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Hear Police in Final Moments Before Facebook Killer Steve Stephens Shot Himself
02:29 — The nationwide manhunt for the man who killed a complete stranger before posting video of the murder to Facebook ended Tuesday with the suspect taking (more…)
Newspaper Obtains New Video, Audio from Ferguson Aftermath
02:18 — The St. Louis Post Dispatch says it obtained police records, including video and audio, which suggests that the encounter between officer Darren Wilso (more…)
Plot to Kill Ferguson Police Chief Thwarted
02:31 — A report from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch says federal agents stopped a plot to kill the county prosecutor and Ferguson’s police chief, with arrests i (more…)
Peter Tries To Talk Joe Into Going To A Drug Bust from "Cop and a Half-wit"
00:57 — Peter hears dispatch alerting nearby units of a drug deal going down.
Watch a Lady Wrangler Trap 12-Foot Alligator More Than Twice Her Size
01:31 — Christy Kroboth was called to a mall parking lot in Texas on Saturday where she encountered a 12-foot monster of an alligator. Thankfully, Kroboth is (more…)
John Glenn, Trailblazing Astronaut, Dead at 95
01:11 — American Icon John Glenn, the space pioneer who became the first American to orbit the Earth, has died. He was 95. Glenn passed away surrounded by fam (more…)
Harbaugh responds to being called "crazy like a fox" by OSU reporter
00:47 — Michigan head coach is asked by a Columbus Dispatch reporter if he's "crazy like a fox" and to describe how he may differ from Ohio State fans' opinio (more…)
Watch How This Brave Driver Saved An Elderly Woman Being Attacked By Man On Bus
01:52 — This horrific surveillance footage shows the unthinkable, an 80-year-old woman sitting on a bus gets kicked in the face and brutally attacked. The bra (more…)
Warriors explode in 3rd quarter to dispatch Pistons
00:49 — Highlights of the Warriors' big third quarter against the Pistons in a 127-107 victory.
Obituary Says Grandma Chose Death Over Voting For Trump or Clinton
00:48 — A Virginia woman who recently passed away was 'faced with the prospect of voting for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton... chose, instead, to pass (more…)
Delta cancels hundreds of flights after computer issue
02:06 — After a power outage in Atlanta, Delta Airlines' computer systems crashed. Passengers were unable to check in, and the airline was unable to dispatch (more…)
Hear The 911 Call After A Vicious Squirrel Attacks Residents In Retirement Home
01:14 — A local retirement community in Florida had an unwelcome visitor when a squirrel attacked residents and staff members. It started when a woman was out (more…)
Warriors explode in 3rd quarter to dispatch Pistons
00:49 — Highlights of the Warriors' big third quarter against the Pistons in a 127-107 victory.
The Fall PS4 Gun Gameplay
02:59 — After ARID (an A.I. combat suit) is able to get a hold of a working hand cannon she uses it to dispatch robots who impede her way in trying to save he (more…)
Cops Shocked With 911 Call When Woman Discovers Kangaroo on Indiana Property
00:56 — A woman makes an unusual discovery in her driveway. "This is Donna, and I got a kangaroo out here," she told police dispatch. A deputy heard the conv (more…)
Teen Calls Mom Who Works At 911 Dispatch Center To Report A Fire At Their Home
02:14 — This 911 dispatcher may have heard it all, but how about an emergency call from her own daughter? Texas mom Layla Wray kept her cool as her 14-year-ol (more…)
More Endorsements for Clinton; Trump Shunned
02:37 — Rachel Maddow reports on a new set of historic endorsements for Hillary Clinton, including from The Birmingham News, The Columbus Dispatch, and a firs (more…)
Cousin Sal's Home Deliveries: Throwing Eggs
03:42 — From time to time we dispatch Jimmy’s cousin Sal into the world with hidden cameras to have some fun and this is one of those times. This is Cousin Sa (more…)
Richmond Times-Dispatch Endorses Libertarian
04:00 — The Richmond Times-Dispatch formally endorsed Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, and they’re calling on the presidential debate commission to include (more…)
On-Foot Explorer Reflects On the Middle East
01:47 — In a new dispatch from his worldwide walk, journalist and National Geographic Fellow Paul Salopek ruminates on the commonality and conflict he perceiv (more…)
Arson Attacks On Churches Being Investigated
03:23 — The St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Doug Moore reports to Alex Witt on the seven suspected arson attacks on Missouri churches, six of which have predominate (more…)
Broward County Officials Frustrated With 911 Dispatch Issues
02:11 — Records show call takers for the Broward Sheriff's Office's 911 system have failed to meet the call-answering- time standards nearly every month since (more…)
Ore. 911 Dispatch Audio: 'We're Going to Need Multiple Ambulances'
01:03 — Dispatch audio from Roseburg, Oregon, details emergency crews responding to the deadly shooting rampage at Umpqua Community College.
Killer Joe - Clip - The Amusement Park
00:40 — When Chris (Emile Hirsch) finds himself in debt to a drug lord, he hires a hit man to dispatch his mother, whose life insurance policy benefits his si (more…)
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