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Who Said It: Game of Thrones or Donald Trump?
02:04 — It's almost impossible to tell the difference between dialogue from Westeros and things Trump has really said
NY Rep. On Trump Securing Nomination
02:39 — New York Congressman, Sean Maloney, comments on Donald Trump reaching the number of delegates to secure the GOP nomination.
Speaker Ryan: ‘I Want Real Party Unity’
00:15 — Speaker Paul Ryan responds to a question regarding Donald Trump officially winning the GOP nomination, but still does not announce an endorsement.
Trump Clinches GOP Nomination
03:03 — NBC News has confirmed that Donald Trump has officially clinched the Republican nomination for President by exceeding 1237 in NBC delegate count. NBC’ (more…)
Is Trump Sabotaging His Own Campaign?
15:52 — The Morning Joe panel discusses Donald Trump's campaign and if the leading GOP candidate actually wants to be president.
Sanders, Trump Open to Debate in California
03:36 — Sarah Huckabee Sanders says Donald Trump's openness to debate Bernie Sanders shows that he's not as afraid of him as Hillary Clinton appears to be. S (more…)
Joe: Now Is Time for Trump to Stop Winging It
10:56 — Top Talkers: Donald Trump commented on the inspector general report on Hillary Clinton's private email, and he also pondered the thought of running ag (more…)
Donald Trump Fixates On Elizabeth Warren As Obama Criticizes His Proposals
03:40 — Donald Trump is continuing his name-calling of Sen. Elizabeth Warren as President Obama unleashes his harshest criticism yet of the presumptive Republ (more…)
Donald Trump Latest Conspiracy Theory
07:31 — As Donald Trump perpetuates hearsay linking Hillary Clinton to friend Vince Foster's death, Trevor expounds on the GOP presidential hopeful's penchant (more…)
Donald Trump On Creating Insulting Nicknames
01:12 — Donald Trump talks about his self esteem and where the nicknames he uses for other politicians come from.
Donald Trump Talks About Supporting Hillary Clinton
02:04 — Donald Trump explains why he has made positive comments about Hillary.
Donald Trump On Fundraising and Celebrity Endorsements
03:13 — Donald Trump talks about a Republican fundraiser.
Donald Trump Denies PR Spokesman Tapes Were Him
02:40 — Donald Trump denies that he once posed as his own publicist .
Donald Trump Is Willing to Debate Bernie Sanders
02:50 — Donald Trump shares his opinion on the Democratic race.
Jimmy Kimmel Writes a Second Children's Book for Donald Trump
02:18 — Jimmy reads the second children's book he ghost wrote for Donald Trump.
Lie Witness News: Donald Trump Edition
02:42 — We put the loyalty of Trump supporters to the test.
Donald Trump Talks About VP Selection Process
01:30 — Donald Trump talks about his hunt for a running mate and Jimmy gives him a suggestion on how to do it.
Trump Speech at Half Speed
01:10 — YouTube has a feature where you can watch videos at half speed. Our keyboard player Jeff noticed that when you use this on Donald Trump, he ends up so (more…)
Donald Trump's Response to Transgender Bathroom Laws
01:11 — Jimmy presses Donald Trump on his opinion of transgender bathroom laws.
Trump rallies targeted by protesters in New Mexico, California
02:05 — Large crowds tussled with police outside Donald Trump's rally in New Mexico Tuesday night, and officers broke up a protest outside of his rally in Ana (more…)
Investigation Believes They've Uncovered The Truth Behind Donald Trump's Hair
02:00 — Donald Trump may have the most notorious hairstyle on the planet. Ashley Feinberg, senior reporter for Gawker, believes she's finally solved the myste (more…)
Trump Protesters Battle With Police In Full Riot Gear Outside Rally
02:01 — There was chaos on the streets outside a Donald Trump rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as critics of the likely Republican presidential nominee hurle (more…)
Is Paul Ryan about to endorse Donald Trump?
04:59 — Paul Ryan's office is confirming that he is speaking with Donald Trump Wednesday night. Could this mean that Trump is close to getting Ryan's endorsem (more…)
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  • Birth Name: Donald John Trump
  • Birth Place: Queens, New York, United States
  • Birthday: June 14, 1946, Gemini
  • Profession: Real-estate developer, Executive producer, TV-series host, Author

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