ skit on the iconic Dr. Dre album ‘The Chronic’ -- talks with Craig Melvin about the 15-year-old p (more…)
Lou Gehrig: Luckiest Man
01:17 — In "Great Moments in Yankee History," Lou Gehrig addresses the crowd about his disease and says that they may not understand his point of view.
Why Did Dr. Dre’s New Album Take So Long?
00:58 — Kurupt answers the question on everyones mind, why did it take so long for Dr. Dre to release a new album?
The Barbara Walters Special
05:09 — In a TV special, Barbara Walters sits down with Elizabeth "Liddy" Dole to discuss her reputation, aspirations and husband, Senator Bob Dole.
Rapper Problem: Kevin Costner Is Straight Outta Compton?!
01:20 — We asked rapper Problem who’s the most famous person to come out of Compton and he answers the most obvious answers Eazy-E and Dr. Dre! But then our p (more…)
Jerry Heller Comes to Dr. Dre’s Defense
01:18 — Jerry Heller former N.W.A. manager and longtime foe of Dr. Dre is calling BS over the rap mogul's run-in with police in Malibu.
Dr. Dre, Searched and Cuffed in Malibu
01:58 — Dr. Dre was briefly detained after he got into an argument with a man who said he pulled a gun.
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  • Birth Name: Andre Ramelle Young
  • Birth Place: Compton, California, United States
  • Profession: Producer, Hip-hop artist

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