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Going to See Who?
00:47 — Joe Giudice doesn't hold back with the insults.
The Teresa: Caroline Showdown
01:47 — Relive the heated discussion between Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo.
An "I Love You" Surprise
01:44 — Jacqueline gets a great surprise from her son.
The Boy Talk With Gia
01:08 — Teresa's husband Joe lets Gia know the rules when it comes to boy.
Playdate Politics
01:08 — Melissa invites Teresa's daughter Milania for a playdate but doesn't know how to respond to the invite.
Teresa Breaks Down
00:46 — Teresa is overcome with emotion as she expresses her desire to want the fighting to stop.
Rosie's Not Amish
00:34 — Kathy's worried about planning Rich and Victoria's birthdays and Rosie makes an un-fun suggestion.
Lift Each Other up!
01:47 — Rosie and Teresa face each other to try to resolve their family issues.
The Definition of Scum
01:42 — Joe Gorga vents to Dr. V about his sister and what's been going on between the families.
Melissa's the Only One Drunk
01:23 — The alcohol is flowing and Melissa takes advantage.
Shutting Down the Rumors
01:15 — Melissa confronts Kim D. about the rumors circulating about her infidelity.
Melissa's Been Cheating On Joe?
00:37 — Melissa gets some dirt on what others have been saying about her.
Melissa, Teresa, and Dr. V
01:29 — Dr. V gives her pointed and honest opinion on the rift between Teresa and Melissa.
The Fear of God About Boys
00:32 — Teresa and Joe share how their daughter is definitely a teenager now.
Bringing Business Into Marriage
01:32 — After 23 years of marriage, Kathy and Rich find it difficult to be business partners.
Melissa Begs On Her Knees
01:06 — Melissa gets on her knees and begs Teresa to stop hurting her and Joe.
Dr. V Takes Caroline's Side
01:42 — Caroline is upset that Teresa bashed her with a lie rather than talk to Caroline.
The Manzo Boys Need a Roommate
02:28 — And their hunt yields an array of strange characters.
Death in the Manzo Family
02:09 — Caroline is afraid to know the cause of her father-in-law's death.
Teresa Apologizes to Joe
02:22 — Teresa admits she was in the wrong to her brother Joe.
Trying Too Hard to Be Innocent
02:10 — Melissa and Joe are suspicious of Teresa's motives.
Joe Wants to End It
01:23 — Joe Gorga can't control his anger when everyone tells him to forget about the rumors circulating about Melissa.
Melissa Struggles in the Recording Studio
02:20 — Melissa is under a lot of pressure to show how serious she is about music.
Joe and Teresa Battle Again
03:12 — The siblings’ animosity erupts art Kim D’s jewelry party.
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