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SAG Board Approves New Contract: Is the Strike Threat Over?

Screen Actors Guild

The national board of the Screen Actors Guild approved a two-year contract for film and television work Sunday, almost certainly averting any chance of a strike by the union.

The contract now goes to the guild's 120,000 members for approval.

On Saturday, the union also approved a three-year contract for commercial work.

The union's 71-member national board was closely split, reflecting the internal strife that has divided the union for months. A dispute over whether to pursue a strike or... read more

SAG Strike Likely Averted as Actors and Producers Reach Tentative Agreement

Screen Actors Guild

It looks like the threat of a strike by members of the Screen Actors Guild has been averted.

The union and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers announced Friday that the two sides have reached a tentative agreement on actors' contracts for film and television work. No details were released.

The union's 71-member national board is expected to vote Sunday on the agreement. The members were to vote Saturday on a previously announced, tentative agreement for actors' commercial work. If approved by the board, the agreements would be submitted to SAG's more than 110,000 members for approval. read more

SAG Negotiations Cut Off as Producers Barely Budge


In the last seven months, the Screen Actors Guild has rejected a contract offer from studios, talked about a strike, prepared to ask the rank and file for permission to call one, delayed that plan, replaced its lead negotiators and returned to the bargaining table. All, it seems, to get almost the same contract offer studios made on June 30. read more

SAG Motion Rejected; Judge Won't Reinstate Leader

Alan Rosenberg

A Los Angeles judge has shut down an attempt to block talks between new Screen Actors Guild negotiators and major studios, which means – surprise – feuding within the group will go on. SAG President Alan Rosenberg and three other plaintiffs filed a motion Tuesday challenging a vote by the guild's board of directors that ousted SAG executive director Doug Allen and created a new negotiating team. Moderates within the union blamed Rosenberg and Allen for botching past negotiations, and had planned to try again with the new team Tuesday. But that plan was delayed by the legal maneuver. read more

SAG Strike Backburnered as Internal Fighting Continues

Alan Rosenberg

Don't look for that Screen Actors Guild strike to happen anytime soon. The group had planned to resume negotiations with studios Tuesday in the hopes of winning contract concessions to avoid a strike. But those talks have been delayed by SAG's latest internal fight. read more

New SAG Leader Issues Plea for Unity

Screen Actors Guild

The new leader of the Screen Actors Guild began his term with a plea for unity as members try to decide how to pursue more DVD and online residuals and other concessions from studios.

The removal of national executive director Doug Allen was a victory for more moderate union members, who blamed him for failed negotiations with studios. Plans to resume negotiations under new leadership will delay, for now, the possibility of an actors' strike.

"It is time to turn the page on the most destructive aspects of the guild's internal politics," new executive director David White said in a message sent Tuesday afternoon to SAG's 120,000 members. "In this swiftly changing environment, we will not be successful if we do not work together."

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SAG Leader Doug Allen Steps Down

Doug Allen

Following weeks of infighting over his handling of contract negotiations, Doug Allen has resigned as national executive director and lead negotiator for the Screen Actors Guild.

Allen announced that he is stepping down Monday afternoon in an email to SAG staff in which he thanked them, Variety reports.'s calls to SAG reps in New York and Los Angeles were not immediately returned.

David White, former SAG general counsel, is stepping in for Allen as the interim national director, while SAG senior adviser John T. Maguire will take over as chief negotiator. There are also reportedly plans to replace the entire prime time and feature negotiating committee.

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SAG Leaders Dismiss Attempt to Oust Doug Allen

The Screen Actors Guild

Screen Actors Guild leaders have dismissed an attempt from within their ranks to remove the guild's chief negotiator, a move likely to add fuel to the internal feud.

SAG leaders hope to ask their roughly 110,000 members for permission to call a strike. But some members have faulted the guild for not making more progress in talks with studios and called for a new negotiating team.

They had hoped to force out SAG Executive Director Doug Allen — the guild's lead negotiator — at a meeting that lasted 30 hours over Monday and Tuesday.

But SAG leadership rejected... read more

Is SAG Ousting Doug Allen as Lead Negotiator?

Doug Allen

Doug Allen, the Screen Actors Guild's stalwart advocate for strike authorization, on Monday may have been ousted as lead negotiator with producers — although his exact status remains unconfirmed.

While Allen will continue as national executive director, his reported removal from the negotiation helm followed hours of closed-door sessions with members of the guild's board on the first of a two-day, emergency meeting, Variety reports. SAG's more moderate faction is reportedly pushing to nix the strike authorization vote altogether, an effort that may have included Allen's ouster, or a move toward it.

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SAG Chief Claims a Strike Wouldn't Shut Down the Industry

Doug Allen

In a letter to SAG members Tuesday, the guild's national executive director says that he hopes a strike will not happen — but if it does happen, he insists that it won't "shut down" the industry.

Doug Allen's missive comes amidst increasing pressure to forego the actors' strike authorization, Variety reports. Just last week, he postponed a vote on the strike until at least mid-January, while a rift within the membership has been growing for weeks.

"If the SAG National Board is authorized to call a strike, we all hope a strike will not be necessary," Allen wrote. "But, if the National Board decides to call one, it will not 'shut down' the industry. Why not? Because... read more

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