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The DUB Magazine Project | Ep. 206
19:59 — Soulja Boy checks out some appointment only sneakers, we ride with Tyga and see some of his finest toys, Brian Deegan of the Metal Mulisha drives his (more…)
DJ Quik vs. YG: Feuding Over Hit Song "My Hitta"
01:56 — DJ Quik has lawyered up against YG, Stampede Entertainment and Def Jam over what he's saying is his rightful claim to credit on YG's massive hit song, (more…)
Atlas Genius Performs 'If So'
03:37 — Australia's Atlas Genius closed out the show with "If So."
Ted Danson Plays 'Cheers' or 'CSI?'
02:01 — Arsenio and Ted Danson play a simple game. Arsenio reads a plotline, and Ted has to guess whether it's from "Cheers" or "CSI." Turns out it's not as e (more…)
Bonus: The Legend of DJ Quik's "Blondie"
Robert Ladd and Timothy M. Brennan explain the origins of DJ Quik's song "Blondie" in this bonus scene from "Streets of Compton."
Steve McQueen Discusses The Actual Lynching Tree In '12 Years A Slave'
01:04 — One of the trees featured in the film "12 Years A Slave" is an actual lynching tree. Steve McQueen tells Arsenio how he came across it and how the cre (more…)
Steve McQueen Shares The 150 Year History of The '12 Years A Slave' Manuscript
02:09 — Steve McQueen shares the unlikely story of how he uncovered the manuscript for "12 Years A Slave."
Loni Love, Geoff Brown & Ben Gleib Chop Up The Week's Biggest Stories
05:23 — Arsenio invited some of his favorite comics to join his "Chop It Up" panel and discuss the week's hottest topics, including Oprah, NFL playoffs, and J (more…)
Steve McQueen Responds To Critics Of '12 Years A Slave'
02:29 — "12 Years A Slave" has caused some controversy for its brutally accurate portrayal of slavery, but Steve McQueen refused to tell the story any other w (more…)
DJ Quik Remixes The Hairless Dancing Dog Video
01:53 — DJ Quik sat in with The Posse all night, and Arsenio had a special request: remix the hairless dancing dog video, please.
Extended Play: DJ Quik Announces Plans For 9th Album
05:25 — DJ Quik sat down with The Arsenio Hall Show's musical director Robin DiMaggio for an episode of Extended Play. Quik reflected on being named LA's top (more…)
T-Pain Sings Without Autotune & Talks Group Sex
04:25 — T-Pain is more than just the robot voice. Arsenio got T-Pain to show off his vocal chops a cappella, and then the two discussed his extracurricular ac (more…)
Nicole Beharie Shares The Secrets Of 'Sleepy Hollow'
02:05 — Nicole Beharie makes her first appearance on a late night talk show with Arsenio and explained some of the secrets to the success behind "Sleepy Hollo (more…)
DJ Quik -- Wanna Smoke With Me? All You Have to Do Is ...
Is it your lifelong dream to meet DJ Quik, get free tickets to a show, and smoke with him? Well it can happen ... all you need to do is tattoo Quik's (more…)
DJ Quik Remixes The Hairless Dancing Dog Video
DJ Quik sat in with The Posse all night, and Arsenio had a special request: remix the hairless dancing dog video, please.
DJ Quik Ages To Perfection On "The Midnight Life"
Here € s the jig for veteran rappers: Getting older in the rap game is a trap.
Life Of A Gangster - Official Trailer
00:38 — Not Since "Snow on the Bluff" has a movie been as highly anticipated as "Life of a Gangster". Trap Star Films Executive Producer OG BLOC brings you to (more…)
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