Donald Trump

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Donald John Trump
  • Birth Place: Queens, New York, United States
  • Profession: Real-estate developer, Executive producer, TV-series host, Author, Politician
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Thank You Notes: The News, Bread Bowls
02:56 — Jimmy pens thank you notes to buying a plane ticket home for Thanksgiving, Donald Trump and other things.
Chris Hayes' Theory About What Motivates Donald Trump
02:49 — Chris Hayes talks about why humanity's ability to adapt to anything has lessened the blow of every day's shocking news, and he shares his theory on wh (more…)
This Week in Unnecessary Censorship
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Donald Trump Jr. Deadlifts 375 Pounds
01:47 — Donald Trump Jr. posted a video of himself deadlifting 375 pounds. Jimmy shares his thoughts on it. #DJTJ
Tax Bill Would Save Trump $1 Billion: Analysis
01:56 — Republicans want to give a massive tax cut to the super rich. But Donald Trump insists he doesn't benefit at all.
Small Potatoes: Who Killed the USFL?
In 1983 the upstart United States Football League (USFL) had the audacity to challenge the almighty NFL. The new league did the unthinkable by playing (more…)
What Secret WikiLeaks-Don Jr. Communications Mean in Russia Probe
06:22 — A new report says Donald Trump, Jr. engaged in private messages with Wikileaks on Twitter from September 2016 to July 2017, including messages about e (more…)
Trump Takes Two Water Breaks in One Speech
03:10 — Donald Trump made fun of Marco Rubio for his infamous water bottle moment, but today the president had to stop twice mid-speech to wet his whistle.
Dems Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against Trump
06:34 — A group of House Democrats introduced five articles of impeachment against Donald Trump today - against the wishes of Democratic leadership.
Tina Brown Reflects on Her Time at Vanity Fair
07:23 — Tina Brown has written a new book about her time at the helm of Vanity Fair Magazine, and she joins Morning Joe to discuss the years of 1983-1992 in t (more…)
Trump Says WikiLeaks 141 Times in Month Before Election
02:24 — In the month leading up to the 2016 presidential race, then-candidate Donald trump talked a lot about WikiLeaks while out on the trail at 56 events.
Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks; Trump Meets Duterte: A Closer Look
10:30 — Seth takes a closer look at how President Trump spent his trip to Asia cozying up to authoritarian strongmen and new information about the Trump campa (more…)
Should Hillary Clinton Be Impeached?
03:03 — After public encouragement from Donald Trump, the Department of Justice is reportedly deciding whether or not to appoint a special counsel to investig (more…)
Donald Trump Jr’s Relationship with WikiLeaks
02:25 — We recently learned that Donald Trump Jr. (AKA: “DJTJ”) was in regular contact with WikiLeaks during his father’s campaign.
What is the Legality of Trump Jr.’s Contact With WikiLeaks?
06:12 — Joyce Vance, former U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama, joins MTP Daily to discuss Donald Trump Jr. exchanging direct messages on Twit (more…)
Why Was WikiLeaks Contacting Trump Jr.?
05:48 — Ari Melber breaks down why secretly contacting Donald Trump Jr. tests Wikileaks claim they’re a transparency organization
How Liz Smith Made Donald Trump a Celebrity
01:16 — Tonight Chuck shows how gossip columnist Liz Smith, who passed away this weekend, played a key role in Donald Trump’s rise to fame.
Trump Jr. Releases Conversation with Wikileaks During 2016 Campaign
03:23 — MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle talks with NBC's Ken Dilanian and MSNBC's Matthew Miller about Donald Trump Jr. releasing his conversation with Wikileaks duri (more…)
'There Is Nothing Left of Wikileaks' Credibility': Reporter
13:43 — The Atlantic's Julia Ioffe joins Morning Joe to discuss new reporting on Donald Trump Jr.'s correspondence with Wikileaks during the 2016 election and (more…)
Don Jr. in Contact With Wikileaks During Campaign: Report
07:13 — Donald Trump Jr. corresponded with Wikileaks during the 2016 election, which U.S. intelligence agencies say was one of the outfits that Russian milita (more…)
Is There Strategy Behind Mike Pence's Denials?
07:43 — Vice President Mike Pence was 'never aware' of contact between Donald Trump Jr. and Wikileaks during the campaign, Pence's office said in a new statem (more…)
TODAY’s Headlines: Roy Moore’s New Accuser, Donald Trump Jr.-WikiLeaks Link
01:21 — Alabama Republican Roy Moore is speaking out after a fifth woman has accused him of sexual advances when she was a teenager. In other TODAY headlines, (more…)
Donald Trump Jr. Was in Secret Contact with WikiLeaks During 2016 Campaign
03:48 — In a new twist in the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, it’s been learned that Donald Trump Jr., the president’s son, was secr (more…)
Meet the Trumps - From Immigrant to President
Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States and commander in chief of America's armed forces, the most powerful position in the world. Thi (more…)
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  • Birth Name: Donald John Trump
  • Birth Place: Queens, New York, United States
  • Profession: Real-estate developer, Executive producer, TV-series host, Author, Politician