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Maker Series: Bre-Z
03:32 — Bre-Z opens up about how she got to EMPIRE as well as the work it takes to create music.
Close Up: Demi Moore As Nurse Claudia
01:20 — Demi Moore and EMPIRE director Sanaa Hamri, talk about EMPIRE's newest character, Nurse Claudia, and what she has in store for the Lyon family.
Born To Love U Ft. Warren from "Toil and Trouble, Part 2"
01:16 — Warren performs, "Born to Love U."
OMG Moment: The Keys To The Kingdom
01:44 — Gabby Sidibe walks through all the crazy OMG Moments from the EMPIRE season finale, "Toil and Trouble, Part 2."
Ride to the B-Sides: "Throne"
02:57 — Bree-Z, Sierra McClain and music producer Rodney Jerkins talk all things EMPIRE. Go behind the scene of EMPIRE’s Throne on Lincoln's Ride to the B-sid (more…)
OMG Moment: One Strike
00:51 — Gabby Sidibe talks about the latest OMG Moments from the EMPIRE episode, "Toil and Trouble, Part 1."
A Ticking Time Bomb
01:55 — Ilene Chaiken and the EMPIRE cast discuss Lucious and Cookie’s relationship coming to a head, Diana Dubois' ultimate revenge and who is coming after A (more…)
Studio Sessions: "Dream On"
01:53 — Go inside the studio to see Terrence Howard sing about the Lyons' future in, "Dream On."
Andre Brings Hakeem To The laundromat from "Absent Child"
00:48 — Cookie isn't pleased when Andre brings Hakeem to the laundromat.
The Lincoln EMPIRE After-Show: Catch Up from "Civil Hands Unclean"
00:47 — Don't miss The Lincoln EMPIRE After-Show on Facebook every Wednesday after EMPIRE.
Cookie’s Clapback: Better Ask About Me
01:01 — Clapback moments from the EMPIRE episode, "Civil Hands Unclean."
Cookie's Clapback: Does It Kill You?
00:53 — Check out some of the best clapback moments from the one and only, Cookie Lyon, from the EMPIRE episode, "Strange Bedfellows."
Lucious And Andre Have A Surprise For Hakeem's Birthday from "Strange Bedfellows"
00:56 — Lucious and Andre set Hakeem up for a birthday surprise.
Earth Day: Jussie Smollett
00:15 — Jussie Smollett shares tips on how you can save gas while driving.
OMG Moment: Cookie Has Her Lemonade Moment
01:03 — Gabby Sidibe dishes on the OMG moment from EMPIRE's spring premiere episode, "Sound & Fury."
Empire Season 1
A sexy and powerful new drama about a family dynasty that follows the head of a music empire whose three sons and ex-wife all battle for his throne. E (more…)
Going Shirtless
01:25 — Paolo and Bryshere tell us how Hakeem’s shirtless look came to be.
Signature Look: Anika
02:00 — Paolo and Grace Byers talk about Anika’s fashion in season and why her look has changed.
Sierra McClain's Valentine’s Day
00:40 — Sierra McClain talks about her secret celebrity crush, who happens to be on EMPIRE.
National Hugging Day: Best Hugger On Empire
00:55 — Taraji P. Henson, Jussie Smollett, Bryshere Y. Grey, Gabourey Sidibe and Sierra McClain debate who is EMPIRE's best hugger.
Woke Ft. Nessa
03:20 — Shine has a surprise waiting for Lucious and Andre when they arrive to sign Nessa.
Cookie’s Fashion Evolution
01:16 — EMPIRE's Costume Designer, Paolo, talks about Cookie's fashion evolution and his favorite outfit so far in season 3.
EMPIRE Unplugged: Porsha Taylor
00:30 — Ta’Rhonda Jones talks about working with Taraji.
The EMPIRE Music Project: No Apologies
01:30 — Jussie Smollett, Bryshere Y. Gray and Timbaland break down how “No Apologies” was created for Empire.
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