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"Robin Hood"

This was a pleasant leisurely episode a definite shift in pacing as well as tone from the frenetic previous installment In fact beyond seeing Navi Rawats Amita and David Krumholtzs Charlie behave more like an actual couple than weve seen before and aside from some nice business between Diane Farrs Meghan and Peter MacNicols Larry as they attempt to grow more intimate again I have relatively little to note about this episode Will Patton is quite good at keeping his occasional recurring character Gary Walker from slipping into an utter caricature of the tough cop with the heart of gold and happily for Dylan Bruno and his stunt doubles or both Granger was required only to do one shallow dive and some running pursuit of a suspect Alimi Ballards Sinclair even got to do the diving tackle of the fleeing manA synopsis The episode begins in an ornate bank lobby only the apparent sophistication of the vault keeps it from being just as likely a chamber in a museum An o read more


Quite a packed episode this Veteran scriptwriter Don McGill and whoever else mightve had a hand in it managed to get at least an episode and a halfs worth of incident in wrapped around solving the central case but with plenty of little nudges toward resolving aspects of the longer arcs within the series some of those resolved or at least dealt with perhaps a little too quickly Thanks to any number of crime dramas we mightve seen before ranging from Grand Guignol and its heirs the weirder edge of film noir and contemporary English suspensehorror films and German krimis and Italian gialli and on up through that other film with a digit in its title Se7en and its contemporaries and all the crime fiction that helped to inspire them this episodes fanatic is a familiar type One might even have grown accustomed to his sort from the other procedurals and policeinvestigator shows This is where spoilers will become more explicitBut what was most remarkable about read more

Trust Metric

In Numb3rs to give it its preferred logotype Cheryl Heuton and Nicholas Falacci have created an almost perfect machine taking the classic eccentric detective series whose roots go back at least as far as the Sherlock Holmes stories of Arthur Conan Doyle but which is perhaps best represented on US television by Columbo and combining that with the ensemble workplacefamily drama which came to its mature form on US tv with such 1980s series as Hill Street Blues and St Elsewhere In addition to good-to-excellent scripts sly casting and performances and often impressive production design the two extra strokes of brilliance in the makeup of Numb3rs are the gimmicky but nonetheless enjoyable use of applied mathematics in the characters crime-solving and less obviously the splitting of the single eccentric detective into a team of eccentrics including making at least some of the FBI agents at the heart of the show nearly as odd as the mathematicians and physicists and a c read more

Baby Talk: Numbers Star Delivers in Time for Finale

Numbers' Diane Farr and husband Seung Chung welcomed a son, Beckett Manchuso — named after the poet Samuel Beckett — on Friday morning. Farr will be back on Numbers in time for the May 18 season finale.... King of Queens star Kevin James and his wife, model Steffiana De La Cruz, are expecting their second child — another daughter — this summer.... Also per People, R&B singer Tamia and her NBA-star husband Grant Hill are expecting their second child in August. read more

I just watched Friday's ...

Question: I just watched Friday's Numbers and I gotta ask: What is going to happen with Megan? Is she leaving?

Answer: No, Diane Farr's just heading off on her maternity leave, silly. Exec producer (and AAdict) Cheryl Heuton says Farr's expected back before the end of the season. "Where Megan had to go and why will be explained," she hints, "and will be an issue that will continue into next season."

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Since Cheryl Heuton is one of ...

Question: Since Cheryl Heuton is one of your biggest fans, do you have any scoop on how Numbers is going to write out Diane Farr to accommodate her pregnancy?

Answer: Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Ms. Cheryl Heuton: "Diane Farr's character, Megan, is going to get a sudden, prestigious overseas assignment. We expect that assignment to last around a month, though it could be longer, depending on how soon Diane's ready to come back to work. The nature of the assignment will cause her to rethink some of her attitudes toward the job, [which will] create conflicts that will continue into next season."

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Any scoop on the new season ...

Question: Any scoop on the new season of Numbers? Pretty please!

Answer: Episode 3 will kick off a multi-episode story line for Don (Rob Morrow) exploring issues in his life that he hasn't come to terms with. "He'll find himself having to confront them if he wants to make professional, and personal, progress," says exec producer Cheryl Heuton, who teases that the "curious relationship" between Megan (Diane Farr) and Larry (Peter MacNicol) will also build — but not as a typical romance. "[It'll] bring out a side of Megan's character that shares some of Larry's eccentricities."

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Any scoop on Numbers, ...

Question: Any scoop on Numbers, specifically David Krumholtz? I love math nerds!

Answer: Ran into executive producer Cheryl Heuton on the press-tour party circuit and, after confessing to being a die-hard AAdict, she spilled that an upcoming episode will find Rob Morrow and David Krumholtz getting "their freak on" — but not with anyone currently on the show. "We can't freak with the people on the show too readily or you get stuck," she said. "We don't want to end up like that poor girl on Without a Trace, bouncing from bed to bed." Coincidentally, Morrow is also directing the episode, so he'll get to decide "how graphic" the sex scenes are. Meanwhile, the exec reveals that one of the boys will hit the sheets with Diane Farr's Megan... eventually. "You don't have a woman like Diane on the show and not do that," she says. "But that I'd probably save for Season read more

Fellow Trojan! Got any scoop ...

Question: Fellow Trojan! Got any scoop on Tommy and the firehouse gang for this coming season of Rescue Me? Thanks. Fight on, Brotha!

Answer: Fight on yourself, my friend! Regarding Rescue Me, a little birdie tells me Denis Leary recently dropped by the FX offices to pitch a bunch of stories for Season 3 and none of them included bringing in a new firefighter (male or female) to replace Diane Farr. That's all I gots.

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First, I love your column; ...

Without a Trace

Question: First, I love your column; you always give really insightful answers. Second, after two strong episodes of Without a Trace, I wonder what CBS is doing to my favorite show! They make a point of setting up tension between Danny and Jack, adding to the awkwardness between the two from the shooting in the premiere, but by the third episode, they've dropped the whole thing. It's very frustrating. What's more frustrating is that they've added a new cast member, Elena (Roselyn Sanchez), to a cast that doesn't need adding to. In my opinion, they have the strongest cast of the crime shows, so why mess with that chemistry? She didn't add anything in the last episode. Did you like the first two episodes? And what do you think of the new agent? Answer: There's a lot of this "Why fix what isn't broken?" grumbling going on about the hot procedural crime dramas this season. Pretty much across the board, CBS had its crime dramas shake up the casts — losing or gaining cast or recurring cast ... read more

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