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The Biggest Loser: Tough Love Trailer
01:24 — The remaining eight players go to singles and face a Valentine's Day temptation.
The Biggest Loser: Waist & Money Trailer
01:19 — The contestants learn to live a healthy lifestyle without breaking the bank.
The Biggest Loser: The Cook-Off Trailer
01:19 — The Season 14 Biggest Loser Kids return to judge a cooking challenge in which the contestants compete to create delicious, healthy family meals.
The Biggest Loser: Work Week Trailer
01:05 — Dolvett talks to his team about how to deal with their fears.
The Biggest Loser: A Game Of Chances Trailer
00:26 — The trainers must roll a die to determine which of their contestants will weigh in on behalf of the entire team. Also: The players compete in a water- (more…)
Shed the Pounds, Part 2
06:35 — Dolvett Quince, trainer on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” stops by with some of his former teammates from the show, who have decided to pay it forward and (more…)
Shed the Pounds, Part 1
06:17 — Dolvett Quince, trainer on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” stops by with some of his former teammates from the show, who have decided to pay it forward and (more…)
The Biggest Loser: We're Back And So Is Jillian Trailer
02:48 — Jillian Michaels returns, along with Bob and Dolvett, to challenge and inspire America. The Biggest Loser returns January 6th!
How to Do a Perfect Plank: ‘Biggest Loser’ Trainer Dolvett Quince Shows How
03:22 — As TODAY’s special series One Small Thing continues to focus on simple, smart ways to improve your everyday life, Dolvett Quince, one of the trainers (more…)
The Biggest Loser: The Lottery Trailer
02:47 — A lottery challenge takes place, in which one contestant is selected to go home with a trainer for the week—and the chosen person's weight will be the (more…)
Biggest Loser: Homeward Bound/Real World Problems Trailer
01:27 — The winner of the opening challenge chooses a contestant from Team Jen and Team Dolvett to go home for the week. The only weights that matter in the f (more…)
The Biggest Loser: Hawaii Trailer
The Biggest Loser: Yes, Coach! Trailer
01:11 — NFL stars Michael Irvin, Donald Driver and Willie McGinest visit the ranch, where they participate in a football challenge and offer the contestants t (more…)
The Biggest Loser: Penalty Box Trailer
01:27 — The players compete in a challenge involving water and giant treadmills, and the winning team gets a chance to penalize the two losing teams. Elsewher (more…)
The Biggest Loser: The Comeback Trailer
01:15 — A player returns to the game and the final five tackle a rowing-and-basketball challenge one contestant worries about maintaining a healthy lifestyle (more…)
The Biggest Loser: Double Header Trailer
00:59 — The contestants test their nutritional understanding before competing in an endurance challenge. Meanwhile, an inspirational "Wall of Glory" reminds t (more…)
The Biggest Loser: I Got The Power/The Final Cut Trailer
00:59 — With only two weeks left on the ranch, Bob welcomes the contestants at a challenge that will tempt the winner with a prize that could change the cours (more…)
Biggest Loser: Makeover Week Trailer
01:01 — It's one of the most eagerly anticipated events of 'The Biggest Loser' season - the fan-favorite makeover episode! Fashion expert Tim Gunn and celebri (more…)
The Biggest Loser: Trick Or Treat Trailer
02:14 — The contestants compete in a festive Halloween challenge, but the benefit comes with a great risk.
The Biggest Loser: Ready? Set. Auction!/Ship Shape Trailer
00:54 — Host Bob Harper hosts an auction to win some flashy and functional prizes. One lucky contestant gets a one-on-one workout with Harper himself. Coaches (more…)
The Biggest Loser: Lead By Example Trailer
01:15 — Australian pop singer Cody Simpson and world champoion fighter Laila Ali guest star.
Biggest Loser: Taste Test Trailer
01:01 — This week the contestants must face their biggest temptation of all - food. Host Bob Harper meets them at a food court where they must rely on their n (more…)
The Biggest Loser: The Knockout Trailer
01:11 — The players are challenged to break through "walls of excuses" and complete an obstacle course while carrying a punching bag. Later, Dr. Huizenga meet (more…)
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