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Revenge's Gabriel Mann: We're Returning to the "High-Flying Ways" of Team Emily and Nolan

Emily VanCamp, Gabriel Mann

Has Revenge really seen the last of Padma? Not entirely.

"The only time anyone is ever really dead is when you see them laying on a slab in the morgue," Gabriel Mann tells TVGuide.com. "[Although] where we left Padma at the end of the last episode was as close to the morgue as possible, I would say at the same time her story line is far from finished."

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On the ABC show's last episode, Nolan (Mann) learned that his girlfriend Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria) was dead at the hands of The Initiative. But while only Aidan (Barry Sloane) technically saw her lifeless, the case could be made that he lied about her fate. On Sunday's episode  (9/8c, ABC) Nolan will go in search of his own answers surrounding his love. What will he learn in the process? What happens when he uncovers his nemesis, The Falcon? And which surprising person is Nolan teaming up with in the season finale? Mann tells all below.

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Secrets of Revenge: Will Emily Lose Jack Forever?

Emily VanCamp, Nick Wechsler

Caution: The following story contains spoilers from Revenge's second season. Read at your own risk!

Remember when the Hamptons used to be a lovely place to escape to during the summer months? Free of all the stresses of big-city life, free of crowds and crime and...murrrderrr?

All that changed last season when Emily Thorne... read more

Revenge Boss on Emily's Mom, Her New Man, the Plane Crash, Jack's Downward Spiral and More!

Emily VanCamp

Just how long can Revenge's Emily Thorne keep her identity a secret, especially when her thought-to-be-dead mom comes back into the picture?

The last time we saw Emily (Emily VanCamp), she thought every piece of evidence that could prove her father's innocence had gone up in flames with the plane carrying Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe). As she stood in shock, Emily's best friend Nolan (Gabriel Mann) dropped another bomb by showing her a video not only incriminating the Graysons, but revealing the mother she thought dead was actually alive. In the upcoming season, premiering Sunday at 9/8c on ABC, Emily will find her long-lost mom, but will continue to painstakingly lie about her identity to keep everyone from finding out she's really Amanda Clarke. 

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Greek's Dilshad Vadsaria Joins the Cast of Revenge

Dilshad Vadsaria

Dilshad Vadsaria is heading to the Hamptons. The former Greek star has booked a recurring role on ABC's Revenge, TVLine reports.

Vasaria will play Padma, a financial whiz who works at Nolan's company NolCorp.

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Can Greek's Girl Gone Wild Hold onto Casey?

Dilshad Vadsaria by Bob D'Amico/ABC Family

ABC Familys Greek resumes its semester tonight at 9 pmET with a batch of episodes that will among other things put Caseys interim ZBZ presidency in jeopardy and largely due to the R-rated antics of pledge Rebecca Dilshad Vadsaria who plays the freshly disillusioned daughter of a disgraced senator offered TVGuidecom a sneak peek at the drama to come and what it all means for the Casey-Cappy shippers Matt MitovichTVGuidecom It looks like were kicking off the season with Rebecca causing some real headaches for poor CaseyDilshad Vadsaria Yes poor Casey Again [Laughs] Rebecca has definitely caused some problems for ZBZ with the spring break episode where she found out about her fatherTVGuidecom And subsequently doffed her top at a bar and became a viral video sensationVadsaria Yeah I think its fun that the writers took it in that direction because its so true for the age that we live in Whatever you do is kind of recorded right awayTVGu read more

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