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Trump under fire for call with Taiwan's president
02:33 — President-elect Donald Trump is under fire for a call he shared with Taiwan's leader, while his team is trying to downplay its significance. USA Today (more…)
Reince Priebus defends Donald Trump's claim of millions of illegal voters
01:20 — Trumps incoming chief of staff weighs in on the President-elect's suggestion that millions voted illegally in the November 8th election
Was Trump's call to Taiwan's president a "judgment error?"
07:01 — Former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Christopher Hill joins CBSN to discuss the backlash President-elect Donald Trump is facing over a phonecall he had with (more…)
Reince Priebus Interview - December 4
06:18 — With under 50 days until inauguration, Donald Trump's incoming chief of staff weighs in on the Trump transition.
Reince Priebus: Trump "knew exactly what was happening" in speaking to Taiwanese president
00:57 — The head of the RNC and incoming White House chief of staff discusses Donald Trump's telephone conversation with Taiwanese president, Tsai Ing-wen, wh (more…)
Paul Ryan on relationship with Trump: We let bygones be bygones
01:33 — The House Speaker reflects on turning a new leaf in his relationship with President-elect Donald Trump in a clip from a new 60 Minutes piece airing to (more…)
The Speaker of the House
13:14 — It's no secret that House Speaker Paul Ryan didn't want Donald Trump to be president. But Ryan tells Scott Pelley that's in the past and he plans to w (more…)
Trump Continues to Tweet Freely As Transition Continues
01:50 — Donald Trump and his top aides were on offense and defense on everything ranging from the phone call with Taiwan to a new warning to U.S. companies.
Hate Speech Is On the Rise Following U.S. Presidential Election
02:03 — Across the country there's been a rise in hate speech following the election of Donald Trump as president.
Expert Calls Trump ‘emolument Magnet’
08:10 — Constitutional law expert and Harvard professor Lawrence Tribe explains why he thinks the emoluments clause of the Constitution would render Donald Tr (more…)
Will There Be Checks and Balances On Trump’?
13:54 — Rep. Elijah Cummings joins Joy Reid in a discussion of how to pressure Republican members of Congress to investigate Donald Trump’s potential conflict (more…)
Trump, Conway Attend Costume Party
00:33 — Donald Trump and Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway attended a costume party Saturday night.
Vice: FBI May Have Been Investigating Trump
06:37 — Jason Leopold of Vice news joins Joy Reid on his report suggesting that the FBI may have been investigating Donald Trump before the election, while it (more…)
Trump Business Ties Prompt Investigation Calls
12:32 — Joy Reid and her expert panel break down how Donald Trump’s international business ties will pose numerous conflicts of interest unless he fully dives (more…)
Trump Under Fire for Call With Taiwan President
05:02 — President-elect Donald Trump continues to be criticized for calling Taiwan’s president. Republican strategist Steve Cortes joins MSNBC’s Alex Witt to (more…)
Pence: Petraeus 'Paid a Price' for Mishandling Classified Information
01:12 — On Meet the Press, Vice President-Elect says that Donald Trump will decide whether Ret. Gen. David Petraeus has been disqualified in his bid for Secre (more…)
What Affect Will Donald Trump Have On Small Business?
08:40 — From tax and immigration reform to health care and trade policies, President-Elect Donald Trump’s plans will inevitably have an effect on small busine (more…)
Do Trump's Words Matter? Depends
03:51 — Some say that President-Elect Donald Trump should be taken seriously, but not literally.
Is Trump Settling Scores With His Rivals?
05:28 — Is President-elect Donald Trump using his “transition reality show” not to find the best talent but to humiliate his former critics, such as Mitt Romn (more…)
Donald Trump Is Showing an ‘open Door’ by Having Talks With World Leaders, Adviser Says
03:56 — President-elect Donald Trump attended a themed party as he and his team downplay the controversial call with Taiwan’s president. NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell (more…)
Trump’s Fight With ‘Sanctuary Cities’
03:32 — President-elect Donald Trump warned voters during his campaign that he’ll cut federal funds in areas that refuse to deport undocumented citizens. Some (more…)
Pence: Don't Read Anything Into Trump-Taiwan Phone Call
03:09 — Vice President-Elect Mike Pence tells Chuck Todd on Meet the Press that the phone call from Taiwanese President Tsai was nothing more than a "courtesy (more…)
Donald Trump defends controversial Taiwan call
01:59 — A congratulatory phone call between the president of Taiwan and President-elect Donald Trump has China seething. Errol Barnett has more.
Philip Bump: Trump's phone call with Taiwan is a "break" for U.S.
03:25 — Washington Post political columnist Philip Bump joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to discuss the possible implications of Donald Trump's risky call t (more…)
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