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The Cutting Edge 3 (?!) and More News Briefs

ABC Family will premiere The Cutting Edge 3: Further Bastardizing Chasing the Dream on Sunday, March 16. The latest "follow-up" to the charming original theatrical release stars Heroes' Matt Lanter as a hottie ice skater (all together now) desperately in need of a partner.... D.L. Hughley will host the 39th NAACP Image Awards Feb. 14, on Fox. America Ferrera, Vanessa L. Williams, Jordin Sparks, Regina Taylor and Richard T. Jones will make appearances.... This year's Miss USA Pageant is moving to Las Vegas. NBC airs the competition April 11. read more

D.L. Hughley Is One "Unapologetic" S.O.B.

D.L. Hughley

Last year at this time, comedian D.L. Hughley was on one of the hottest shows on TV. At least that's what everyone thought Aaron Sorkin's Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip would be until it slowly faded away into irrelevancy. Nonetheless, Hughley quickly moved on and is now going off in his new HBO stand-up special, "Unapologetic" (airing Saturday at 10 pm/ET). Here, Hughley talks about why he's not looking for forgiveness, the reason he thinks Studio 60 tanked, and whether or not he can take a joke like the victims on his recent BET hidden-camera show, S.O.B. TVGuide.com: Why is the special called "Unapologetic"?D.L. Hughley: Because nowadays when anybody passi read more

In the Works: Comedy Central Bets on Black

Comedy Central has greenlit the pilot Michael Ian Black Doesn't Understand, which Variety describes as a "scripted showcase" for the oh-so-dry, poker-faced funnyman.... BET on Wednesday unveiled a development slate that boasts 16 new series, including projects from Will Smith (Cipha, an animated sci-fi series), Vin Diesel (Hannibal, an animated look at the ancient African king), D.L. Hughley (S.O.B., a hidden-camera reality series) and Orlando Jones (Bufu, an [again] animated sketch-comedy offering). (Nice to see BET drumming up so much on-camera work for black actors.) Also in the mix is the 26-year-old cabler's first original sitcom, Somebodies, based on the indie film of the same name. read more

Even with all the hype, do ...

Question: Even with all the hype, do you think Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip will survive? I ask because while Matthew Perry is pitch-perfect, proving my instincts right (he was the most talented and underutilized Friends cast member), and while the dialogue is a little bit of heaven, after the second episode, am I the only one seeing some serious cracks in the foundation? I'm having a very hard time believing any of these characters. D.L. Hughley is the only person who even remotely seems like he would be on a Saturday Night Live-style show. Everyone else lacks the spark of genius I would expect of comedians on a show on par with SNL. Amanda Peet as the president of the network, coming in with the résumé she supposedly has? Not buying it. Bradley Whitford, who was on fire in The West Wing, barely shows a spark in this show (maybe he needed a longer break before going back to series television). And would anyone really expect to see the second episode's supposed "cold open" on SNL or ... read more

Now that both Matthew Perry ...

Question: Now that both Matthew Perry and Steven Weber (and D.L. Hughley) have signed on to Aaron Sorkin's Studio 7 on the Sunset Strip, do you think NBC will give the show ER's current "must-see" Thursday time slot? After all, Perry (Friends) and Weber (Wings) are both former Thursday residents and many have suggested that perhaps ER finally needs a new night for its old age. Or do you think Studio 7 will get one of the vacated West Wing time slots (Sundays at 8 pm/ET or Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET)? Answer: I'm pretty awful at guessing network schedules, but I'm betting that, given what I imagine would be the comedy-drama tone of Sorkin's new show (more Sports Night than West Wing), it would be perfect for West Wing's old Wednesday-night slot — although Lost has become a juggernaut these last few seasons, so maybe it would be better off inheriting the fading Law & Order's time period. Sundays won't be an option, at least for the first half of the season, because of NBC's new football ... read more


Matthew Perry

Could we be any more excited about this? Matthew Perry is returning to NBC as the star of Aaron Sorkin's much-anticipated drama series (previously known as Studio 7) set behind the scenes at a Saturday Night Live-type show. As my esteemed colleague first reported in his TV Guide magazine column, The Ausiello Report, the former Friend initially turned down the gig for reasons Ausiello refuses to divulge — go ahead, try asking him — but Sorkin apparently didn't take no for an answer. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Perry will play a genius comic writer who was forced out of his position as one of the sketch show's producers after a dispute with the network. Onetime Wingsman Steven Weber will play the net's ambitious chairman, and D.L. Hughley one of the sketch show's stars. read more

D.L. Hughley Talks and Talks and Talks

D.L. Hughley

When last we spoke to D.L. Hughley, one of the Original Kings of Comedy, he was a "finalist" for the host's chair on The Late Late Show. He told TVGuide.com then that if the CBS gig didn't work out, he planned to somehow be in late night. Turns out, his plans came through: Tonight his new talk show, Weekends at the D.L., premieres on Comedy Central (airing Friday through Sunday at 11 pm/ET). The comedian, whose sitcom The Hughleys aired from 1999-2002, is now an unscripted man. Weekends features comedy sketches, musical acts and guests, and, in a format somewhat akin to Politically Incorrect, the celebs du jour will engage in roundtable discussions. When we called Hughley at his Los Angeles production offices, his usual easygoin read more

Will Hughley Get Kilborn's Late Job?

D.L. Hughley, one of the Original Kings of Comedy, is looking for a new type of throne. Craig Kilborn's old desk chair at CBS's The Late Late Show is still up for grabs. This week, Hughley has returned for his national callback, following his well-received guest-hosting stint in September. But the comic — who's best known for his ABC-turned-UPN sitcom The Hughleys — isn't sticking to just lighthearted material these days. Hughley recently shot his first dramatic role in an intense, as-yet-untitled prison drama to be released next year. It appears that any way you look at it, it's good to be a king. TV Guide Online: How badly would you like to make this guest-host gig a permanent position?D.L. Hughley: Well, I've always wanted to do late-night, and I'm confident I'll do late-night whether this is the gig or not. No matter what happens, the powers that be are going to decide what they decide for any number of reasons, but read more

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