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David Duchovny Has New Love Interest on Californication

Diane Farr

Californication's Hank and Karen may have maxed out their relationship issues, but David Duchovny's debauched writer is getting a new love interest in Diane Farr.< read more

Diane Farr Welcomes Twin Daughters

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Former Numbers star Diane Farr has given birth to twin daughters, People reports.Farr delivered Sawyer Lucia and Coco Trinity at Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Wednesday. Sawyer arrived first, weighing 4 pounds, 12 ounces, and Coco came into the world a minute later, tipping the scales at 5 pounds, 14 ounces.Sawyer and Coco are the second and third child for the 38-year-old and husband, Seung Chung, a marketing executive. They are already parents to 1-year-old son Beckett.The newborns' names have special meaning for the couple: Sawyer is a family name from the actress' side, while Coco is named after a Maldivian island where the two honeymooned. — Joyce Eng read more

Diane Farr Dishes on Her Numbers Exit

Diane Farr by Sonja Flemming/CBS

Tonight marks Diane Farrs exit from Numbers after three years playing the spunky but of late troubled FBI agent Megan Reeves We talked to the actress who walked away from Rescue Me in 2005 to join the brainy CBS action show about her latest decision her upcoming twins she already has a 14-month-old son and kissing Peter MacNicol Ileane Rudolph TVGuidecom Congratulations What were your first words on hearing that you were having twins and would have three babies under two years oldDiane Farr You couldnt possibly print the words that came out of my mouth We were at the doctor to do the eight-week ultrasound and I could clearly see that there were two fetuses on the monitor So the technician and I sat there in silence for two minutes while I was hoping it was something elseTVGuidecom So it wasnt fertility pillsFarr Any person who has a ten-month-old would tell you theres no way on earth they would take fertility drugs Clearly if I got pregnant on my read more

Pregnancy Adds Up to Twins for Numbers' Farr

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Allow me a moment to stifle my semi-sympathetic belly laugh....OK.Soon-to-be-former Numbers star Diane Farr is pregnant with twins, a source close to the actress (her gossipy OB-GYN? An underpaid cashier at Buy Buy Baby?) tells People. Farr and hubby Seung Yong Chung are already parents to a 1-year-old son named Beckett. — Matt Mitovich (aka Jared and Jacob's busy, busy dad)Related:• Exclusive: Diane Farr's Numbers Up read more

Exclusive: Diane Farr's Numbers Up

Diane Farr in Numbers by Bill Inoshita/CBS

Looks like Numbers will be minus its female star when it returns next fall.Sources confirm to me exclusively that Diane Farr has opted not to renew her contract and will leave the CBS procedural later this season. Farr joined Numbers in 2005, filling the void left by Sabrina Lloyd. Prior to that, she spent two seasons lugging around heavy equipment and making goo-goo eyes at Daniel Sunjata on FX's Rescue Me.There's no word on how her character, G-woman Megan Reeves, will be written out, or in which of this season's six remaining episodes she will last appear (Numbers returns April 4). In what could be a clue, Megan's on-again/off-again romance with Peter MacNicol's Larry is expected to heat up as the season winds down. Perhaps they'll head off into the sunset together? Producers, meanwhile, are already searching for Farr's replacement. On Monday, Numbers began casting the role of Nikki Donati, a 27- to 35-year-old ex-LAPD officer who joins the FBI in search of a "bigger and badder" ... read more

"Chinese Box"

The last new episode scheduled for 2007 reminded me of a couple of early 1970s films the brilliant The Conversation and the more obscure and not as good if still interesting Report to the Commissioner which was based on a novelas well as seeming to mark the end of Aya Sumikas role on the series though we can hope otherwiseIt begins with a fairly unexceptional mornings business at the FBI offices as Agents Reeves Diane Farr and Sinclair Alimi Ballard prepare to go pick up a suspect less routinely Liz Warner Sumika informs her boss and ex Don Eppes Rob Morrow that shes taking the opportunity to be temporarily reassigned to another unit in the Los Angeles office Eppes is surprised and conflicted but has little time to deal with that since in the lobby of the FBI building a man has charged in brandishing a gun and shooting an agent before charging into an elevator and taking a civilian hostage Sinclair exchanges himself for the hostage over Reevess ob read more

On Numbers, Dylan Plus Chris Equals Two Bruno Brothers

Dylan and Chris Bruno, Numbers

They may not get along on screen but for brothers Chris and Dylan Bruno, every opportunity to work together is a good one. This Friday, Chris, best known as Sheriff Bannerman on The Dead Zone, guest-stars on Numbers (9 pm/ET, CBS) as SWAT captain Tim King, who rushes in to save the day when David (Alimi Ballard) is taken hostage inside the FBI building. TVGuide.com talked to Dylan about sibling rivalry and the college romance that connects his older brother to CBS' math procedural. TVGuide.com: How did you rope your brother into doing this?Dylan Bruno: That's funny. The producers and I had all been joking around, "Oh, we've got to get your brother down here at some point," and there were a couple of times where they tho read more


Another energetic episode that managed to give nearly everyone something to do even if the writing for the showcasing of Diane Farrs Megan couldve been sharpenedWe begin with young apparently affluent adults clubbing with the focus hanging on Ella Pierce Ari Graynor who at first suggests a Paris Hilton-style tabloid magnetthe Patty Hearst and Symbionese Liberation Army resonances come later She is apparently abducted by a small group which includes a woman shed been dancing with Stephanie Bast who leave with much gunfire into the air and other theatrics but no injury to the witnesses Our FBI unit is called in even if Don Rob Morrow doesnt choose to waken Liz Aya Sumika sleeping in bed next to him Charlie David Krumholtz joins them at the scene immediately suggesting models he could use to track the kidnappers flight as does private kidnapping consultant Jeff Upchurch Sean Patrick Flanery temporarily an employee of Pierces father textiles and clo read more


Another fine episode and one that actually builds in part on the last one a rarity so far this seasonWe begin with the investigation of a possible suicide but more probably murder a middle-aged man who turns out to be a US attorney from the Midwest has fallen from a building in a scruffy part of Los Angeles Hes also a team leader in a real-life scavenger hunt that has grown out of a multi-user online battle game called Primacy The prize for the winning team in the real-life game is 1 million which seems motive enough and certainly there is no lack of suspects including members of the attorneys team who have left markers at the murder scene from previous visits Megan takes the lead on this case but her secret weapon she soon learns is Amita who has been playing Primacy for years An obsessed gamer who has been using fake identities to create his own team and who has killed his one actual coconspirator has been intimidating and harrassing other teams to fo read more

"In Security"

Written by Sean Crouch this mightve been the best episode of the season so farWe begin with FBI agent Don Eppes Rob Morrow out on a date with a woman Leah Wexford Jennifer Riker whom we soon learn is in the witness-protection program After the chastest of goodnight kisses Wexford goes into her house and greets her teenage son Kevin G Schmidt whos watching television Don sits in his car for a moment after she goes in obviously a bit torn about what to do next shes made a gesture that suggests that she might be open to his coming in too but we havent heard their dialogue Then he starts his car and drives away A moment later someone knocks and presents an FBI badge at the front door of the Wexford house Leah opens the door clearly expecting Don only to be shot by the man who bursts in but shes not brought down till after she shepherds her son upstairs his shoulder is grazed by a bullet but she takes several to the abdomen before she collapses on the st read more

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