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Since Stephanie March is ...

Question: Since Stephanie March is going to be on NBC's Conviction playing her Law & Order: Special Victims Unit character, and since they're using old Trial by Jury sets, do you think Dick Wolf will retitle the spin-off Law & Order: Conviction? Or will he realize that a little distance from "just another Law & Order spin-off" might be necessary? Also, in last week's column, you shied away from talking about Michelle Rodriguez's dreadful character, saying you would rather focus on the good in watching Lost. Uh, isn't it your duty as a TV critic to look at the good and the bad, and "criticize" it? Answer: To continue the Ana Lucia debate: Uh, I thought I made it clear in that column that I didn't have the problems others were having with her, and I still don't. And while it is my job to criticize, I often find I do it best by not rushing to judgments, by not nitpicking every little flaw, especially in a show I love, and certainly by not piling on. I was trying to be honest by confessing ... read more


Stephanie March, who left NBC's Law & Order: SVU in October 2003, when ADA Alexandra Cabot was sent into the Witness Protection Program with a new identity, has joined L&O creator Dick Wolf's latest legal drama, Conviction. Meanwhile, Dawson's Creek alum Kerr Smith has been bumped up to series-regular status on NBC's E-Ring, where he has been guesting as Special Ops team member Bobby Wilkerson. read more


Scottish actor Dougray Scott has landed the lead role in NBC's crime-drama pilot Heist, per the Hollywood Reporter. Meanwhile, Eric Balfour — last seen on UPN's short-lived Sex, Love and Secrets — has been added to the cast of Dick Wolf's mid-season legal drama Conviction. read more

Last night Annabella Sciorra's...

Last night Annabella Sciorra's Det. Carolyn Barek climbed aboard the L&O express marked Criminal Intent to be Mike Logan's partner. Interesting facts: Carolyn grows her own grub (she gave her partner a cherry — I don't know if it had a stone), and she can speak approximately 168 languages (including Russian, Cantonese and Creole). Dear Eames is probably fuming with envy. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Eames punches Goren in the stomach and pops him upside the pate the way Moe used to when he disciplined Curly. But I digress. The Logan-Barek team opened their casebook by hunting for Johnny the berserk killer junkie. Johnny's mom Dee Dee used him to rob jewelry stores to feed her smack cravings. This caused some suppressed anger that he later expressed by gunning down store owners with happy families. Four decades ago, that would've earned the cat a Manson-family merit badge. Homicida read more

Press Tour Day 6 (NBC): Crazy Like a Wolf


Windfall9:09 am This mid-season soap could best be described as Melrose Place if everyone in the complex shared a $400 million lottery jackpot. 9:10 Hey, why aren’t cast members Luke Perry and Sarah Wynter (24) included in today’s panel? Did NBC Shannen Doherty their butts?9:14 A reporter remarks that this is the “most attractive group of lottery winners I’ve ever seen.” He’s right — there’s not a Hurley in the bunch.9:18 Exec producer Laurie McCarthy explains that Luke Perry had a family obligation, and Sarah Wynter is on holiday in her native Australia. 9:30 Jason Gedrick (Boomtown) burns his read more

L&O Boss Stands Trial

It would be a crime to confuse Fox's new legal drama, The Jury, with NBC's midseason contender, Law & Order: Trial by Jury — or at least so says Dick Wolf, the creator of L&O and its umpteen spin-offs. Rumors that the latest addition to the franchise will be set entirely in the deliberation room are "absolutely incorrect," the executive producer tells TV Guide Online. "There will be one or two scenes in the fourth act every week in the jury room, but you couldn't set a [whole] show in the jury room, I don't think." However, Wolf concedes that TBJ — potentially an all-star affair featuring Jerry Orbach, Candice Bergen and Frasier dad John Mahoney — will not adhere as strictly to the time-tested L&O format as, say, SVU. "The cops are not as big as they are on L&O because it's set in the courthouse," he explains. "It's not law... it's order. The setup is a l read more

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